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Anyway, enough of the drabble....enjoy the fluff!



Shannon Gibbs huffed with exasperation and pummelled the pillow one more time, before throwing her head back and heaving a long, drawn out sigh.

"Jethro, you awake?"


"You sure?"



"I can't sleep."



More silence.

"Ooohhh Guuunnnyyyyy!"


"You awake?"

Gunnery Sergeant Gibbs opened one eye and snaked one arm out from the covers and clicked on the lamp.

"I am now."

"I can't sleep."

Gibbs hauled himself up the bed and, lying on his side, held his head with one hand.

"What's the problem?"

Shannon sat up in bed, folding her arms, "I don't know. I just can't sleep."

He smiled at her and took the hand which was supporting his head and ran it through her hair. With the other, he slipped it under the cover and began lightly fingering his way down the side of her leg, aiming for the back of her knee.

"Perhaps a little PT might tire you out," he grinned, hoping that the wake up call would be worth it.

"No, it won't," she huffed, moving her leg from his tantalising touch.

He withdrew his hand and lifted the cover and peered down below, "At ease PFC, stand down on all operations, son."

She slapped him playfully on the arm,

" Oh please, Jethro," she said, rolling her eyes at him.

He grinned wickedly, "He'll never get promoted if he never sees any action."

"He's seen more action than a Vietnam Veteran! Not tonight Jethro, I'm sleepy and grumpy," she pouted.

"Well, all we need, is Doc, Bashful, Dopey....uh...."

"You are really not helping here!" she snapped at him with a scowl.

He sat further up on the bed and held his arm out and she melted into his chest as he took the book from the nightstand.

"Close your eyes," he said, demanding her compliance.

She closed her eyes immediately and snuggled down deeper into his arm.

He ran his fingers lightly over her shoulder in small circles, letting her breathing, begin to slow steadily.

He opened the book, and wrestled clumsily to find the page he was looking for. He kissed her hair gently and then began to read slowly,

"The selection of timber of an appropriate quality is the key requirement of any boat building project. Timber which is not sufficiently pliable will not be able to withstand the pressure of being worked into the appropriate shape to form the hull or broad beams. On the other hand, the selection of timber which is dense will be rendered unworkable. In addition, it has been proven, scientifically that the ratio of timber density to buoyancy capacity is directly linked. It is recommended that you visit your local lumber specialist to source excellent quality timber in either oak or maple varieties. Prices will vary, but you should render this cost as essential in ensuring the quality of the vessel that you plan to build."

He smiled wryly, closed the book and quietly replaced it on his nightstand and listened with quiet contentment at the small murmuring snores, coming from the woman who was his world.

"Works every time" he whispered as he kissed her once more, and closed his eyes.