A/N: Alright so this is more or less just a reply to one of the anonymous reviews I got that kind of pissed me off. (SORRY)

1. There is a Rape warning at the very beginning of the story. Not just disturbing content but also a warning that the story deals with sadomasochism.
2. Sadly to say the rape and personal feelings in this story were pulled from real life experiences, so to say that it is unlikely just confuses me. A lot of victims form a bond with their rapist in which they refuse to let them go.
3. I think Kyouya is VERY capable of raping somebody. Reference the episode in which he almost rapes Haruhi until she says he has no reason to.
4. The sadomasochism that goes on in this story stems from a) Kyouya's own rigid and controlling personality and b) Tamaki's easy going and needing to be wanted and adored attitude. Though it may not be "likely" (canon wasn't really something we were going for exactly) I still think we did the best we could ever do with how the story turned out.
5. As for skimming it over, that's fine. I do it all the time when I read other people's work. I don't expect anyone to read this story if they don't like it, or they don't like the style or content. That's your perogative. But please don't tell me I don't have proper warnings, or that the rape seems unlikely when those were pulled from personal experience and feelings. Thank you.

Also, neither of us have read the manga (completely) so the entire roleplay is based on a continuation of the anime ONLY. I hope everyone understands. :]


The tickets were coated as followed. Haruhi's color was light brown, easy enough to indicate as the girl had brown hair and eyes. Kyouya's was a rich purple, the kind you'd see in a castle somewhere elegant. Tamaki was yellow of course, the closest color to gold itself. After all, he was the King. Mori's was dark green, mysterious and captivating. Hunny's was a baby blue, just as soft as the boy was himself. Kaoru was orange, with Hikaru a bright red.

These were the colors Kyouya kept seeing everywhere during the remainder of the Host Club. He had sold more tickets than he was expecting, and this wasn't accounting for all of their clients. Already they had tripled in profit from the cost it took to set up the ball. He smirked to himself as he carefully processed all the money, ready to go after school to deposit it all in the Host Club's special account. It was under Kyouya and Tamaki's names, though Kyouya always pressed it would be just easier to get a treasurer.

As the last girl left the doors to the Host Club, Kyouya was still tallying everything in his clipboard. Double checking the numbers to see if he had miscalculated. When he was sure he hadn't, he looked up to see Tamaki fawning over Haruhi, begging her to stay the night at his mansion. Frowning, Kyouya stopped himself from interjecting. He had to remember they were still in the Host Club. He did not like the idea of Haruhi spending the night so freely in Tamaki's home with him there as well. It presented a certain awkwardness about the entire thing.

So when the others finally left and Kyouya followed an all too eager Tamaki into the back room, Kyouya let loose. He kicked the boy roughly the ground with one foot, then stepped on his back. Not too much force, but enough so that Tamaki would get the hint that he was a bit pissed.

"Why did you invite Haruhi over? She knows about us now." His voice was cold and merciless as he stepped down a little bit harder on the boy's back.


He knew Kyouya was angry with him. Half of him feared it, half of him loved it because he knew it would hurt all the more. He heard his footsteps, but saw nothing, seeing as he closed his eyes. He felt something roughly kick him, and he was down. A soft grunt came as the other stepped down on his back. He panted softly, his spine cracking as he listened to him. As Kyouya stepped harder, to drive the point home he cried out, though a smile was clearly set across his lips.

"I..nng..I'm her father aren't I? I would never leave my daughter al-"

Just then, the door clicked open, and Tamaki looked up, though he refused to move from his spot. Haruhi stepped in, looked at the scene, and then said calmly.

"Tamaki-Senpai. Do I need my own blankets on friday?"

Tamaki paused, looked up at Kyouya, and then said quietly.

"No. Haruhi. I have plenty."

With a nod, Haruhi left, the door clicking shut behind her. Tamaki looked back up again, and giggled softly.



