It Started With A Piano

-Collaborative Role Play between Adderly and Tizz-

M for Extremely Graphic (and disturbing) Content


Kyouya/Tamaki. "I love you.. beautiful boy.." "You really shouldn't," Kyouya replied. It started with a kiss. No, that's not true. It started with a piano.

RAPE and extreme Sadomasochism. Don't read if that makes you uncomfortable.



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Kyouya Ootori woke up that morning with the whole day planned. He knew that the weather was going to be slightly overcast, and as he dressed he remembered the exact lunch set that he was going to eat. As he walked through his room and down the long, narrow hallway towards the front doors, he also knew exactly what would be expected in each of his classes.

This was how he liked things. No surprises (because that caused more work for him) and everything the way he had planned it to be. But Kyouya was not naive enough to convince himself that he hated everything unexpected. Sometimes a challenge was good. It built his character and kept him on his toes. At least that's what he told himself, anyway.

Today was going to be an average day. Tamaki had not called him the day before to discuss any ridiculous ideas or themes, and Kyouya had calculated that this meant 2/3rds less probability anything unexpected were to arise. Based off his data and history of course.

He climbed into the back seat of his family's stretch limo, indicating with a slight nod of his head that the driver could take off. Stroking his briefcase idly, he mused that this particular driver was the fastest of them all. It took him one quarter less time to reach the gates of the school, throwing his whole day five minutes behind schedule. Frowning, he climbed out of the back seat, making a mental note to dismiss the driver in the evening.

Kyouya walked slower than normal to his first class, calculating in his mind that if he walked 3/5ths slower, he would make up for that five minutes of time. When he arrived in his class at exactly the moment he had wanted, he felt a familiar sense of accomplishment. He allowed it to flow through him, then abruptly shut himself down. It was not an extraordinary feat, and there was no need to let it get to his head.

That feeling was probably the only feeling that Kyouya ever worked for. It was different from being angry or happy, or any of those weak emotions that played his fellow classmates. The feeling of accomplishment, of pride, of control, that was what Kyouya wanted most. It was what he planned for. It was why he scheduled his whole day in his mind, setting up little goals for himself throughout.

Of course, this small feeling was nothing compared to when he actually accomplished something that was of much more importance. Placing his briefcase on the little bronze hanger on the side of his desk, he sat down and continued to muse over the day, going over every minute detail to make sure he hadn't left anything out. He hadn't, and this pleased him.

His day passed quickly, a side-effect that Kyouya logically considered was due to his planning. Days go by slower when you aren't prepared, he wrote on his clipboard. He would have to somehow test that theory, but the thought of leaving a day unplanned was something Kyouya did not like.

As he walked towards the third music room on the Southern campus, he pushed the experiment from his mind and mentally prepared himself to endure the next two hours with grace.

"Of course," he thought bitterly as he opened the door to the empty room. "I'm the first one here."


Charm. That was all the blonde needed to get through the day. Smart looking deep blue eyes, a dazzling smile, and flawless looks. Grace, Charm, and Beauty. It got Tamaki anything he wanted. And he loved it that way. He awoke in his dorm room, walking softly to the bathroom attached to the bedroom. He lived at the school, as some others did.

Those who came from out of place, and those who wanted to show off their money. Others though, lived at home. Seeing as his father was such an important person, he would live at the school, and go home as he pleased. This week was more of a school week. A quick shower, primping and pampering his feathery hair, his silken locks falling over his forehead, tickling his eyes. His lips murmured a soft song as he purred.

Dressing in his usual school uniform, he smiled. Ready for the day, the Charming boy walked out into the dormitory halls. He greeted women with a deep bow, and a flirting smirk. Most fainted, a few squealed and ran. And one gave him an extra key to her room. A soft, planned blush spread across his usually pale cheeks as he lifted the girls hand, setting they key and stating softly.

"My Princess, I cannot accept this gift of yours. I want you to save yourself for that Prince..and hopefully..when we are will be me. But for now, we have our dreams.."


She was down. A soft chuckle escaped his throat as he stepped over the woman's fainted body. Heading off to his class. Entering the room, the girls squealed, and some boys did to. He sat down, and the test of the day was handed out. Looking down at the paper, his eyes widened. Standing up and pointing roughly to the paper he screamed.


A poke from behind stopped Tamaki from going too far. The blonde turning around to see a complete stranger. Funny, he knew everyone in his class. He jumped back, pointing at the stranger.


