Summary: Jaden is engaged to Alexis but now Jesse is back in town and Jaden's best man. Jaden's old feelings for Jesse start to creep back up. What's going to happen after one night of raw drunken passion?

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Alexis emerged from the bathroom in her satin white, long and flowing wedding dress. Attuicus smirked as he went up and hugged his sister gentle, as not to crease the dress. "Oh Lexi," he gasped, pulling away, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "You look beautiful."

"Doesn't she just?" Zane asked as he hugged Alexis.

Alexis kissed Zane on the cheek. "Thank you," She breathed nervously.

Emily came into the room, wearing an ocean blue dress, with a light blue strap around her waist. Her hair was curled and tied up. Emily was also carrying a small tirara, with a blue diamond and white and blue carter. "You look amazing," she smiled as she placed the tirara on Alexis' head. Alexis sat donw and lifted her dress sightly. "But you're missing something. I brought you your something borrowed."

"Oh Emily, I couldn't," Alexis exclaimed.

Emily tied the carter around Alexis' leg. "Why not?" She smirked. "I'm not using it anytime soon."

Zane looked at her confused. It was a family carter, her mother had worn it, her sister wore it and Emily was going to wear it for her wedding. Zane thought she would have saved it in case they ever got married. Alexis hugged Emily tightly. Alexis felt a few tears leave her eyes. "This is the nicest thing you've ever doen for me," she stated. "Well it's in the top ten."

Emily laughed as she helped Alexis up. Atticus took Alexis hand and took her downstairs ready. Zane and Emily looked at each other and smiled. "When do you want to tell them?" Emily asked. "Not, today of course."

"How about tomorrow?" Zane smiled. He placed a hand on Emily waist and drew her closer. "Finally the cat's going to be let out of the bag. And about the carter. What about us?"

"It's just, everythings confusing at the moment," Emily sighed.

"You never know what will happen though," Zane whispered. "We could always end up getting married. We still have that pack."

Emily smirked, hitting Zane as she walked out the room. Zane walked after her.


Jaden stood nervously at the front of the hall. He thought he shouldn't at this moment. If you have feelings for someone else, you should marry another, right? Syrus was busy trying to fix his daughter's dress. "You look so cute," Syrus smiled. At the point, Jaden felt like he was going to faint. "Now you sit with Grandma during the wedding okay?"

His daughter nodded. "Okay Papa," she smiled.

"Good girl, Lily," Syrus smiled as he kissed his daughter.


Outside Alexis' mum was making sure her daughter was as beautiful as she could be. "Sweetheart are you sure you want Atticus giving you away?" She asked worriedly.

"There nothing I want more then my big nrother giving me away," Alexis answered. "As long as he doesn't sing."

"Here here," Alexis' mum laughed. "I'm going to take my seat."

As she left Blair came up, along side Jasmine and Mindy. They were all wearing light blue dresses with dark blue belts. "Where's Emily?" Blair asked.

"I'm here," Emily panted as she brought all the flowers with her. "Sorry. I was busy."

"You're lipstick's smudged," Alexis noticed.

"Oh here," Emily said handing Alexis her boquet of blue and white roses. She looked into the mirror and fixed her lipstick. All of the best men (Syrus, Jesse and Zane) and Atticus came over to them. "Ready?" Atticus asked offering Alexis his arm.

"Zane you have something on your lips," Syrus said.

Zane blushed as he grabbed a tissue from his pocket. Alexis sighed nervously. "I'm ready," she said to Atticus.

Everyone lined up. Blair was in the front, next was Mindy, on Syrus' arm, then Jazzmine on Zane's arm, then was Emily on Jesse's arm and finally Alexis on Atticus' arm. Inside everyone stood up as the music started to play. Jaden tensed up. Ready or not? Well he should be ready. Everyone walked in slowly. Everyone had a smile on their face, but Alexis had the biggest smile on her face. Jaden smiled back. Zane and Jesse looked at one another. Zane was going to seriously beat Jesse if he tried to stop the wedding.

