Rose POV

I woke of the next morning feeling great, but a bit sore. Lying on the bed with Dimitri's arms around me made me feel so safe. I was thinking about our night together when I realized something. I bolted upright and shook Dimitri awake. He rolled around on the bed before waking up. Still groggy with sleep he said;

"Roza, come here so I can kiss you"

He made my heart ache, but I had to save Lissa. I grabbed my clothes and threw them on. While doing so, I tried to explain what was going on with Lissa without crying. As I pulled on my pants, I started to trip over myself, but Dimitri's arms were around me.

"Calm down, what happened?" he asked, sensing something was wrong.

Looking up into his eyes, I started to get distracted, but shook myself out of my Dimitri dream. I explained to him that Lissa was captured by Victor Dashkov and she was being forced to heal him. Immediately, Dimitri sprang into action and together we ran to inform the other guardians. Oh shit how could I do this? Why could I not have sensed the bond? I tried to refrain from crying, but the tears just started to run faster than I was actually running. How could such a perfect evening/morning become so terrible?