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"Normal Speech"


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"Demon Speech"


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Chapter 1

The mist was slowly receding back to the ocean waters as Zabuza slumped to his knees, a Raikiri having torn his right arm off. He smiled as he looked at the slumped form of his apprentice, it had taken 6 gennin and a jounin to finally knock him out, and even then the Ice wielder had managed to knock out 4 of the gennin and severely weaken the jounin. As his blood flowed freely, staining the bridge red, the Demon of the bloody mist idly wondered what Hell would be like. His musings were interrupted by the sound of clapping. He looked along with everyone else on the bridge to see that irritating fat little slime laughing, surrounded by his mercenary guard, roughly 200 fighters. Zabuza narrowed his eyes at the sight of a dark haired woman, the bridge builders daughter if he remembered correctly, bound and gagged, held by a pair of samurai standing beside the vertically challenged mobster. It sickened the Ex-Anbu, killing someone was fine, that was just a job. But kidnapping his family? And lord knows that woman wasn't destined anywhere pleasant, that was beyond even the so-called demon.

The day had started so well. He woke up, had a delicious breakfast, read his favorite Icha Icha, signed golden edition. It had gone swiftly downhill from that point. The second him and his team had left the house it started to rain, and not any rain either. It was coming down in sheets, nothing like the Konoha nin were used to. Then the mist had rolled in, Kakashi didn't think it was possible to feel more wet, but apparently it was. Then Zabuza had attacked, along with that hunter nin. Kakashi had gotten cocky and told Asuma he should help the gennin, that he would be enough for Zabuza, after all he was only an A rank nin. The copy nin paused, he would have serious talks with the people who ranked missing nins, there was no way that over sized butcher knife wielding freak was a measly A rank. It had drained Kakashi of all he had to beat the other masked fighter and now as that fat little puke stood threating Tsunami, Kakashi looked back and decided he should have just assassinated the little bastard when they got here. After all the best defense is an aggressive offense. Oh well, hind sight's a bitch ain't it?

Gato was having fun, it wasn't often he got to stick to those damn know-it-all ninja. He grinned as he watched the ninja sweat it out, today he was gonna get full control, finally, over a solid base of operations. He glanced over at the bound form of Tsunami and licked his lips, he'd be having celebratory 'fun' with her tonight. Or so he thought anyways. As he was about to officially stamp this the best day ever and then proceed to order the mass slaughter of those oh-so-irritating ninjas the surprised yelp of one of his samurai drew his attention. Where the form of his evening entertainment had been, now stood the rather imposing figure of a shinobi, if that glistening Kiri forehead protector meant anything. The man, he assumed, before him stood at about 5 feet 5 inches, the bottom half of his face covered in a newer Ame re-breather (A/n: Same style Gouzu wears, look it up its cool looking). Covering the rest of his body was a glistening navy cloak, his left hand edged out from the front wearing a clawed gauntlet, a common weapon in Kiri. On both the gauntlet and the back of his cloak a design of a 9 headed hydra, the serpentine heads coiled in a spiral. The figure tipped his blond colored head at Gato, making the older man gasp slightly. With the blond locks brushed out of the way a jagged scar running over the left eye was made visible. A sight that only served to enhance their piercing blue gaze.

Getting over his surprise Gato motioned with his hand and 5 of the mercenaries drove their swords into the man, who promptly disintegrated into a puddle of water. A raspy, almost mechanical sounding laugh rang out behind the group, who whipped around to see the figure standing with the now unbound Tsunami at his side. He cocked his head to the side again, in a display some would probably find endearing. "Now then, what did my poor Mizu Bunshin ever do to you?" All the while he spoke the re-breather became very audible, adding to his unnerving appearance. (A/n: Yeah think Vader, only dif voice same cool effect.) His eyes glinted back into a harsh set, the brief mirth lost form the azure pools. "You are Gato yes? Of Gato Shipping Industries yes?"

