a/n: This began its life on the Dragonball General board of , posted there under my account name of ZUOM. It was a CYOP, or Choose Your Own Path, where a series of options were presented at the end of each chapter posted and others voted on which sounded the most interesting to them. I've finally decided to post it here on , and when I get the time or when I finish with it, I'll also add my currently ongoing story of Dragon Ball Z: Divine Intervention, as well.

Chapter One: Welcome to the end of the world.

Seven years ago:

In the far distant galaxy, somewhere beyond where Planet Namek once was, a large spacepod rockets along towards the only planet that the leftover Saiyan survivors were rumored to have found refuge at.

Inside the spacepod is a warrior of such strength, not even ruins have been left behind in his wake. Simply a trail of endless annihilation, over a thirty year timeframe, just distantly enough spread out so as to not attract any attention by Other Worlds handful of Kaio.

The warrior inside slumbers, the few wounds he has accumulated from the last battle healing slowly. As the light of a distant sun reflects off the window, his dark black hair, golden jewelry, and white baggy pants can be seen.

Even in rest, however, his face is a twisted grimmace, eyebrows locked at a sharp angle, giving him a demented look, one many Saiyans could have identified with as... eagerness, the urge to battle.

Unfortunately, by the time he is done... there won't be any other Saiyans left alive to do so.

-~Six months after the defeat of Majin Buu~-

Goku snores loudly in bed, exhausted after a long night of training. His wife, Chi-Chi, is wearily about to start breakfest. His eldest son, Gohan, is preparing to leave for another day at school, and his youngest is also still in bed.

Vegeta steps into the gravity chamber yet again, a hast breakfest finished off. His son Trunks is right behind him. With the door closed the machine starts up again, and in moments 75x gravity slams down upon the full-blooded Saiyan and the hybrid.

Piccolo meditates peacefully within the restored palace, as Dende looks down upon the Earth, watching the humans go about their lives.

The various other Z-Fighters are likewise engaged in either resting or their daily activitys, bearing no special mention.

In the distant sky overhead, what appears to be a shining white meteor approachs at a rapid pace, and within the hour has entered Earths atmosphere. It crashes just outside of West City with the force of an earthquake, but afterwards remains still and solid for a brief time.

But that doesn't last very long at all.

With a hiss of steam escaping, the hatch clicks open and flips downward, and the mighty warrior inside slowly blinks his eyes open.

"Kakarot..." he murmurs lowly, sliding forward and out of his much larger seat with narrowed eyes against the sunlight.

"Atlast... I have found your planet." with a crack of his neck, he kicks off from the hatch and ascends into the air, reaching into a pocket on his pants for the item nessicary to his goal, a slightly cracked scouter.

With the device slipped on and activated, his facial expression becomes one of surprise. The device is unable to surpass 14 million before shutting off to preserve its system. "So... you've been training." he murmurs.

Quickly he smiles, licking his lips in anticipation. "Good... I've been looking for a challenge." with that, he soars skyward and begins racing towards the first location the device pointed him towards.