An Apple a Day

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Chapter 1

Troy's titillating warm tongue traveled the journey from the lobe of her ear to the indent of her collar bone. His strong perfect hands dug into the soft pale skin of her abdomen as he rocked his pelvis into the apex of her legs. She threw her head back as she gasped for air and lifted her long slender leg to wrap around his waist squeezing his erection tighter to her. His skillful hands moved further under her pale blue silk blouse and caressed the newly plumped mound of her breast.

"Fuck…is it okay to be…uh doing…uh this so soon" she moaned as her slender finger tips pulled at his drawstring allowing his pants to pool at the floor.

He drug his teeth along the smooth skin of her neck lightly nipping his way up to her jaw, "its fine baby" he groaned.

She traced the crease of her top lip with the slant of her tongue as she slipped her hand beneath the soft cotton of his boxer briefs and began to fondle is thickness, "you know best. After all you…"

Troy rolled his eyes and brought one hand to cover her mouth, "yeah…stop…stop talking."

The intensity of his blue stare expressed his annoyance and she did as she was told.

Troy grunted in satisfaction, "good girl" he said with a smirk and crashed his silky lips against hers. He twisted their bodies and positioned her on the edge of his desk. His hands expertly trailed up her inner thigh and gripped her satin thong. He let out a pleasing moan as he thrust his tongue into her mouth devouring every inch of her warm orphus. He pulled the constricting material down around her ankles allowing his intentions to progress.

Her needy hands shoved his boxers down to his knees freeing his pulsating shaft.

"Jesus" she moaned at the sight.

Troy gave her a wicked smirk, "it's about to get so good" he stated, his cocky demeanor expelling.

She smiled and went to speak.

Troy shook his head and brought his finger to cover her swollen lips, "shh, you'll just ruin it"

He pulled a condom from its designated drawer and ripped the foil sliding the latex onto his aching sex. He gave her a self assured smile as he spread her legs and without warning plunged solid and fast into her. He closed his eyes tight as he pounded harder and harder into her. Sweat collected on his brow and his ass cheeks clenched rigidly. He opened his eyes and looked down at her chest. He brought his hand to thread the few button still in place along her blouse and growled in satisfaction as he gawked at some of his latest and finest vocation, "Damn….those are…some" he threw his head back as he felt his orgasm building, "fuck….I did an excellent job"

She thrust her hips up into him as an appreciative smile from his obvious approval curled her lips, "that means a lot Dr…"

Troy shook his head, "shhh, no talking…"

He pulled her hips into his every thrust and came shortly after. His head fell forward as he moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue. He looked into her deep green eyes as he pulled from inside her, "Alright" he said as he disposed of the condom and pulled up the clothes he was lacking in.

Her legs were still spread and her panting still not under control as she stared at him.

There was a knock at the door and without waiting for a response, in walked his partner, "Troy man…your attorn..." his eyes were now fixated on the half naked women on Troy's desk, "dude, seriously… come on" he said with disapproval as he shook his head diverting his gaze onto him.

Troy rolled eyes and looked down at his recent creation and conquest, "Thanks Cindy. Everything looks great. You're healing well. I think your family doctor can take it from here. If there are any problems with the breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or the collagen in your lips feel free to call and set up an appointment"

She didn't dare turn around filling rather mortified. She lifted herself off the desk and pulled up her panties and began buttoning her shirt, "um, thanks Dr. Bolton"

He smiled at her, "it was my pleasure Miss. Thomas"

She nodded sheepishly and then walked towards the door pushing past the man who blocked half the entryway and ventured out into the hall way.

"Don't say it dude" Troy groaned as he sat down in his large leather chair.

Chad shook his head as he shut the door and walked towards Troy's desk, "This is the shit that has gotten you in the situation you are in Troy. Do you understand how much trouble this practice could be in because you screw as if it were a hobby?"

Troy leaned back in the chair, "who I fuck is none of yours or anyone's business" he said nonchalantly.

Chad groaned, "When you begin to select you "lady of the day" from our patient pool and then they decided to sue you for misconduct and shit it becomes my business. Troy, Rebecca Taylor is suing you for what I can only assume to be a fuck load of money. Do you not get that?"

Troy groaned, "Yeah, I get it. I just figured it would go away like the other two. I mean it's not my fault she got the wrong idea. It will be fine, so chill"

Chad ran his hand down the length of his face, "For being so fucking smart you seriously have no fucking sense."

"So what can I do for you Chad?" Troy asked as he leaned forward against the brim of his desk with his hands laced together. Changing the subject was pertinent right now. Lectures from his best friend were not something he liked to partake in at any time, much less at the moment.

Chad sighed loudly, "You're late for your meeting with your new attorney. You know, the one who is supposed to get you out of all the shit you seem to find yourself in. She requested that you be on time…which you aren't"

Troy sighed, "She'll get over it." He said in his usually cocky manner as he stood up from his chair and began to gather his belongings.

Chad shook his head knowing that this knew attorney was one to reckon with. Just what Troy needed to get his shit into gear, "maybe" he replied with a knowing smirk.

Troy scoffed, "you worry too much dude. It will be fine. I mean, what's she going to do? Punish me. Put me in corner. Spank me" he said with a smirk, "Please."

Chad laughed, "Alright. See you later man"

Troy nodded and headed out the door. Little did he know that his little fuck sessions were soon going to be halted in more ways than one.

