New Hawaiian Surfers

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: New Penguins

It's been over a month and a half since the Newcomer Surfing Contest in Pen Gu Island, and one sunny afternoon, Cody Maverick and Jonah Pennington were catching up with stuff they missed for 7 years. Ever since they've been reunited, they have been hanging out with themselves and their friends. Cody and Jonah saw a whale and ran to the front of the beach to see who's there.

Jonah looked at Cody and asked, "Who do you think it could be?"

Cody replied, "I'm not sure, man. Let's just find out."

They both ran to the front of the whale and looked up and saw all the other penguins originated from Australia, India, China, Japan, California, Florida, Mexico and Hawaii. Then, later, two Hawaiian penguins caught Cody and Jonah's eye. One penguin, 17-year-old Rockhopper penguin with a fringe of hair covering one eye, has hazel-brown eyes, a little taller, a tattoo of a palm tree on his shoulder and a Big Z necklace, looked at Jonah and said, "You're a surfer? That's really amazing."

Jonah stared at him and said, "Thanks... I guess."

"So, what's your name?" asked the penguin.

"I'm Jonah, and this is my friend, Cody." said Jonah.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Mark."

"Great name."

"Is it? I go by my nickname, Muka'i."

"Muka'i?" asked Cody.

"Oh, yeah. I invented that name after our trip to Honolulu throughout most of my childhood, so I've been called by that name ever since, because Mark is kinda annoying." said Muka'i.

"That's cool." said Jonah.

"Anyway, when we saw this place, I felt as if this is the place to be and live. Now that I look at it, it's awesome. We're really gonna like it here." said Muka'i.

Cody and Jonah stared at each other with a confused look and asked, "We?"

"Well, me and my twin brother." said Muka'i.

"Hey, Muka'i. Where are you?" another voice called out.

"I'm down here, little brother."

The younger penguin, 15 years old, kinda thin and almost taller, rockhopper penguin with spiky hair with fringe covering the left eye, brown eyes and a Big Z necklace, came out of the whale and saw Cody and Jonah standing there with Muka'i. He asked, "Why do you keep calling me little brother?"

"Because you are my little brother." said Muka'i, as he gave him a noogie.

"Okay, I'm not that little and I'm taller than you." said the young penguin.

"But you're still younger." said Muka'i.

"What-evs." he sneered.

"So, who's he?" asked Cody.

"This is my little brother, Brandon. I call him Oahu, but at times, I call him little brother, because he is my little brother." said Muka'i.

"Nice to meet you guys." said Oahu.

"I'm Cody and this is my friend, Jonah." said Cody.

"How are you?" asked Jonah.

"Doing good."

"So, this your first time in Pen Gu?" asked Cody.

"We're trying to soak all of this in." said Oahu.

"I think you're gonna like it here in Pen Gu. Do you guys surf?" said Jonah.

"Does a volcano blow up?" asked Muka'i.

They looked at each other and nodded their heads and figured out that they do surf. Cody looked at them and said, "Wanna see who surfs better?"

Muka'i was confident to the task and Oahu felt kinda imtimidated by that and thought that he sould back off of this.

Oahu said, "Can we not do this?"

"What are you scared, little bro?" asked Cody.

Oahu was kinda fed up with being called little brother and thought that it got on his nerves and is up to the challenge. Cody said, "Cool. Let's do this."

"Bring it!" exclaimed Muka'i.

They brought in their surfboards and completely felt like they were up to the task.