Friday afternoon, Haruhi, Tamaki, And Kyouya clambered into the back of Tamaki's limo. Just as they were about to close the doors, however the twins slid inside, bags in hands. Tamaki shot them a glare, and they said together in unison.

"Were both coming along. Were not leaving Haruhi alone with a pervy king like you. Not to mention him."

Both twins raised their hands to point to Kyouya. Though neither mentioned why. Tamaki went to yell, but Haruhi was already shutting the door. She didn't care either way, and as the limo rolled off, Tamaki glared and growled at the two. The redheads turned to each other, and quickly began to whisper, before turning back to Tamaki, and speaking slyly.

"So Boss. Haruhi told us your secret.

Tamaki froze, went stiff, and shot a look at Haruhi, who looked utterly confused. It was a game. They knew something was going on, and they wanted to know. When they tried Haruhi she had completely denied it. So they resorted to their dumb leader. Who fell right into it.


The twins leaped from their seats, both pinning the boss to the leather seat and speaking with a laugh.

"So you do have a secret. What is it? Huh? You said no secrets in a family, aren't we a family?"

Just then, Hikaru's foot stepped on Tamaki's. It was an accident of course, the small cramped spaces of the limo it was bound to happen. But what happen next was nothing short of a television show gone wrong. Tamaki moaned, the twins grinned, they got it.

"Oh! So boss is a sucker for pain!"

They then proceeded to stomp down on his feet, laughing. Haruhi just stared, then turned to Kyouya, about to ask what he would do when Tamaki's voice squealed.


He barely got his sentence out when he slammed his palm over his mouth. A whimper escaped his throat, and as the limo came to a rolling stop he was gone. A cloud of dust left in his wake, he was already running into his mansion, the twins following, laughing as if it were all a joke, and Haruhi just sitting there, rolling her eyes and saying softly.

"This is going to be a long weekend.."


The interruption of Haruhi was fine. Kyouya did not mind the girl's intrusion. He just added it to his list of annoyances he'd have to carefully consider when he had some free time, which didn't seem to be soon. He sighed and then stepped over Tamaki, crossing the small room swiftly to the door. Without a word, he left; his thoughts were his only company.

It would make things difficult, Kyouya assumed. He mentally calculated all the possible negative effects of their relationship made public, but it didn't seem to outweigh the positives. For one, Kyouya wouldn't have to go to lengths to hurt Tamaki away from the prying eyes of their fellow classmates. It would save him approximately a half hour out of his entire day. That was a good number, he thought. The second positive thing was that they could market their relationship. He would have to give Renge-kun a call of course, but that was beside the point. He was pretty sure that this type of relationship could be played down and would also make a profit at the same time. If he could accomplish that, then there were no other worries.

His family wouldn't be bothered about his relationship. He was the third son, nothing important. He was not expected to carry on a child in the name of Ootori, and even if he were, Kyouya would find a way around it. Suddenly, he stopped himself. What was he thinking? The mental image of him and Tamaki still together at a ripe old age made Kyouya shiver. Surely their relationship would have to end sometime. He wasn't exactly sure, and this made him a bit annoyed. Even as he thought it was ridiculous, he still felt something strange. A weird emotion he had never really felt before.

As he tried to put his finger on it, he walked through the campus and out of the double front doors. Across the courtyard and near the gates, his driver was waiting. He carefully pushed Tamaki into the dark crevices of his mind and climbed in, both somewhat anxious and excited about the Friday coming up.


The twins were definitely a surprise. Kyouya had just settled himself across from Tamaki when they burst through the almost closed doors and made themselves comfortable.

"We're both coming along. We're not leaving Haruhi alone with a pervy king like you. Not to mention him."

Kyouya's eyes widened a little at the subtle indication of his morality. He was about to mutter something about ridiculous accusations, when he flashed back to the hotel incident with Haruhi. He shut his mouth, and considered that the twins were probably right in whatever man they accused him of being. With patient eyes he watched the scene unfold as the limo crept along towards the mountain.

