Fifty year old Gerald Walker trudged his way along the halls of Lincoln high school mopping the muddy remains from student's shoes. In truth, he didn't know why he even really worked here, but he did enjoy seeing the bright faces of happy students each morning, and it was easier to protect his niece Lana.

Not that she needed the protection, since she does have a boyfriend that was devoted and caring to here. He struggled to remember her boyfriends name but he couldn't for the life of him.

"Bah, forget it" he mumbled quietly to himself.

He walked back to the janitor's closet to put away his cleaning supplies so he could go home, when he heard a scratching sound coming from behind the wall.

"Huh? What the hell is that damn racket now?" He said. He figured he could take a broom to the wall and he did, so part of the wall fell out, 'cheap school' he looked at the opening and saw nothing there.

"Probably those damn rats again" He muttered, "Love to play tricks on ya"

Gerald never even got an opportunity to turn away when large bloodied hands went straight through his stomach, and ripped them back out. He tried to scream but found out that he couldn't because it was all too lateā€¦he was already dead.