I knock on the door to Sara's dorm room. It's on the fifth floor of Brittany Hall. Which is nice. It's close to MMA. Not really walking distance, but it's only a fifteen minute subway ride. What's not so nice is the fifth floor. With an elevator that always seems to be broken.

I ran from the subway stop to the building, then up all five flights. Now I'm out of breath. It's ok though, because Sara takes forever to answer the door.

The door opens. It's Sara's roommate, Kayla. I smile. "Hey, Kayla."

"Hi, Tobey." She turns around and looks at Sara's back, she's still sitting at her desk. "Sara, he's here." She doesn't move.

"Is she ok?" I whisper.

Kayla nods. "She's been working on this project for her design class all night. Sara!"

Sara jumps and finally turns and looks at us. She looks like she hasn't slept in days. She goes, "oh, hi," when she sees me. She turns back to her project.

"Hi," I mumble.

"I'm going to Jeremy's," Kayla tells her. Sara doesn't move again. Kayla looks at me again. "Try to get her to mellow a little bit. She's gonna burn out. I'll be back tomorrow. Bye, Sara!"

We say goodbye and Kayla leaves without a response from Sara.

I walk up behind her and rub her shoulders. She sighs and drops her pencil and turns her chair around to look at me.

"What are you doing here?" she asks.

"It's Friday," I tell her. "I thought we could go to Little Italy and grab dinner at Rocky's." There's no way she can say no. She loves Little Italy. She loves Rocky's more.

She shakes her head. "I can't. I finish these sketches for my interior design class. Then I have to…" I kiss her and she stops talking.

"You can take a break for a few hours. You need a break, Sara. If you don't want to go anywhere, we can stay here and order Chinese or something."

She sighs. She looks like she's about to crash. I lean my forehead against hers. "Come on," I whisper. "Come on. I'll order Lombardi's." Lombardi's is this amazing pizza place that's been around forever. It's more famous than I'll probably ever be. "Come on."

She sighs again. But this is a different sigh. A relieved one. She smiles and pushes herself out of her chair. "Meatball?" Her eyes light up at the thought.

"You got it." She lays down and I go over to the phone on her desk and call Lombardi's. After I order, I hang up and go over to Sara's bed. "It'll be about an hour." I climb on top of her. It's a twin bed, so there's not much room. But enough. "What should we do?" I ask her, even though we both know what I want to do.

She smiles and kisses me. She pulls away too soon. "Actually, I think I need a nap."

I'm disappointed, but smile anyway and roll off her. I lay on my side, my back against the wall so she can lay in my arms. She does and she glances around the room. "Hey, where'd Kayla go?"