The tycoon narrowed his eyes, "Yes, what is it to you?" He ran through all the reasons this shinobi would show up in his head. None of the outcomes were looking particularly good.

The figure looked as if he was contemplating something. "My mission is your death. I had originally planned on it to be swift, but I cannot abide the miss treatment of women such as my lovely guest here." Tsunami blushed slightly as he gestured to her with his clawed hand. "As such your demise, I am afraid, will be much more... Unique."

Gato sneered,"Your a fool if you think you can take on all my men boy. Now if you apologize nicely I just might let you live."

The blond laughed at that, a really creepy, disturbing and eerily detached laugh. The ninja on the bridge had no idea whatsoever of what to make of this newcomer. Kakashi felt he looked... Familiar somehow. He looked over at the two still standing gennin, Sakura and Ino, and he had the sneaking suspicious that was only because they had stuck by Tazuna the entire fight. He glanced over at his fellow jounin who despite being on his lest dregs of chakra looked ready to jump into the fight if need be. Kakashi nodded almost imperceptibly, both would be ready to fight to the last, hopefully utilizing whatever distraction the blond made as an escape for their students. What the copy nin, and the ex fire guard for that matter, did not expect, was for the blond to flash through 3 hand signs, ending with bird.

Tendrils of water formed in the air, wrapping around the blond as he went through his jutsu, gathering as he held the last seal. Not that anyone could see it, but the masked nin grinned, bearing over sized fangs. "Suiton: Hydra Gale." 9 watery serpent like heads formed from the water dancing around the Kiri shinobi, if one looked close enough they would see some scales and fangs made from ice. The blond tipped his head and pointed out with his hands, his cloak parting slightly to reveal dark anbu style armor, and if you looked close enough, the glint of 2 forehead protectors tied to his arms. The draconic heads surged forward into the crowd of mercenaries, battering and slashing, with their frosty fangs, a path towards Gato. The blond had his hands held out, his fingers twitching every so often, like puppet master directing a play. In a matter of minutes 200 wet and bloody corpses were all that was left of Gato's army, leaving only the fat man behind. The cloaked figure dropped his metal glad hand leaving only his right hand, which was wearing a fingerless fighting glove, pointed at the business man. "Gato, by order of the Mizukage, you will die." Water again formed in the air, a small tendril of it forcing itself into Gato's open mouth. The masked figure slowly closed his fist, "Ever wanted to know what it was like to drown on, relatively, dry land?"

Gato's eyes flew open as his glasses fell off. He dropped to ground, his face painted with mute horror, as he clawed at his throat trying to dislodge the water that was filling his lungs. The gathered shinobi discovered that a short, fat, physically challenged wannabe mobster could only hold his breath for 3 minutes. The shinobi released his clenched fist as his target dropped dead, water leaking from his mouth. The Konoha ninjas shuddered at the brutality of it all, Zabuza raised an eyebrow and was torn between taking this masked nin for a drink, or running screaming because he was from Kiri. Tazuna and Tsunami had merely watched on impassively, both had seen things done at that man's orders that were unforgivable, they just wish he suffered more. Kakashi decided he should finally speak up. He slowly walked over to the Kiri shinobi, "Thank you for your assistance, but I must ask your purpose in being here."

The cloaked ninja looked at him like he was stupid, "Uh, did you miss the part where I stated my mission was to kill him? Kiri was... Uncomfortable with a criminal organization taking up such close residence to our borders. The Water Daiymo hired us to... Deal... With the problem. Do you have any other questions? I still have some business to attend to." He said glancing at the forms of Zabuza and Haku.

Kakashi followed his gaze and shuddered, "Just what your name is, and how long you plan on staying here. You know, making sure your not a threat to our mission."

