Title: Lost Moments

Info: After watching tonights episode (Bulletproof) I felt I really needed to get this story out for the Clois Lovers. This is my first fanfic ever so be nice people, I'm open to ideas and grudgingly critics. So its basically what I think should happen. Plus, I know there are mistakes I'll be editing them soon. I wrote all this really fast so mind you, til then enjoy!

Summary: This story is from Lois' point of view, Lois always has to give up the love she truly deserves. Clark needs to snap out of the Lana obsession. In this story he'll realize what he has lost. Lois will think Clark will never love her so she'll move on. Lots of Clark regret moments!

Lost Moments

Lois let the whole day's events pass over her. This had been the longest day of her life, the most horrible day of her life. This was supposed to be Chloe's memorable wedding day but instead the groom was being dressed for surgery, while no one knew were Chloe was. She looked at Jimmy's blood stained wallet and closed her eyes….

Lois sat on the front porch looked into Oliver's eyes wanting to believe that Clark would indeed need her some day. She doubted that would ever be possible, the moment he laid eyes on Lana the whole world was forgotten. She had bared her heart to him but nothing mattered to him the moment Lana Lang walked in his front of him.

Lois rubbed her tried eyes and looked at Jimmy's watch it read 6 a.m. She needed to get some sleep but she wasn't going to leave Jimmy's side. He was her family and now officially and legally. That creature had taken Chloe away no way in hell was she going to leave Jimmy alone. "Poor Jimmy," thought Lois but now more than ever she was sure Jimmy was the perfect man for Chloe. He was ready to risk his life to save the women he loved and she was happy Chloe chose him now more than ever. Lois yawned her every inch of her body screamed for her to get some rest.

Clark touched Lana's shoulder, as Lois slowly meltled into the background. He didn't even realize that she was leaving the barn. She felt a sharp twinge of pain as she saw them together….

As she walked away from Clark Lois knew things would never, ever be the same again. For the last time she turned around and looked at Clark Kent and saw the boy she found in fields, the boy who had saved her life numerous times and finally those images seized up into the man who stood watching her leave, the one she had fallen in love with.

"Excuse me ma'am, Miss Lane?" Lois was gently being shaken by red-headed nurse.
"Mr. Olsen's surgery went wonderfully and now he's being shifted to a different ward," said the red-headed nurse. Lois' heart leaped at those words, she jumped out of her chair and hugged the nurse.

Embarrassed she abruptly pulled back and said, "Can I seek him?"

"Yes, but he's still unconscious," said the nurse as she led the way.

Chloe tugged at the sheets of Jimmy's hospital bed and looked at Lois sitting on the chair.

"Lois wanna tell me about the uncomfortable silence rule again?" Chloe asked her smiling.

Lois looked up startled for a moment then smiled briefly and said, "I'm just tired, Chloe. Plus I dunno my way around this town, forget the town this hospital. In Metropolis the hospital used to my second innings home."

Chloe smiled and said, "Yea, thanks to Clark you always landed there and not six feet under."

At the mention of Clarks name Lois' face became completely stricken. Chloe noticed that right away and Lois abruptly left the room making an excuse about coffee.

"She's in love with him," Jimmy said quietly.

"What? Lois in love with Clark? asked Chloe laughing but her voice trailed when she realized Jimmy wasn't joking.

"Lois and Clark?" squawked Chloe.

"It's kind of my fault, I told her to just to put those feelings out there and apparently Lois tried to just that…

"But blast from the past entered and present and future were forgotten, been there" completed Chloe silently.

"Jimmy why would tell her to do that?"

"Hey it's not my fault! Plus when has the Lois Lane ever listened to me or to anyone for that matter. Besides she's been in love with him for quite a while now."

"Wow," said Chloe

"Lois and Clark. Lois is going in for a big heart-break Jimmy, Clark Kent and Lana Lang are rekindling their fire back in Smallville. Lois has no chance, Clark becomes unavailable for other women when Lana Lang is around. That obsession has been going on from high school."

Jimmy looked at the quiet Lois watching T.V. next to him, it made him sad to see her "un-violent." Chloe had gone back to Smallville to get Lois and him some clothes and other necessary items. He uncertainly cleared his throat and Lois glanced up at him.

"Need something bro-in-law?"

"No, um...Lois does Clark actually know you love him?" asked Jimmy fearing for his dear life.

"Drop it will you," said Lois harshly.
"Now thanks to you now I can never walk with my head held up high ever again," - doing a bad imitation of his voice- "Plant one on him."

Jimmy looked hurt and Lois looked guilty and uneasy finally she said, "Remember that psycho with a sick obsession with fiancés?"


'When he asked me if I loved Clark I said yes. But when Clark asked I lied and told him I removed the sensor of my finger and he believed. At least then he didn't know, now he'll give me pitying glances and there'll be no pride left in me"

"That's it!" said Jimmy triumphantly.

"He doesn't know that you love him so that's why he doesn't care. Now you need to tell him that."

"Err…earth to Jimmy you didn't get part of your brain along with your chest scratched out did you?" asked Lois disgustedly.

"I practically threw myself at farm boy and he shoved me aside for the love of his life. If you haven't noticed I don't try to kiss every guy and especially not Smallville."

"You should go over right now and tell him now," said Jimmy excitedly

"WHAT?' roared a very shocked Lois.

"Yes, Lois don't ask questions! do it you'll get some answers. Just walk up to him and tell him you love, but nicely don't shout like banshee, you know like you did now. Also dress up like a girl"

I can't believe I let myself get talked into this thought Lois. But she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled she was wearing a red dress similar to the one Clark had zipped her into, it was the nicest thing she could find in Star City. Lois couldn't stop smiling as she wore her jacket and walked towards the Talon. Her heart was pounding loudly in her chest, she was surprised none of the passer by's could hear. She would tell Clark how she felt and the burden would be removed from her heart. The sun had already set it was starting to rain; Lois took her final steps towards the Talon and stopped dead in her tracks. Through the glass she could see the man she was going to bear her heart to was kissing Lana Lang. The world crumbled beneath her feet, as she stumbled away from the talon the rain started to pour, her beautiful red dress was ruined as was her faith in love.