Authors Note: Hi, um this is my version of Alice/Jasper Twilight (Bella and Alice swap, so do Edward and Jasper). Please do not flame, if you don't like it, tell me what you don't like but as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM! Thanks, Pixie aka Ally.

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I'd never given much thought about how I would die. Although, I never would have thought it would be like this. Even though, if I hadn't come to Forks, I wouldn't be here right now, about to die, I can't find it in myself to regret it. After all, if I hadn't moved I wouldn't have met the love of my life. I looked into the cold, heartless eyes of my soon to be killer. As I thought of death, I realized that I had only come here to save my mother. I guess the best way to die was in the place of someone you love. Yes, a good way to go. I closed my eyes waiting for the fatal blow….