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Habakkuk versus.... Gojira! (which by the way, I love the positive response about him, makes me cackle with glee)

Chapter 6

Naruto stared out across the, now broken, stadium. Hiding a gleeful smile as citizens and shinobi ran for cover, or in some cases a better view of the match. His sapphire gaze focused on the beast in front of him. He gazed downward looking into an upturned eye of his faithful summon. "Hello 'Jira."

The massive summon, really, only truly described as a monster, looked up at it's blond summoner. "Hello Naru-Chan. Why have you summoned me this day?" His voice said softly. Well, soft as a 200 or so foot tall behemoth gets.

"Shukkaku." Naruto replied simply, a vaguely cruel grin working across his features. After all, it's not everyday you get to kick a bijuu's ass.

"Ah." The Monster King looked out at the now deathly quiet Tanuki. A grin found it's way across ancient and battle scarred features, eventually forming into a confident smirk, which on a giant dragon like thing, Was completely and utterly terrifying. "You are by far my most favored summoner. So many interesting battles..."

Finally shaken from it's reverie the massive sand Tanuki bellowed out, "DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! YOU WON'T STOP ME! I WILL HAVE YOUR BLOOD!" Mentally, well, with what little mental faculties the sanity impaired creature had it was cursing it's bad fortune. Fighting Gojira away from his precious desert was near suicide. But, It wasn't about to roll over and take like a man... Err.... Demon, either. It would fight! And it's enemies would bleed...

Giving out another bestial roar the Ichibi swelled up, and barfed out a volley of spinning sand shurikens.

Gojira flicked his multi-ended tail, driving the four ends into the ground, forcibly ejecting water from the ground in the form of super heated geysers in front of him. The sudden influx of boiling water and steam blew the sand projectiles away. The two kaiju sucked in massive volumes of air and roared. Waves of air pressure and sound tore up the forest between them, splintered trees flying every direction.


Watching from a good safe distance a way the Sandaime took the time to reflect on how wise it was an idea not to have the arena in town. Beside him Orochimaru was missing the perfect opportunity to launch his invasion, he was to drawn in by the spectacle.


Both titans circled each other, waiting for the slightest of twitches that would signal the other had dropped his awareness, even in the slightest. "Come and fight you rat! Or are you as cowardly as you look?" Gojira taunted.

"SHUT UP! YOU WILL BLEED! BLLEEEED FOR ME!" The Ichibi screamed sucking in another breath, this time blowing out a horde of wind blades.

Gojira grinned, gathering what humans would refer to as nature chakra. As he gathered it into his body massive energy spikes burst forth from his back, a harsh white-blue glow emanating from them. Then he opened his mouth and unleashed, what could only be called, a giant beam of destruction. The almost white energy tore through the Ichibi's wind blades, blasting off one of the Tanuki's front legs, turning the stump into a chunk of glass.

"ARGH IT BURNS! IT BURRRNS! YOU WILL SUFFER FOR THIS!" The Ichibi wailed as it flailed about in agony.

"Wow, uh, not that I'm disapproving of your methods or anything but could you tone it down a bit? I need that red haired kid on him alive." Naruto said scratching the back of his head.

The Monster glared at him, "Mention that kind of thing sooner then will you?"

"Heh... Sorry..."


Meanwhile in the stands, or rather what was left of them, Konan turned to Anko. "If you wish to come with us, We leave now." She said, in that same deadpanned neutral expression her face always held, unless Naruto was around.

The snake mistress struggled internally. Now that the time was here, could she really abandon her home? Wouldn't that just validate everything everyone had accused her of?

"HEY WHORE! MOVE IT BITCH YOUR IN THE WAY!" A random leaf chunnin yelled at Anko as he rushed by.

Anko's eyebrow twitched almost imperceptibly. "Right, off we go then."


The Snake Sannin's jaw was open in awe. 'What... The... FUCK?!? Why the hell does some pissant brat get a massive fire breathing colossus and all I get is a bitchy snake for a summon?!? Life just isn't fair...'