The blond raised an eyebrow, "I hardly think a 12 year old gennin is any threat to you." He snickered at that, "But if you must call me by something... Hydra is what my peers refer to me as. Now, I would ask you to remove your charges and the civilians from the area... I have some.. Business with those nuke-nins and I quite imagine the lovely lady here has seen enough violence."

Kakashi suppressed another shudder and went back to Asuma, Ino and Sakura. Together they picked up the four fallen gennin, Sasuke, Sai, Chouji and Shikamaru. Tazuna ran up to Tsunami making sure she was all right. As the Konoha nins joined with them they turned to leave. "Ah, Leaf-san?"

Kakashi stopped and looked at the newly named Hydra, "Yes?"

"I do hope the next time we meet, it will be under more amicable circumstances." He said curving his eyes into a smile, much like the Copy Nin himself did.

Said Copy Nin raised is visible eyebrow, "And how do you know we will meet again?"

"Why, are not the Chunnin exams in Konoha this year? And if your team faced Zabuza and is somehow still alive, they must show some promise. I eagerly await to test them personally." He laughed again at that and turned his back, half waving with his clawed hand behind him. Kakashi paled at the thought of his gennin facing that, thing, in the upcoming exams. He made a mental note to triple their training efforts.


Hydra walked up to the fallen form of Haku, reached down a deftly and unceremoniously tossed the feminine boy over his shoulder. He looked over at Zabuza, the man having managed to get a makeshift stop for his severed arm using his facial bandages. The Demon of the Bloody Mist looked at his assumed to be executioner and sighed, resigning himself to his fate. After all he couldn't escape without his good arm, his sword arm, and Haku was definitely of no use in a fight at this point. He looked up as the blond shinobi dropped his apprentice to the ground in front of him, before sitting down cross legged himself, staring Zabuza in the eye. Zabuza twitched, "Goddamnit just kill us and get it over with!"

Hydra arched an eyebrow, "Now why would I do that? I have no desire to see you two die."

Zabuza stared at him as Haku slowly awoke, probably from being dropped, "Uh, excuse me? You are a Kiri ninja are you not?"

Hydra waved his hand dismissively. "Bah, not a loyal one though..."

It was Zabuza's turn to arch an eyebrow, "Your a missing nin?"

"No, not yet. I had need for kenjutsu training, and more suiton jutsu. That and a ticket to the upcoming gennin exams. Kiri seemed like the best place. But make no mistake I hold little love for it. Killing that slime of a Kage is on my to do list. Which brings me to you two." He said pointing at them both. Haku had awoken by now and tensed up slightly.

Zabuza leaned back, "You want us to help you assassinate the Mizukage?"

Hydra shrugged, "No, the whole destroying Mist thing is down a ways on my list. And I plan on doing it economically. No First off, I need allies."

"I can't exactly fight much anymore kid."

"But you can teach yes?" Hydra said, clacking his claws together softly.

"You want me to teach you?" Zabuza looked at him funny.

"Yes... But more importantly I'll be wanting you to teach future generations. See I have plans to take over a certain country that has been oppressed by all of its leaders in the past 50 years. I plan on freeing it. But One cannot just swoop in, kill the leader and just take over. For one thing the economic infrastructure sucks ass, as does the schooling and medical systems. So my plan is to have people to be able to take those positions and aid me in that regard." He ran his right hand through his hair, "But again this is all a ways down the road."

Zabuza just stared, "So... You want me to eventually become a.. a.. School Teacher?"

"Something like that, you look like you'd put the fear of Kami into a group of pissant students. Just what aspiring shinobi need. But like I said don't worry about that for now. First I'll be showcasing my abilities at the upcoming gennin exams, and looking for those of skill." 'Not to mention the other 8, well, 8 at most. I'm not sure how many there are of us.' "I'll be starting a group, who at the proper time, will help me further my goals."

Zabuza looked at Hydra, then at Haku, then back at Hydra. "That's a weird and borderline psychotic sounding plan. Which makes it sound like fun." He grinned. "Though I must ask why you want to take over a country, and which one."