Something ripped inside of him when Hikaru accidently stamped on Tamaki's foot. The moan that came from Tamaki's lips almost instantly aroused Kyouya. He was a bit angry now. The twins were not allowed to handle Tamaki in such a way, but he was a bit frozen from the shock of it all. He was also embarrassed by his arousal.


Kyouya opened his mouth to say something... anything, but the limo rolled to a stop and Tamaki flew out without another word. He stared after the blonde and then at the twins who were following him inside. "I sure hope it isn't," he replied to Haruhi after a careful moment of consideration. The driver had hopped out now and was preparing the luggage to be towed inside the grand mansion. It was freezing outside, and Kyouya welcomed the cold air.

When the two had reached the inside of the mansion, the twins were still gathered around the front door, obviously planning something. Kyouya took off his glasses to rub the fog out of them. It always happened when he was out in the cold for too long. Then he shot both of the twins a venomous glare, sliding the glasses back onto his face. "Hikaru, Kaoru. I'm giving you a warning. If you so much as hurt a hair on his body, I will personally see to it that my private police deal with you."

The twins exchanged a knowing glance and then continued to smile. "Oh we weren't planning to hurt him," Hikaru said, still smiling wickedly. Kyouya's stared at them warily. He wasn't in the mood for the twins' antics. Instead, he was in the mood for something else. Without a word he walked away in search of Tamaki.


Tamaki ran, his breath heavy, his forehead sweating, and his cock aching. He whimpered, and did a dance in circles, trying to find a place to hide. But where!? Twice he ran into one of his maids, both were leaving for the night. That's when he remembered. Father had given them all the weekend off, and HE was back at the school filling out paper work for a few hundred new students. Tamaki whimpered, and then ran up the stairs and down the left hallway. He knew where he was going, he knew it would upset him, but it was the last place that Kyouya would look.

Skidding passed the door; he shoved it open and went inside. Instead of slamming the door, he gently closed it, out of respect for who was here. Well, who would have been? He sighed, the walls were painted a soft golden, and the rug was deep beige. The bed was perfectly made, as if no one had ever slept in it. Walking over to the oak night stand, he picked up a pure gold picture frame, and looked at the woman depicted inside. Tears welled in the smug boys eyes, and he sat down upon the bed, his knees suddenly feeling wobbly. He felt his stomach turn and his heart race, and he gently traced the silken features of his mother's picture.


He murmured softly as he set the picture down, his hands on his knees, curling into fists. He knew he could never see her again. Some people were so surprised, that he never seemed to cry, nor care about it. Most were even more surprised when they saw how respectfully he treated his grandmother. Truth was, he did cry, and she was a woman, and women deserved happiness. As did all people. He let out a choked sob, and covered his mouth with one hand, body trembling. His sadness turned to anger, and he withdrew his hand, only to snap his wrist back and swing it to the picture, knocking it down. The shatter of glass made him all the more angry, and he stood, screaming down at the picture.


He walked to the doorway, and yanked it open, slamming it. Again and again he repeated this, just slamming the door and re-opening it. He couldn't stop. He swore. He cursed and screamed and yelled and hurt.


Downstairs, Haruhi had caught up with Kyouya, trying to reason with him. Knowing it was in vain. That's when she heard it, the screaming. The cursing the slamming. She grabbed hold of Kyouya's arm, and looked at him with a mix of terror and sorrow.

"Go. I'll keep the twins busy. Just go find him!


Kyouya nodded only once to Haruhi. It annoyed him a little bit, how much she cared about the blonde. As if when he heard the screaming she assumed he would not of course go off to look for Tamaki. But then came the challenge. Kyouya had only been to this mansion a handful of times during their middle school days. They never had much time anymore, to make the trip up with their High School studies and with the club. Kyouya's house had always been much closer. So now Kyouya was racking his memory of the ever winding hallways that never seemed to end, trying to remember which of the rooms Tamaki had insisted he never go.

