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Chapter 7

Naruto sighed as he stretched in the hotel bed. A small smile forming as he hugged the form of the blue haired woman next to him closer. This of course was followed by his body tensing up as another arm draped across his chest from the other side. Turning his head he followed the arm to the purple haired woman it belonged to, also curled into his side. Brief thoughts of panic entered his mind... The hormones kicked in and he realized he didn't care. Without another thought he closed his eyes again and went back to sleep, pulling both women closer to him.

Several hours later found the trio meeting Gaara in the tea house across the street. Naruto smiled as he came up to Gaara, "Hey man, how did you make out last night?"

Gaara, who was still not over the whole sleep deprivation thing had stayed in a separate hotel room watching movies during the night. Specifically the entire Princess Gale collection, apparently the red head was a huge fan, who knew? Well, attempted to watch them anyways. The red head fixed the trio with a cold stare. "You are all very loud." All three of his traveling companions blushed heavily and looked anywhere but him. "I had to use my sand to soundproof your room as you were upsetting the other guests." Hmm, it was possible for a human face to get redder, and though Naruto would probably never know it he was channeling his mother more then ever at that moment. "Unfortunately for me as I am connected to my sand I still heard everything." He cocked his head at Anko, "I did not know human vocal cords could reach that pitch." He turned to Konan, "And you apparently, are far more flexible then should be possible for the human body."

Konan buried her face in her hands while Anko examined her hands, and sandals. Naruto scratched the back of his head, red as tomato. "Heh.. yeah... Sorry about... that..."

Gaara gave a shrug of indifference, "It is of no bother now. However, I believe social convention requires me to give you a 'High Five' and tell you that 'You are The Man.'"

Naruto palmed his face, "Oh sweet Kami..."


"Itachi, why are we headed to Konoha anyways."

The Itachi in question, Uchiha Itachi resisted strangling his partner for the 10th time that morning. "Because our target was last spotted at the Chunnin Exams, and they were recently held in Konoha. It's our best bet at locating him."

The duo were currently sitting in a nice tea shop, in a small town a few days between Konoha and Tanzaku Gai. It wasn't to bad of a town, but Itachi was in an extraordinarily cranky mood this particular day, some jackass in the room above his and been loud in their 'couplings' the previous night, and an Uchiha without their beauty sleep is a cranky Uchiha, as opposed to their normal perpetual state of whine. Normally, a smart person would simply leave said cranky Uchiha alone, especially if their most notable act was killing everything they ever loved. It can never be said Kisame was a smart person. Truly, him and Naruto would have been great friends in another life.

"What's he look like anyways?"

Itachi's left eye, twitched almost imperceptibly. "Bright blond hair, tends to wear navy cloaks and clothing. Sometimes wears the old style of Ame respirators. Last known traveling companion is Konan, rumored to be in the company of more now."

"Bright blond hair."

"Yes." Twitch.

Navy cloak?"

"Yes." Twitch.

"And Navy clothing?"

"Yes." Twitch twitch.

"...With Konan?"

"Yes." Twitch.

"And she has blue hair and golden eyes right?"

"Yes! Fuck you worked with her for years and your telling me you fucking forgot what she fucking looks like? Are you goddamn retarded? Is THAT what that stupid fucking sword is compensating for, not your sardine sized penis but your guppy brain?" It should be noted that normally Itachi is a nice calm person, but as stated earlier, today was just not his day.

"Whoa now," Kisame put his hands up in a calming gesture. "Calm down man."

"Calm? CALM? YOU WANT FUCKING CALM? I'LL GIVE YOU FUCKING CALM!" Itachi quickly progressed through irritation straight to murderous rage, something that all Uchiha are well versed in.

"!" Kisame bit out before his partner lit him on fire. With Amaterasu.

Itachi paused, "Wait, What did you say?"

Kisame let out a breath he'd been holding. "I said, there's someone matching that description right over there." HE said, pointing behind the Uchiha.

Itachi whirled around, catching sight of the table Naruto and his group were sitting at. Of course after that outburst they were all staring at him. "SonuvaBITCH."


