Epilogue: Ten years later.

Goku and Vegeta locked hands, staring each other down. Around them the fans cheered as the ground cracked beneath their feet. "We're evenly matched at last, kakarrot." Vegeta stated with a grim smile.

Goku shrugged as best he could. "I knew I couldn't hold the lead much longer once you unlocked Super Saiyan 3." he replied.

"Should we give the sheep something to talk about?" Vegeta asked. "Such as?" Goku questioned.

Vegetas hair began to flicker. "Oh, that!" Goku smiled back at his rival. "Heh heh. Just don't kill anyone this time!" he said.

Vegeta scowled. "I was majin at the time, kakarrot! HAAAAAAHHH!" he yelled, eyes turning teal as his hair went completly golden then began spiking out wildly as it grew down his back.

Goku likewise yelled out and began transforming through into his Super Saiyan 3 form.

With the others, Yamcha shook his head. "They're going to bring down the stadium." he said. Krillin laughed. "Ofcourse they are." he agreed. Gohan merely smiled. Goten and Trunks sighed at their early on knock-outs at the hands of eachs father.

Peace had been established on Earth and in the universe. Mr. Buu, along with Brolly, were annihilated in the attack in HFIL. Unlike Brolly, however, Mr. Buu was reincarnated. As the child Uub in a far distant village, he would never know what he once was, only aware of the amazing strength he was gifted with.

And that ends Dragonball Z: Legendary Annihilation. Thank you for your time, in reading and voting, it was dearly appriciated. A special thanks goes to Dark_Side for his suggestions, as this story would be far less than it is if not for them.