Back with Naruto and Gojira... "So your saying that you can't immobilize him on your own?"

"Hey... I go for total annihilation, not restraint. You've never complained before." The ancient dragon, err salamander, uh iguana halfbreed... Ya know what? Let's just stick with calling him a dragon, said to it's summoner.

Naruto shrugged, "This is true... Dammit, I suppose I can restrain it... But..." A wicked grin adorned the blond jinchuuriki's face. "Bring the rain 'Jira."

The great summon boss snickered, as much as it could anyways, and drove it's tails once more into the ground. Geysers erupted jettisoning water hundreds of feet into the air. Slowly, Naruto's eyes began to change, in particular his right eye lightened to the color of glacial ice, on the thinnest of a slit pupil was visible. Naruto gave a savage grin as he stretched his hands up, reaching out into the cascading torrents of water. Above him 4 massive blocks of ice coalesced from the water.

Shukkaku watched in morbid fascination as the ice formed, before a tremendous cracking sound was heard, and is shedding a mold the blocks broke away, leaving 4 huge ice lances, almost half the length of each was blade. Steam hissed angrily around them as the soon to be ex-kiri ninja smirked. "Impale him... Shiva."

The four lances rushed out, each pinning the Ichibi through a limb, holding him to the ground. The sand around each lance was instantly turned into glass, leaving the free yet now captive demon screaming. "IT BURNS!? WHY IS IT BURNING!?!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WRETCH?"

Naruto just fingered the mad Tanuki, before taking a running leap over towards the Ichibi's head, and Gaara. What he had done, was one of his 2 'ultimate' techniques, part of the Kyuubi gifted, or inflicted, pseudo-bloodline he had. Shiva, the burning ice. A never melting Ice that burned at temperatures over 300 degrees Celsius. Naruto landed neatly on the thrashing demon, right in front of it's red headed host. The blond sighed and reared back a chakra covered fist. "Time to wake, Brother." He stated before ramming his fist into Gaara's face.

Teal eyes snapped open as the sand demon screamed in rage as it was being sucked back into it's prison. Gaara looked... shocked, as he plummeted to the ground, massive icy towers, and the tell tale poof of smoke of a boss summon being dismissed. HE looked up, and the blond boy no older then him as he slammed into the ground. Mumbling out a weak, "How... How did you get this power?"

Naruto coked his head to the side, then gave a soft smile. "My existence... Is more then just my own. I give everything for my dream, and protecting those it encompasses. Nothing will stop me from it."

"Ah..." The red head looked back, and stared into the blue sky above him. "Is that where strength comes from?"

Gaara didn't see it but Naruto shrugged. "Strength can come from rage and hate, love or peace. But the purest of all strengths comes from the desire to protect, whether it be a dream or those around you. At least... that's what I have noticed." Naruto paused, and stared up into the sky as well. "I can show you Brother... I need your help, as you will need mine."

"All right..." Gaara said weakly, wondering for the first time in a long time what the future may hold, with the man who called him Brother...


"I'm telling you man, I'm gonna kill King one of these days and take his place. My rightful place, as god amongst the clones!"

"And I'M telling YOU it ain't possible. You kill 'King' and we all die."

"...But... Are you sure?"

"Quite. Positive in fact. Killing him will cause the immediate destruction of ourselves as well."



Anko and Konan just stood and watched as a pair of Naruto clones rambled on about... Well Kami knows what. Frankly, the entire experience weirded out the hardened shinobi a little bit to much for their comfort. Somewhere in the back of their minds they mused on how impressive it was that Naruto had the ability to make independently thinking clones... But... Still weird. After a good five minute rant on the many uses of bacon and ramen Konan coughed lightly, taking the clones by surprise. "You two are here why?" She said, her face blank.

