Hi I'm back with this knew spiritshipping story. Thought you might like this one.

Summary: Jaden is engaged to Alexis but now Jesse is back in town and Jaden's best man. Jaden's old feelings for Jesse start to creep back up. What's going to happen after one night of raw drunken passion?

I DO NOT OWN YUGIOH GX! (Enter crying)


Jaden Yuki was at the local strip club with his best friends. All guys of course. This was his stag night. In a week he would be marring Alexis. The girl of his dreams. Or so he thought. Zane Truesdale put a shoulder over Jaden's shoulder. "I can't believe you, Jaden Yuki is going to get married to Alexis Rhodes," he said in disbelief.

"Me niether buddy," he cheered. Jaden took another sip of his drink. He looked out of the corner of his eye at Jesse Anderson. His best friend who had moved back to Japan for the purpose of his best friend's wedding. Who also used to be Jaden's crush. Jaden had always though Jesse as more then a friend but when he moved back up north he thought it best he didn't try to start a long distance relationship.

Jesse smiled at Jaden giving him a peace sign. Jaden sighed as he rested his head on the table. He continued drinking his beer.


Alexis laughed loudly. It was her hen night, all the girls were there, Emily, Jasmine, Mindy and Blair. Emily was maid of honour, Jasmine and Mindy were bridesmaid and Blair was the flower girl. All the girls laughed as one of the men threw off their shirt. Suddenly Emily's phone went off. It was a text message saying:

Meet me at my place in two hours. The usuall, I know you'll be in the mood too. Hope you're having fun,

Mr. X.

Emily blushed deeply. "Who's Mr. X?" Alexis smirked sipping her half a beer.

"I think we know whose getting married next," Blair joked.

"He's just a friend," Emily covered. "No one you know."

"Yeah right," Mindy and Jasime laughed in unison.

"Hey, Alexis is the important person," Emily exclaimed. "Married in a week, how exciting?"

All the girls clincked their glasses together.

After about two hours Jaden was completly out of his head. He tubbled over some chairs laughing. Zane helped him up and gave him to Jesse. "Take him to your place," he said in his usual calm tone. "I have to get home."

Jesse nodded as he held Jaden in his arms. "Hey Jay let's get you to my place," he said heaving Jaden outside into a near by cab.


Zane got to his apartment with Emily already in it. "Thanks for the key," she laughed. "But it's a pain waiting for you."

Zane smirked as he took off his tie and threw it on the floor. Emily started to unbutton his shirt. Zane reached for the back of Emily's dress and upzipped it. "I;m glad we're friends," he whispered in Emily's ear before kissing her on the lips.


Jesse laid Jaden down on the couch gently. Jaden looked at Jesse and smiled. "I've always had a thing for you, you know?" He slurred.

Jesse blushed. It must have been the beer getting to his head. Jaden pulled Jesse down into a soul searing kiss. That's when Jesse lost all control. He let his emotions run wild and possible helped Jaden make a huge mistake.


Alexis sighed as she placed her phone down. She had revieved a message off Zane telling her that Jaden was too drunk to get home and was staying at Jesse's. She placed a hand on her stomach. Jaden was going to have one hell of a wedding present. Something they didn't register for.


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