Endings, and Happiness

Kouga grabbed my arm, not at all nicely, and pulled me roughly out of Sesshomaru's lap, I can tell that it's going to leave a very nasty bruise later, I felt anger boil within me, and I could also sense that Sesshomaru was livid, when I had a hold of my footing I yanked my arm out of Kouga's very tight grip, and since Kouga's hand was clenched all the way around my arm, his nails scrapped across my skin and left a perfect ring on my arm, and blood dripped all across my arm in a circle, as soon as Sesshomaru saw this he was up in an instant and had a hold of Kouga' neck in a very tight grip and his head was turning purple from lack of blood and oxygen flow. I put a hand on my forehead and sighed a very deep sigh, then went over to help Kouga, and pried Sesshomaru's hand off of around Kouga's neck, and he took all of the air he could, I could tell that he had almost fainted.

"Thanks Kagome." He said with much appreciation in his voice.

"Well I just couldn't let you die."

"So you do love me." Instead of asking it he said it as a statement.

"Of course I do..." I saw Sesshomaru look very heartbroken and mad, while Kouga looked very happy and triumphant, but then Sesshomaru and Kouga both switched roles at what I said next "As a friend, nothing more, I love Sesshomaru." I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand, I didn't mean for that to come out, I didn't even know that, yet it just came out naturally.

"That means leave, and don't bother us again." Sesshomaru said coldly as he wrapped an arm around my waist, I watched as Kouga sniffed, then he grinned in satisfaction.

"Well, you haven't marked her as yours yet, so that still means that she's available, so I wont give up." He came up to me and grabbed my chin and attempted to force me into a kiss, but he didn't get to do it because Sesshomaru pulled me away and tried to slash at Kouga with his claws, but since Kouga still had shards in his legs, he was out of the way fast enough. "I'll see you later MY Kagome!" He said while running away, I felt anger boil in me, and Sesshomaru backed away, cause even though he likes me, it doesn't mean he wants to deal with my anger.

Instead of hurting people who are around me I left, I didn't care where I was going, and I'm pretty sure that my feet were taking me to the, no longer calming place, I guess it is now called the nervous place. I rolled my eyes and just ran faster, when I got there I was shocked, once again, but the anger was still dominant.

The bugs and insects were attacking each other, and the wind was terrible here, yet if I weren't here in this place the wind would be calm, but the... pond looked... boiling? Yeah it looked like it was boiling, and there was steam rising from the surface, and there was NO blue whatsoever in it, it was completely clear, another sign that the water was actually boiling, as if something had completely angered it. And instead of having a pure feeling, or tense feeling about, it felt like there was an aura about it that read: Die!!!

My anger slowly faded away into curiosity. And then something happened to the clearing as my anger faded away. As it faded the steam and wind halted, and the insects stopped attacking each other. The water had just swirled in the... pond as if it were trying to find out something, as if it were curious, and the wind was not as terrible as before, but it wasn't calm either, and the insects were just curiously looking at each other as if they were curious as to what they were just doing, and what was happening around them.

All the sudden I was hit with reality as to what this place really was... it was my heart! It mimicked my emotions, and since my emotions are connected with my heart, I know for sure that this is my heart. The rest of the earth is connected to my body in a way, and the reason that I never stumbled over this place before is cause I wasn't ready to know what my heart wanted, I wasn't ready, and as my emotions changed, so did the aura type feeling.

Suddenly tears sprang in my eyes... I'm not sure if they were sad tears, or happy tears, but it didn't matter, the fact that I had said that I loved Sesshomaru earlier means that I meant it, and I know I meant it cause since this is my heart, and either tells me what to feel, or it reveals my emotions, I know that the real reason I said that I loved Sesshomaru was because it's true.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around me, and he picked me up into his arms, then he sat down, with me in his lap, and he soothingly rubbed circles on my back, soon my tears dried up, and instead of lying on Sesshomaru's chest I sat up and looked in his eyes.

"I wasn't lying earlier Sesshomaru, I really do love you." I looked him dead in the eyes, and I put a hand on his cheek, I said this in a way that told him I needed an answer. I wanted... no needed to know how he felt for me, if he doesn't love me and only likes me then that means that he could just find love in a different person, and I will be the one to end this, even if it practically kills me, not physically, but I wont be the same Kagome, or Hestia, again.

"Kagome I don't kn-"

"No, I know you know, you either are afraid to tell me, or your afraid to hurt me, which is it, do you love me or like me... there is a difference."

"Kagome Plea-" I got out of his arms, and looked to the ground and I had tears in my eyes.

"It's okay Sesshomaru, I understand now, I know exactly how you feel, I just wish I had found out sooner, I should have known better." I started walking away from him, but he put a hand on my arm to stop me.

"Don't just go and assume things Kagome." His voice was firm.

"Sesshomaru, it's obvious that all you hold for me, is a crush, otherwise you would have immediately told me that you loved me, and you wouldn't have been hesitant to tell me. And if it was 'love' and the only problem was that you were scared and embarrassed at what people would think, then it isn't really love, just an infatuation." The tears leaked out of my eyes and I tried to run, but Sesshomaru's hand was stopping me from doing that.


I cut him off by pulling my arm sharply out of his hand and before he could say another thing I ran away from him as fast as I could... and that was pretty dang fast. When I stopped I could tell I was really far away from him, I stopped and broke down.

After about five minutes, my sobs stopped, and I was just staring blankly at the ground.