Oh god. He was dead! forsaken to hell! Where the words made no sense, and the people didn't know of his beauty. He sobbed, then stopped abruptly. Yes! New followers! New people to show how great he was. Pumping his fist he jumped on the desk and said loudly.


With that, he went into his deal. Teaching these "human like demons." how to be suave like himself. He went into charm, when someone interrupted.

"Dude. You're in Greek class. You're next door."

"...Oh. Well good. You all know of my beauty and grace."

With that, Tamaki turned on his heel and walked towards the door, sliding it open, then shutting it.

The rest of the day went smoothly, and soon it was time for relaxation. Making his way to the room, he opened the door and walked in. Seems he was the only

"Kyouya! You're alive!"

He said, jumping to the man and embracing him in a less than comforting hug. His cheek rubbing against the others as he laughed, asking softly.

"So Any ideas on how to make money. My beauty isn't cheap you know."

He said, going off on another rant about his beauty and grace as he walked around the room, lifting his finger to his chin and looking upwards in thought.

"Well? Oh and where is everyone?"


Kyouya had expected this type of reaction from Tamaki. It had been hard at first, figuring out the dramatic man in front of him, but after the three years of friendship, he had it all down to a probability of sorts. Tamaki's reactions could not be predicted, merely anticipated with the statistics Kyouya had carefully drawn. It was the day after the weekend, and Tamaki was always an astounding forty percent more physical than most other days.

As the blonde embraced him, Kyouya kept his arms crossed, holding his clipboard close to his chest. Then forcing a smile he replied, "Of course I am alive." As soon as Tamaki had dropped his hands and began his rant, Kyouya shut him out. He opened his clipboard to record his statistics and at the exact time he had finished, Tamaki had wondered the question out loud.

"They will be here soon," Kyouya said, shrugging a bit in his uniform. There was never a time set that the Host Club would meet, and this had always driven Kyouya mad. Practical clubs had practical times. Tamaki had only ever enforced, "After classes." He scoffed a little at the boy's words as he remembered. "Perhaps you would like to re-think a-"

But he was interrupted by a sharp giggle as the doors burst open to reveal Hunny and Mori. The smaller of the two had interrupted Kyouya, and he swallowed the rest of his words viciously. He would bring it up another time. "Hunny-senpai, Mori-senpai," Kyouya greeted distantly nodding in the direction of each.


Blah. Soon was never good enough for him. He went to the center of the room, and sat down in his carefully placed seat, making him, as always, the center of attention. He shut his eyes softly, daydreaming of God knows what when the soft giggle of what seemed like a child came from the doorway. Eyes snapped open to see Hunny and Mori. A soft smile came across his face as he waved to the two from his seat.

"Where's Haru-"


The girl-turned-boy came busting through the door, the twins in hot pursuit. Tamaki blinked as he watched Haruhi turn to them, and say softly, looking completely monotone, though the harshness of her voice made her seem so scary.

"I said no. I'm not getting my own magazine."

She then turned, and everyone looked to Tamaki. They knew today he had to choose their next "field trip" or theme for the host club. Just sitting around with the girls was nice, but often they wanted a theme, a party. Something to wow the woman they entertained. He blinked, looking around at each of their excepting faces. Finally, a sudden change in personality occurred, and the boy stood, pushing everyone to the door {save for Kyouya}, exclaiming.

"Well this has been a wonderful meeting and we will be doing something very exciting in a week so please tell everyone okay? Okay good see you all tomorrow!"

He slammed the door shut, and turned panting to Kyo. Running to the man he grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, a panicked look on his face. The man could probably guess his problem, but he said it anyway.

"I haven't planned anything! What do I do!?...Wait..I know! You and me! Yes! I announce we have a sleep over this Friday! That way we can figure it out together! After all we need your money management and my..well...perfection! Alright. I'll have to come home with you after school on Friday. Don't you worry, my bags will be packed by then! Yes! This will work! See you tomorrow!"

With that, and without awaiting a word against his '"brilliant plan" he left the room, closing the door with a flourish.


Kyouya stared, horrified into the eyes of a thoughtful Tamaki. He knew what was going to happen before it did. That was the look of Tamaki getting an idea, and usually this meant something bad for himself. His predictions were right, of course, as Tamaki stood up exuberantly and rambled to the other members, pushing them idly out of the door.