The blond paused and thought, "To make a home for those like me. Those who people have looked on as less then human for matters out of our control. I'll be offering refuge to those with bloodlines who've been forced form their homes, and those like me, other jinchuuriki."

Zabuza coughed at that. "Your a jinchuuriki? Well... Damn."

Hydra eye smiled, "Indeed. We are not well liked or appreciated despite the fact this burden was forced onto us by others. I am making a home for all those unjustly hated, or those who are tired of being treated like worthless tools. Like him." He gestured behind them at the drowned corpse of Gato. "As for what country... Ame."

The entire time they were talking Haku had been lost in wonder. It seemed like a dream to him that this seemingly perfect offer would come out of the blue. He stared at the blond haired shinobi, "Why are you offering this to us?"

Hydra shrugged, "I've heard nothing but good things, well in my opinion, of you two. You seemed like just the kind of people I need as partners. Who knows maybe even friends one day. Besides... I've wanted to meet Zabuza ever since I was accepted as a gennin."

The swordsman looked at Hydra, "Oh, why is that?"

"Well it seems you and I both came upon the best way of skipping the academy." Zabuza paused at hearing that, then gave a predatory grin.

"You mean you..."

"Well, I didn't kill off the entire graduating class... Just maimed them. I think the lowest injury was a missing hand. It's kind of why I work alone. They called me the second coming of Zabuza.... The Hydra of the Bloody Mist."

Zabuza chuckled, "I thought they changed the way they graduated?"

"Oh they did. I wanted in and one of the instructors was quite rude about it and made some comment about you. So I figured I had to do something similar." He gave an eye smile at that. "But enough of the past, I know you'll need time to think about my offer-"

Zabuza and Haku had looked at reach other and nodded slightly. "We'll do it."

Hydra looked at them, and clapped his hands together. "Oh, well good then!"

"On one condition..." Hydra groaned.


Zabuza sat up straight, "I teach you my style of Kenjutsu, and you take up my sword."

Hydra blinked, once, then twice. "Say wha?"

"Kubikiri deserves someone that can give it battle. And that no longer is me. Haku is not interested in the ways of the sword... And lets just say I have a feeling about you." Zabuza said glancing at Haku slightly.

"I'm... I don't know what to say. Just that I'm honored." Hydra said, clearly not expecting, anything like this. Zabuza was one of the best swordsman ever to come out of the mist. And he was gonna get lessons form him? PLUS his sword, which was almost as famous as he was? 'This has been a very successful mission...'

Zabuza smiled, "Good... One last thing, I don't want Haku to fight."

Haku turned to his master quickly, "But Zabuza-Sama I..."

"Are far to gentle natured. Your more interested in medicine anyways are you not?" Haku sighed, and nodded.

Hydra shrugged again, "Fine with me. If I can convince the other jinchuuriki to join me that'll be overkill for fire power... As for the whole medic thing." The blond gave another eye smile, "I think I have a lead on someone to train you for that. If they agree anyways. Now then I have another week to kill as I finished my mission early. You need to get that arm properly fixed up and then you can start me on training."

Zabuza nodded and with Haku's help stood up. He was amazed at how easily and naturally leadership seemed to come to him. "All right. Before we head off... I want to know just a couple last things..."

Hydra nodded as he to stood. "Ask."

"Why Ame? And Hydra can't be your real name.. What is it?"

A distanced look entered the blond's cerulean eyes as he stared into the distance. "Why Ame? Other then my previous reason... It's a promise to friend, and a promise to a teacher. Nad now they weren't the same person." He walked a ways ahead of the duo before turning around, reaching up and pulling down his re-breather, revealing 6 whisker marks, and the continuation of the scar over his eye. He gave them a warm sunny smile, with a hint of fox like mirth in it. "My name, is Uzumaki Naruto, jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and the first, greatest, last and only student of Salamander Hanzo."









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