One of the clones, the one with dreams of a hostile takeover sighed and cocked his head. "We are here to guide you through an excessively long series of sewers and caverns, eventually ending up a hidden underground palace."

Anko raised an eyebrow. "Seriously?"

The other clone, the sensible one, sighed. "No. We're just here to dispel once you get here and let the Boss know your waiting. By now." And with that the pair dissolved into a fine mist.

Konan turned to Anko, "We shall never speak of what we saw here."

Anko stared at the spot the clones had been standing in out of the corner of her eye. "Amen to that."


Orochimaru sighed as the two monsters disappeared, there goes that invasion plan. However he could still get his revenge on the San- HE stopped, and paused in his thoughts glancing around the Kage box, Sarutobi being nowhere in sight. He left eye twitched, once, then twice. "Fuck."


Sarutobi had left the Kage box as soon as the Ice lances had formed, running as fast as his aged bones would take him towards the battle site. HE arrived in time to see and hear Naruto's little speech to the fallen Gaara, before the blond boy leaned down and picked the red head up, steadying him as Gaara fought off a wave of nausea. No doubt induced by a combination of to much demon chakra, and a fist to the face. Hiruzen took the opportunity to step out of the shadows then, in front of the pair. "Hello Naruto-Kun." He had to give the boy credit, if he was surprised to see him he hid it well.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. " Hello Jiji. Can I help you?" Internally he was swearing up a storm, wondering if the old man had come to interfere with him. He couldn't take a battle with the Sandaime right now, he was to lacking in chakra from his fight with Gaara, and most importantly, while even if he was at the top of his game he still lacked vital combat experience.

The Sandaime let out a held in breath. "No... I just... I just wished to see if you were all right. And what exactly you were up to..."

Naruto looked at Sarutobi, then at Gaara, then back at the Hokage. "Leaving. With Gaara. What you see here is what you get..."

The Hokage sighed, "I doubt your going back to Kiri are you?"

"Reasonable assumption says I'm not." Naruto snapped back, as if he wasn't staring one of the 5 most dangerous shinobi to live in the face.

"I just... want to give you one last offer of asylum here in Konoha." Hiruzen said, the first trace of weakness entering his voice.

Naruto's face softened a bit, "Thanks... But no thanks. I have my own goals, my own dreams to pursue. And they do not lie here." He put his free hand up in a calming gesture, "Not to say I hate this place. I used to ya know, when I was young. But I realized a few years ago... Hate is such an empty emotion, few things or worthy of doing that to yourself. And despite the way this place treated me... Well I can understand."

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow at that. "Really?"

HE got a smirk from the blond, "Not saying I forgive their attitude or anything though. OR that I'm coming back non a white horse to save these fools anytime soon. No, while I won't shed a tear if this place burns, I ain't gonna be the one that throws the match."

The Hokage's shoulders slumped slightly. "I suppose that's better then I could have hoped for, all things considered."

Naruto nodded sagely, "Aye that it it. Now then I must take my leave, if you don't mind." He started walking again, then paused. "How odd, I could have sworn there was going to be an invasion around now. Wonder if the ol' Snake head forgot or something? At any rate, I wish you luck Jiji, and along healthy life... Who knows what the future may hold." Naruto laughed, and a small hint of a smile crept onto the old Monkey's face.

"You to Naruto... You to." And with that they both turned to go their separate ways, well until Naruto whipped around.

"Err, there is ONE thing you can do for me. Can ya take Mitarashi Anko off the active shinobi list? I don't really need her marked as a nuke-nin as well."

Sandaime opened his mouth in an unspoken question, then sighed and shook it from his head. "All right Naruto, for you and for her. You both deserve better then this place gave you."

A silent nod was all the response given as the two jinchuuriki stalked off into the dense woods.


Several days later, in the woods of Fire country...