Naruto, Anko, Konan and Gaara all glanced at each other, then at the fuming Akatsuki ninja standing not 50 feet away.

"Check please!"


As the group slapped down some money and dashed out of the shop Itachi swore. "You are not getting away!" And with that exclamation he jumped through the large store front window. Hey, no one can claim he was thinking straight.

"Shikagami Dance."

The Uchiha swore as he kawamiri'd with a nearby garbage can, watching it get impaled on a giant paper spear, which then exploded. "Hey!" He growled out. Didn't these people have any respect for the aesthetic of battle? They were supposed to have a confrontation out in the middle of the street, he would give them a nice chance to come quietly, then the battle would begin.

"Sabaku Kyu."

Itachi felt sand engulf him. "Oh you mother fu-"

"Sabaku Soso."

A large explosion erupted, as the sand imploded resulting in a spray of small chunks of molten glass, which really, was quite inconveniencing to those watching the fight, namely Kisame, Naruto and Anko, who had, in an unspoken agreement decided to see how this fight turned out, after all quality entertainment like this only comes around so much.

Itachi had, of course, swapped with an Exploding Clone a moment before the sand closed in on him. He straightened up, giving both his opponents a classic Uchiha GlareĀ© before settling his eyes on the little red headed terror. "All right..." He began, smoothing out his Akatsuki cloak. "No more Mr Nice Uchiha! Tsukuyomi!" He yelled as his eyes morphed into their Mangekyo form.

There was a tense moment of silence, as... Absolutely nothing happened. Gaara tilted his head to side. "I'm sorry, was that supposed to do something?"

Itachi gaped, his prized technique, his favorite genjutsu that he had carefully sculpted into perfection did absolutely nothing. "What the hell? It's an eye based genjutsu, how the fuck did you avoid it?"

Gaara nodded to himself. "Ah... I have a layer of sand covering my whole body, including my eyes, any sort of direct eye contact genjutsu like that is filtered out by the demonic chakra before it even reaches my eyes."

"Well fu-"

"Shikagami Dance."

"-UCK." Itachi screamed as he dodged a small storm of paper shurikens... Which all promptly exploded as they got close to him. This time he did not perfectly escape, he was thrown form the blast, looking worse for wear, parts of his cloak were burned, and his eyebrows... Well, they were singed off, along with a fair length of his hair. "My Hair! My EYEBROWS! You Bitch!"

Gaara shrugged, "I don't see what's so bad about the look."

Itachi snapped, "AMATERASU!"

Konan's eyes widened as black flames surged towards her. Horrible black fire, and being made of paper... Yeah, that didn't mix so well. A split second before paper met fire, Naruto kawamiri'd with her and grinned. "Suijin."

Burning black flames, met frigid black waters. The flames of Amaterasu sputtered and died against the waters of the Mizugami. Itachi couldn't believe it, both of his Mangekyo attacks defeated so soundly. He was so stunned he noticed far to late the black water surged towards him, gathering into a serpentine head. He dodged, but not enough that it didn't soak his arm. He screamed in pain and glanced down, his arm was covered in blisters and oh did it burn! "What..."

Naruto smirked at the Uchiha. "The waters of Suijin, are close to Absolute Zero in terms of temperature. They are the yang, to the Yin of my Burning Ice of Shiva. Just a touch, and your arm there is suffering from, oh, I'd say 3rd degree frostbite. Hurts doesn't it?" The water coiled around it's master, the snake like head seeming following Itachi's every move. "Be careful you might just lose it if it isn't treated soon."

Itachi swore, grinding his teeth in pain. He had made a mistake, he had lost has cool and look where it had gotten him. Not to mention the little blond bastard was right. "Kisame... Let's go."

The shark man sighed and gave a shrug, "Whatever you say." With that, the pair both shunshined away.

Naruto let out a sigh of relief as the water around him dissipated into the air. Suijin took a lot of chakra, even on his own warped scale. Hell it would probably kill a normal shinobi. He slumped backwards, falling into Konan. He gave his love a lop sided grin. "Well... It's been an exciting morning now hasn't it?"






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