"Oh, pour thing, I am so sorry that happened." I rolled my eyes when I heard Naraku's voice, then a plot formed in my mind, and I made sure Naraku didn't know anything about any type of idea had formed in my mind.

"Naraku... I have decided that I will join you." I said this just as Sesshomaru and the others appeared in the clearing, and they were shocked to hear me actually say that I was 'joining' him, and I felt sadness radiate off of Sesshomaru, it's probably cause his pride was hurt, and the fact that I 'went from one to the other' I rolled my eyes, again.

"No, please don't Kagome you don't want to do this... stay with me." Sesshomaru said the last part to where only I could hear.

"Like I said before, it was just a crush for you."

"No! It wasn't, and your right, I was just scared to tell you, and yes I will admit that I was scared, and I do love you, and if you don't believe me I will shout it so everyone can hear it." I was surprised to say the least... he wouldn't actually shout it, he's got to much pride and a huge ego for that... "I, SESSHOMARU TAISHO AM IN LOVE WITH YOU KAGOME HIGURASHI!!!" My jaw drop as far as it could go, I wasn't the only one shocked, everyone was also staring wide eyed at him... "Now that I admitted it, please tell me you still love me?" He looked stoic on the outside, but his eyes were swimming with emotions.


"Too late Taisho she already agreed to come with me." With that said he used a tentacle and wrapped it around my waist and brought me against his chest, I tried to pry it off but he just tightened his grip. "You are mine now." He whispered, and then I felt his fangs lengthened and he grazed them over the juncture of my shoulder and neck, just as he was about to bite a bright light emitted from me, and he was pushed violently away from me, and even though his heart isn't in his body it was still connected to his body, and I knew that the only way I could kill him completely was for me to sacrifice myself too.

I felt the life slowly leave my body, and I saw a spirit, and I immediately took notice as to who exactly he was. He had a happy and sadistic smile on his face, he was... Lucifer.

For the very first time, in all the years of my life, I felt, scared. Even though my life was fading away, my soul was still here... and that's why Lucifer is here. Suddenly Lucifer's hand shot up and I saw myself being sucked away, I tried running away, but it proved futile, and I continued being sucked away. Then something really weird happened... another thing started sucking me in a different direction, I looked over to find out what it was, and I saw that my soul was fighting to get back in my body.... as if my body was missing my soul and wanted it back, but it was proving difficult with Lucifer holding onto me... and vice versa for Lucifer.

After a lot of fighting my body won over Lucifer, and I could see his evil glare, but before he could say anything he vanished as I woke up. As soon as I woke up I slowly opened my eyes, and saw all my friends there... including Ares, and Athena, and my sisters Destiny, and Fate were there too, and when Sesshomaru saw I was awake he immediately had me in a big hug, and then he pulled back, only to capture my lips in a deep and passionate kiss. I heard some ohhh's and awww's come from Athena, Ares, Destiny, and Fate, I just rolled my eyes, and I slowly stopped the kiss, and looked at Sesshomaru, and smiled a real big cheesy smile.

"And to answer your question Sesshomaru... I do still love you." For the first time... he smiled, but only a very tiny smile, the smallest smile in the history of man... but it was still a smile, and soon his smile faded.

"If you ever do that again Kagome Higurashi, you will be faced with terrible consequences." I laughed.

"Oh yeah? And what are you going to do? Torment me by having me meet hundreds of people? ...like as many people that were at your fathers funeral?" He looked shocked.

"You were at my fathers funeral?"

"Uh... yeah... I was that girl you chased after, cause you didn't know me."

"You were that girl? Wait... you knew my father?"

"Yeah, we were really great friends." He nodded slowly letting the info sink in.

"HEY!... so what are you guys now, a couple or something!?!?!?" Inuyasha yelled, and I calmly replied.

"Yes Inuyasha, We are." He looked like he was about to object, but Kikyou stepped right in front of him.

"Kagome and Sesshomaru will probably start their own Family...so why don't we start our own?" His eyes softened and then he looked back over to me and then back to her again, I smiled softly then spoke.

"Inuyasha... you never even loved me in that way... I know you didn't, you just confused your sisterly love with real love, trust me, you love Kikyou." He looked shocked, then all the sudden he realized it was true, and it looked like he had been hit by ton of bricks, and he looked at Kikyou, and he smiled, then he just picked her up and ran off, and I turned to Athena, Destiny, Ares, and Fate, and Fate decided to talk.

"We 'saw' what happened and we were concerned, so we came down to you... you know, no one has ever been in charge of their own fate or destiny, we had no idea what was happening, and we hadn't even planned that, we were shocked."

"Oh." I fell silent, then they all looked between me and Sesshomaru and they smiled slyly.

"Well, uh, we got to go... see you later Hestia." They all took off leaving me and Sesshomaru alone, then Sesshomaru had a devilish look in his eye as he grabbed me and took off running...


"And that is our story... as well as how you are now here." I whispered lightly to the baby growing inside my womb. I haven't told Sesshomaru yet, I don't know why... I guess I'm just scared or something.

"Are you talking to someone?" Sesshomaru appeared in the doorway, and I instantly grew nervous.

"No, I uh... was just talking to my self." It wasn't all a lie... I was talking to my stomach. Seeing as how I didn't 'lie' and he smelt the 'truth' he just nodded and went back to what he was doing.

I sighed in relief... I hope that me being scared doesn't force me to do something that I will regret... I just hope that I will be brave enough to tell Sesshomaru sometime soon, I sighed again and looked up at the peaceful night sky and smiled at the, once again, twinkling stars... there may be some rough times we will go through... but somehow, I know everything will be alright...