Rose POV

Dimitri. I needed Dimitri. I wanted Dimitri. In a trance, I walked up to Dimitri's room, still in my dress from the dance. Wait! Lissa, something with Lissa. As I reached the guardian quarters, I forgot all about my best friend and the trouble that she was in. Something pulled me toward Dimitri's room. Immediately after I knocked on his door, he opened it. Like he was waiting for me. I thought.

"Rose? What are you doing here?" Dimitri asked in his magical voice.

"Uh… well, something with Lissa… Do you think I am pretty?"

"Lissa, pretty, what rose are you drunk?"

He pulled me inside. His touch sent shivers down my spine. The good shivers though.

"No, I am not drunk."

I looked into his luscious green eyes. They were filled with worry, but also with longing.

"Roza, sit down."

I swooned at his Russian nickname for me. Slowly, I sat on his bed and he remained standing. I reached out to pull him down next to me, but he grabbed my wrists instead, Again, I looked into his eyes….they were kinder now, almost burning a hole through my body. I couldn't believe how bad I wanted him. I tried to stand up to kiss him, but to my surprise, he pushed me so I was laying on the bed. Dimitri hovered over me. I started to ask him again if he thought I was pretty.

"Dimitri, do you…"

But he silenced me with his lips.

"I think you are beautiful." He whispered in my ear.

A/N: ok, so I know that this is like the story, but it will be different I promise! Just had to establish the situation