As he ran desperately through the halls, following the shouting and the echoing slams of wood on wood, he wondered what had caused Tamaki to act out. He could make out the words the boy was shouting, and Kyouya knew that Tamaki rarely swore. Was it the twins' actions? Scowling, Kyouya hoped not. And then another thought crossed his mind that almost made him stop in his tracks.

"No. He promised," a voice rang clear through his mind, replying to the unwelcome mental image of Tamaki hurting himself. Frustrated now, Kyouya shook the thoughts out of his head. There was no time to think about it. No time to plan for what was to come. It was a nice feeling, letting go of some of the control he so carefully worked for. Like he had said countless times, Tamaki was always surprising him. It kept him on his feet. There was no use to plan for outcomes. That time would come when he knew what the problem was.

Finally, he took a sharp left and turned down a hallway. At the end he could make out some gold hair, and he raced for it. With a swift kick, he knocked the door almost off it's hinge. In his defense, the door was already taking a beating from Tamaki's slams. The first thing he had to do was calm Tamaki down.

Without really thinking about it, he grabbed the boys arms and held him close. This seemed to be the only way to really restrain him. It was probably going a bit far, but Kyouya knew Tamaki was probably in hysterics. The slamming and swearing were all uncharacteristic and something had set him off. But what?

As he held the boy closely, feeling faint struggles beneath his grip, he looked around the room for any clues or evidence. On the ground beside a gorgeous bed was some broken glass and a picture frame. It all hit Kyouya now; Tamaki's mother. This had obviously been her room, and Tamaki, upset about the twins teasing had sought solace here. That had obviously gone badly.


He kept slamming until something hit the other side, and the door swung open, narrowly avoiding the young boys face. He stepped back, stumbled, but was swept back up and into Kyouya's arms. He sobbed, broken, strangled cries escaping his throat like an injured animal's cry. He wriggled and thrashed, screaming curses in both French, and Japanese, a few broken English words here and there as well. Finally, he stopped, breathing heavily he collapsed in the other boys arms, his sobs turning to coughs, then silence. He looked warily around the room, then at Kyouya.


He had sneezed, square in the boys face. He blinked; looking at Kyouya's now misted glasses, and then chuckled. Soon it turned into a full blown laugh, and he tackled the other. He snuggled the stronger man, and laughed and giggled and kissed his entire face. He was hysterical, and new tears of joy flowed from his eyes. He snuggled into Kyouya, and said softly.

"She loves me... right?"


Kyouya managed take out his handkerchief and wipe his face and glasses while the boy snuggled closely and expressed his affection. When he was finished, he tucked the handkerchief back into his pocket and then placed his hands back around Tamaki. It felt natural, and, Kyouya didn't really want to admit, but nice.

He knew who Tamaki was talking about, and he didn't answer at first. He thought about the question. Was there a right answer? Kyouya was but a stranger, who had only peeked into the life of Tamaki. He didn't understand a mother's love, because Kyouya had never felt it.

"I don't know," Kyouya replied honestly after a long moment had passed. "At the very least, she cares for you." And that was as far as that discussion had gone. The door, still open from being almost kicked down, revealed a breathless Haruhi. Kyouya smirked a little. She had probably been lost in the maze of Tamaki's mansion longer than he had.

She beamed at the two from the doorway, clearly relieved to see everything was okay. It was a brief moment and the twins appeared beside her, wrapping their arms around her small frame.

"Come Haruhi, we must practice embracing like Mom and Dad!" one of the twins announced happily, carrying her off like a prize.

Kyouya frowned after them, and then released Tamaki. He turned on his foot and headed toward the adjacent bathroom in the beautiful room. It looked untouched, but he knew better. There wasn't a speck of dust on anything. He took off his glasses for the third time in a row, and set it on the sink counter. Then washed his face gently.

It was a little known fact that Kyouya had a thing about germs. After he dried his face, he stuck the glasses back onto his face, and dragged Tamaki out of the room and down to where they would have to babysit the others.