He was shocked, but quickly regained composure, willing himself to listen to the panicked hysteria that had overcome the blonde haired boy. Kyouya had many questions, but it was impossible to squeeze them through the slur of words. Even if he had tried, Kyouya knew that Tamaki would have ignored him. Kyouya's mouth twitched in the corner, a nervous tic he supposed.

He was left standing in the now empty room, gathering himself as quickly as possible. He could not be angry, not now. It was not the time to be angry. Rather, the situation itself had unfolded a little less horrifically than he had thought it might. It was a sleep over. Wasn't that normal? And how could it have been any different than the countless nights Kyouya had spent on the phone with Tamaki anyway? He would just have to deal with Tamaki in person instead.

With a quick movement, he opened his clipboard up and wrote on the bottom of the page the new statistics of Tamaki's probability. Then he marked the day down in the calendar . At least he could go home early, even if it was with a sense of dread.

{Time Jump}

The week had passed slowly, even though Kyouya planned it all carefully. He assumed the main reason for it was the lingering prospect of the Friday. It haunted him, and he couldn't shake the feeling off. It was annoying, really, that Tamaki had so boldly claimed that a sleep over was in order. When he received his test back that Friday afternoon, and his grade was five percent less than his average, he instantly blamed it on Tamaki. He was practically shaking with anger as he stopped in front of the gates to await for the limo to pick him up.

"Get a hold of yourself, Kyouya," he thought impatiently to himself, even more annoyed that something so childish was getting on his nerves.

And perhaps the most annoying part of it all was that there was something that Kyouya couldn't put his finger on. Something that lurked even past the anger at his foolish friend. He tried to understand what it was, and had a few educated guesses.

The first being that it was a lack of control. There was nothing he could do to control Tamaki, and to realize it was the other way around was actually quite aggravating.

The second guess, was anticipation. He assumed, more or less, that the anticipation was to get it over with, or was associated with some type of dread.

And the third guess, was something he would not understand. It was the similar to the feeling he had before he accomplished something big.

As he stood waiting and thinking about how it could also possibly be a combination of all the above, he had calmed himself down successfully. It was now a puzzle, and he would treat it as such.


All week Tamaki had bothered his "friend." Telling him he would have to sleep in the same room, as his guest room obviously was dusty and unlived in. He also needed a special pillow, and of course, his stuffed bear. He laughed the week away, a self assured almost smug look stuck on his face. He seemed, distracted during host club activities, and come Friday he was jumping around more so than usual. He flounced about the host club, kissing women's hands, making them feel more pampered than usual. And He didn't bother to give the twins a stern yell when they tormented Haruhi. No, he simply glided through school days and activities with his same grace and perfection, save with more bounce this time around.

Finally, the day came, and from his dorm he picked up the overnight bag, then skipped down the hall toward the doorway. Once outside, he looked left, right, then finally found the tall boy, looking so uptight standing near his limo. Grinning, Tamaki walked coolly towards the car, and snuck up behind his friend.

"Hey there beautiful."

He said jokingly, sliding into the limo as the driver came around to open the door for the two. His bag was stuck into the trunk. He sat to the back of the limo, stretching his legs out to the center of the floor. Relaxing back in the seat, he purred softly as he closed his eyes. Making himself at home in his friends services.


Kyouya glared at his friend from beneath his glasses, anger erupting through to every part of his body. Sometimes, this happened. Sometimes (or very rarely as Kyouya considered), he would snap. He hated it, but he would do it, and the only times he had ever snapped had been in Tamaki's presence or had been a result of Tamaki's behaviour. It just angered him further that he would lose control of himself so easily, no matter how disciplined he thought he was.

Clenching his clipboard tightly, he climbed into the limo after the boy, kicking the long legs out of his way harshly. "Just what exactly is it that you have planned for this evening's visit?" Kyouya asked coolly, mentally grasping his emotions. "We could have easily discussed any plans on the telephone."

Of course he was being cold, and distant. He sat impatiently, waiting for the answer. The only theories Kyouya had thought up, was that Tamaki had probably watched lot of Shoujo television, depicting friendship as close bonding overnight. Tamaki also could have been on the same rampage as the Kotatsu, just as he had been last winter.

It was all confusing and ridiculous. Words that Kyouya also used to describe Tamaki's personality.

The games were over, and Kyouya was going to get his answers. There was no point hiding himself any longer in Tamaki's presence. Hiding it in the Host Club and during school was one thing, but this was another situation. Tamaki had seen Kyouya's true personality many times, and he had tested it a lot during that entire week.