Naruto, Gaara, Konan and Anko were all walking together in what to most sane people would be an eerie silence. Well, Konan and Gaara were walking in silence, Naruto and Anko were talking animatedly on the benefits of serpentine summons as opposed to something more conventional, like a toad or a monkey

All four stopped suddenly. Moments later a soft chuckling was heard and Ao, a jounin of Kiri, stepped into the path.

Naruto sneered at him, his Hydra persona taking full effect. "So the Mizukage deigns to send his pet sensor after me? I'm honored."

Ao leveled a neutral glare at the blond. "Hydra, you have been found guilty of treason against Kirigakure, and are asked to surrender yourself to me. If you come quietly you will be given a fair trial. If you resist, well lethal force is authorized for use."

Hydra snarled, hefting the Kubikiri Houcho from his back, "I've seen a 'fair trial' in Kiri before, I'll take my chances with resisting." And with that he launched himself forward, swinging his massive sword in a wide arc.

Ao smirked and jumped backwards, throwing a handful of kunai out as he leaped back. Hydra growled twisting his sword and deflecting a few of the projectiles, leaving 3 to embed themselves in his shoulder. "Talk is cheap little Hydra... Show me what you can do!" Ao stopped his backwards retreat, drawing a tanto from behind his back and charging Hydra.

The blond container grunted as he brought Kubikiri in closer blocking the furious tanto strikes. Using his over sized blade as a makeshift shield. With a shove and a grunt he pushed the older shinobi back a few feet and did a flurry of one-handed handseals. Beside him 2 Hydro Bunshins popped into life, both wielding copies of Kubikiri. with a manic grin the three surged forward, this time putting Ao on the defensive.

Ao's lips tightened as he withdrew a second tanto and stepped into a more defensive stance. Using speed and experience against the power and admitted clumsiness of the large Kubikiri. After a few minutes of this he growled in frustration. "Enough of these games!" He flung a tanto to either side, stabbing both clones through the head dispelling them, before landing a particularly devastating palm strike, similar to the ones used by Hyuuga, right over Hydra's heart. The blond staggered back, caught by surprise. Those kind of hits, ones generally directly against organs and the chakra system took a bit longer to heal.

Ao smirked, and was about to go in for the kill when he felt a cold blade pressed against the back of his neck. This was followed by the feeling of sand covering his legs, then paper covering his mouth and nose cutting off his air supply. He turned his head slightly and found himself looking into the cold unwavering gaze of Konan, and not far behind her, Gaara. He cursed himself for his own stupidity, forgetting about Hydra's companions that easily.

Naruto, after gasping for air himself, straighted and walked over to the incapacitated jounin. "Forget I had friends? Moron." Naruto sighed and furrowed his brow in thought. "We'll let you go..." His companions stared at him, shocked. "Take a message to your superiors. Leave me alone, and I will leave you alone. I have no issue with Kiri." 'For now.'

Ao sighed and nodded slightly. and the paper eased off his mouth. Trying not to look to desperate he greedily, and stealthily, sucked in a breath of air. "Is that all?"

Naruto shrugged, "Yeah, oh do tell them that if the Mizukage ever becomes a smoking hot woman with a bloodline and a thing for blonde's, tell them I might be willing to comeback." He snickered to himself at that. Not realizing that would come back to bite him in the ass years down the road.

Ao rolled his eyes at the absurdity of that. He to would have the irony gods coming back to haunt him down the road. Before he disappeared in a swirl of mist, leaving the four companions there alone.

Anko pouted, "Why'd you get to have all the fun?"

Hydra shrugged sheepishly, "Err, how about I promise you the next random enemy we face you get to beat the crap out of?"

She grinned happily. "Deal! Now, what were we heading to again?"

Naruto sighed in exasperation. "I told you were going to go and try to gain a new recruit."



Miles away in Konoha...

"Jiraiya, I want you to go retrieve someone for me. My new successor." Sarutobi said, to the only student of his that still hung around.

Jiraiya quirked an eyebrow. "Who"


Naruto/Sarutobi, smiled and said, "Tsunade-Hime."






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