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After Jacob dropped me of at home, I knew that one of two things would happen (a) I say nothing and have my loving uncle Emmett give a dirty comment. Something like, "Did the dog keep his tongue in his mouth?" Or, I can get dragged by Alice in her torture chamber and be forced to talk.

"Hello?" I called. Of course they could hear me so it was probably very foolish to assume otherwise. Not a moment after I sighed relieved that nobody, especially my overprotective father was interrogating me. Not a moment after, my little pixie aunt was at my side, along with everybody else in our house. What was this an episode of Full House? "Alice?" I whined. "Please don't interrogate me." I looked up with my mother's old brown eyes begging for me not her to face her wrath.

"Well," Alice began casually. "Originally, I was going to let you go to bed, because I would feel bad that I was putting you on the spot. But, then I got over it." She giggled. What was up with my family and the dismissal of emotions lately? I heard Emmett chuckle, no good could come from this. "So, Nessie, did the dog keep his tongue in his mouth?" he had his stupid grin on his face, knowing how much I hated being interrogated. "EMMETT!" my family scolded in unison. "Alice, if you intend to interrogate me, please let it be soon." I pleaded.

"Ok then. Lets go." Alice said yet again dragging me to her torture chamber. When we were safely in her room she began her interrogation. "So, did you have fun?" Alice asked knowing my answer.

"That is personal." I huffed

"Did, Jacob pick the right gift?" Alice pressed.

"Alice, you know I love you, and everybody listening knows this too, but please butt out!" I said trying not to shout.

"One more question! Did Jacob kiss you goodnight?" Alice said trying her very best not to start 'awning and ohhhhhhhhing.'

"Alice!" I barked. "That is personal as well." I blushed.

"So he did!" Alice yelped. A bit hyped that I'm actually doing this. Normally I would just storm off, but last time I did Alice gave me a three hour-long makeover for punishment.

"No, he didn't. He was probably, still a little spooked at all the screaming fan girls." I admitted. *Cough*Me*Cough* "Regardless, I don't want to do this anymore. " I said trying to escape. This felt really personal. I know I'm only, like four, but still, I looked like a seventeen year old and pretty much was a seventeen year old.

"Night, Nessie." I heard Alice playfully coo. "Japer, I don't do this a lot, but please, help me calm down!" I said huffing out of Alice's room.

"If I do am I your favorite uncle?" Jasper said teasingly.

"Yes, Jasper you'll be my favorite." I said still a bit ticked

Suddenly, I felt waves of serenity. "Thanks, favorite uncle!" I called.

"I thought I was your favorite!" Emmett teased. I rolled my eyes before shouting, "Jasper didn't make any inappropriate comments about Jacob!" It offended me when my family would poke fun at Jake. Although he knew most of them meant well

"Night everyone!" I hollered before going to bed. And thinking that despite Jacob's gift blew mine out of the water, it was still a good Valentine's Day, even if Jacob is scarred for life.

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