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Memory; Narrator

Bella Swan was not an ordinary girl she had misfortunes like everyone else but she had some of the worst fortune. Bella Swan was eight when it started, when her life became more of a nightmare than a fairytale. This is her story.

"Bella get down here right now" her father yelled in anger. Bella rushed down the stairs, her face cut and bruised form the beating Charlie had given to her. Bella's family was happy once but when her mother suddenly disappeared her life became drastically different. Bella, who looked so much like her mother Renée, caused Charlie to look at her with hatred and disgust. From this, a seed of anger and distrust grew and the need for survival took root.

Charlie stood at the bottom of the stairs there waiting for her, staring at her with contempt. Bella nervously fidgeted with the hem of her top never looking her father in the eye.

"Get into the kitchen." He said calmly. Bella scurried to the kitchen faster than a squirrel but quieter than a cat. They're lying beside the sink was a pan. Bella froze looking at the pan, whimpering apologies to her father.

"Sorry. SORRY!" The sound of his hand hitting her face echoed throughout the room. "How dare you leave this house in a mess!" He yelled at her hitting her until she was in the fetal position on the ground. Charlie stared at her as she lay there broken and bruised. His mouth curled up in disgust and spat on her.

"Clean yourself up you worthless whore." Charlie walked away from her, having no feeling of guilt or shame as he left her there.

Bella no longer knew what it was liked to be loved, to be cared for or cherished. She was a shell of a person just living from hour to hour, minute to minute never having hope for the future.

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