Dean's stomach grumbled and he decided that he couldn't wait any longer than he already had. His stomach had declared his hunger and his mind declared him to go get food.

"Sam!" He yelled gruffly.

"What do you want now Dean, Sam sighed.

"I'm hungry so I am going to get some food if that is okay with you?"

"Whatever Dean, bye"

Dean rolled his eyes at Sam, and walked out the door in search of food, to satisfy his hunger, and a cheeseburger of some apple pie would do, 'mmmm love me some pie' he thought hungrily.

He had decided to walk to the fast food place instead of driving because one: Sam had his keys and he thought if Dean asked him another question, Sam might throw a fit, or whine like a little baby. Two: Hey, he enjoyed the fresh air.

Dean didn't even make it to the fast food restaurant, when he was grabbed from behind and shoved into a black van.


Two hours later Sam sat on the couch watching CNN late news, but about every five minutes, he would look at the door to see if his brother had returned. He waited another twenty minutes and decided that he have, had enough.

"God damnit Dean!" He exhaled loudly.

He grabbed the keys to the impala and slammed the door behind him.

He got to the food place in less then ten minutes, looked around and spotted no Dean.

He asked one of the cashiers if they might of seen him, "Hey, have you seen a man come in here? Medium height? Brownish blondish hair? Hazel eyes? Leather jacket?"

"Um no sir, but If I do, I'll be sure to tell you"

"Okay, thank you so much" Sam said walking out. He figured Dean might have gone to another diner or bar, but then he came across something that caught his eye. Something shiny.

Dean's phone…and it was smashed.

"Dammit Dean!" Sam yelled.