All the of the girls went to left, apart from Alexis who went to the middle. The best men went to the right, behind Jaden. Alexis and Jaden turned to each other, grasping each other's hands. Jesse felt like speacking out when the Priest asked if anyone had any objections. Zane grasped Jesse hand, supporting him.

At the "I dos," everyone was crying, especially the parents. Everyone cheered as the rings were placed on their fingers. Afterwards, everyone went to the hotel garden and took photos. Emily pulled Zane to behind the building. "Just thought I would let you know," Emily began with a sexy smile on her lips. "That carter is her something new. I saved the family one for me. That tiara is the something borrowed."

"I didn't think," Zane began. "Why did you tell her it was the carter?"

"It made her wedding all the more special to her," Emily explained. "So, you know if you want the other one modeled, I could - well."

Zane chuckled. "Guys we need you for photos," Blair and Syrus called.

"Be right there," Emily and Zane yelled. The two of the laughed and wrapped their arms around each other. "We better go," Zane moaned as he dragged Emily to the photos.

Jaden and Alexis stood in the middle with their families around them. The photographer snapped away. "The bride and bridesmaids next," the photograoher called.

Emily rushed over with Blair. All the girls huddled together. Jaden's stomach turned. He was susposed to be the happiest man alive right now. Instead he felt unlucky. Jesse and Zane walked up behind him. "Let's get our pictures done next," Jesse said. Jaden nodded. "Then we'll have one of all of us, with the ladies. Well in your case, Mrs!"

Jaden laughed loudly. Trying to hide the pain.


After photos next stop was the party. Where Jaden and Alexis cut the cake, gave flowers to everyone that helped. Well the mean had a bottle of champane. More bloody speeches were made. Chazz was really starting to get sick of all the speeches. Chazz held Lily in his arms. Lily was shy, much like Syrus, but had jet black hair, like chazz, with silver eyes, like Syrus. Syrus was on the dance floor, dancing with Mindy. As all of the best men were dancing with the bridesmaid they walked down the isle, and Jaden danced with his new wife. Emily leaned on Jesse's shoulder. "Zane told me what happened," Emily blurted. "Don't worry I won't tell anyone. What are you going to do?"

"I'm leaving Domino," Jesse stated.

"No Jesse," Emily begged. "Come on, stay."

"I'll be here until Jaden and Alexis come off their honeymoon," Jesse smiled. "I'm started to look for a place."

"If that's what you want," Emily sighed looking Jesse in the eyes. "I'll help you. But you have to help me move into Zane's apartment."

"Deal," Jesse laughed. "Now, how about you and I give them that suprise?"

Emily and Jesse went up on the stage, smirking. Atticus tapped his glass, making sure they had everyone's attention. Jesse laughed slightly. "Jaden, Alexis," He began. "We have a feew suprises. One; Atticus has booked you the honeymoon suite for the night, in this hotel." Everyone cheered, as Atticus bowed. "Two; we know that Alexis is pregnant, because of that all of us, the bridesmaids and best men..."

"Have traded the plane tickets to Thailand we got you, for a two month cruise around the Carribain," Emily finished.

Alexis burst out crying. Jaden couldn't believe it. Emily jumped off the stage and ran to hug Alexis. Zane went over to Jesse. "You did a good thing," He smiled. "You going to help Emily and I then?"

"Yeah," Jesse simply replied. "Emily said she'll help me find a new place."

"You really are leaving, aren't you?" Zane asked sadly.

"I need to start a new Zane," Jesse sighed. "Maybe I'll find someone new. Someone who I can spend the rest of my life with. If it's not Jaden, then someone else. I hope that you and Emily are happy."

"Jesse, we hope you are too. No matter what you decide to do. But you have to promise to come back the birth of Jaden's child."

"I'll make it. He needs his best friend there."

Jesse stared sadly as Jaden and Alexis shared another kiss. I can't ever get over Jaden, Jesse thought. I love you, Jaden.


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