Gabriella looked at the clock located at the center of her vision. He was late. Thirty seven minutes late to be exact. She didn't know why she was surprised. Someone who was being sued for fucking his patients with inappropriate promises and actions, to put it in laymen's terms, for the third time obviously had no regard for others. Well, she was going to change that. If he wanted to get his ass out of this unscathed then he would need to get his act in check and his dick under wraps. She had yet to meet Troy Bolton, but he was no different on paper from any of her other "morally questionable" clients and as far as she was concerned dealing with him would be no different.

She stood from her chair and walked out of her office down the long hall to reception, "Any word?" she asked Tara her secretary.

Tara shook her head, "nope, sorry Miss. Montez"

Gabriella sighed and looked down at her watch, "Be sure to send him in as soon as he gets here. This "being on time" issue will be need to be addressed. I don't hold my day up for anyone."

Tara nodded, "yes ma'am"

Gabriella gave her a small smile and then made her way to her office to wait. She hated waiting.

Troy entered the large glass office building fifty six minutes late. He noted the name plate for a Gabriella Montez and pushed opened the door. He swaggered over to the semi circle receptionist desk with his heart stopping smile and piercing blue eyes fixated on the blonde hair blue eyed woman behind the counter. He rested his forearms onto the cold surface, "Troy Bolton to see Miss. Montez"

Tara smiled at him, "she's expecting you"

Troy smirked, "I would assume so"

Tara's grinned widen, "she's not pleased, you should know"

Troy leaned further over the desk, "I'm not worried sweetheart" he studied her for a moment noting her delicate features. She was pretty, but had potential to be better. His grin widen, "which way?"

"Through that hall" she pointed behind her, "second office on the right.

Troy walked around the desk and brought his lips inches from her ear, "thanks" he said softly as he dropped his card onto her desk

Troy adjusted his scrub top as he moved further down the hall. He stopped just short of the office he was looking for when a nerve quivering sound rung in his ears. The voice made the hair on his neck stand erect. The smoothness in its sound and the exotic twinge of an accent made his mouth water. He took a few steps forward and stood in the opened door frame and stared at the source of the alluring voice. A pleased smile twisted his lips as he leaned against the frame and watched her. Her chair was parallel with her long mahogany desk and twirled side to side as she stared at the wall in front of her. She wrapped a thin strand of her midnight curls around the tip of her finely manicured pointer finger as she listened intently now to the other person on the line. Her tongue darted in and out of her mouth as her concentration seemed to build.

Troy's eyes moved down to the sudden movement below her waist. She had slowly crossed her left leg over her right inching the material of her brown pencil skirt further up her thigh. The tip of her nude thigh high stocking came into site revealing the light mocha of her skin. There was nothing about her body that needed changing. It was undeniably sexy and gained attention regularly.

He brought his expert sapphire eyes to her defined cheekbones and perfectly smooth skin. Her lips were an erotic crimson with equal plumpness. He imagined they tasted just as wonderful as they looked and probably felt just as fantastic. Her face was absolutely stunning.

He dropped his gaze to the curve of her chest. Her breast clung nicely to the tangerine silk of her blouse causing his manhood to desire for the feel of them.

Fuck, this was his attorney. This was going to enjoyable. He cleared his throat deciding it was time to announce his presence.

Gabriella's eyes trailed to the throatal sound. Her lips parted and her eyes smoldered. She immediately became deaf to the voice in her ear as she took in the presence and appearance of who she assumed to be her new client. She hadn't been prepared for his mind stopping good looks. Her eyes traveled down his pristine build and back to his electric blue eyes. The sources, if she had to guess to the utter weakness woman seemed to fall under. Her memory quickly recalled the reason for his visit and the mere beauty he exuberated was squashed.

"Christopher, I'm going to have to call you back. The client that has so rudely left me waiting had decided to grace me with his presence. Since obviously he seems to believe his time is much more important than mine I better get off the line so that he has my entire attention. Okay, yes. I'll talk to you soon." She stated with a snide smirk and a sneer in her voice and then hung up the phone.

She narrowed her eyes while letting a smirk curve her lips as she turned her chair to face him, "you must be Dr. Troy Bolton"

Troy smiled his winning smile, "that I am" he responded as he entered the office fully.

Gabriella's eyes followed him, "are you always this disobedient and inconsiderate of others Dr. Bolton?" she didn't give him a chance to respond. She let out a low laugh, "what am I saying? That's what got you here. Screwing your patients without any regard for them or their feelings, naturally your well being…your time would be much more important than mine…correct?"

Troy stared at her with extreme interest. She was so vocal. So articulate and full of fiery words. Her quick tongue intrigued him.

"Sorry I'm late" he responded, his cocky grin still plastered to his chiseled jaw.

Gabriella's grin widened, "are you really Dr. Bolton?" She shook her head, "because I don't think you are."

Troy smirked, "no. I'm not"

Gabriella leaned forward, "honesty. That's a great place to start. Something I'm sure you don't use often, eh?"

Troy's eyes narrowed, "you sure seem to think you know me Miss. Montez"

Gabriella leaned back in her chair, "I know your type Dr. Bolton. You're not an original mold. You are a cocky wealthy male who lets his good looks and money lead him into the pants of the female persuasion. You think you are superior to the men and woman around you, therefore believing that no one can harm or touch you"

Troy rolled his eyes, "you think?"

Gabriella shrugged, "I'd love to see you prove me wrong"

Troy chuckled.

"Which is exactly what you are going to do Dr. Bolton. You are going to prove it all wrong"

Troy looked at her in confusion, "I don't understand"

"No more fucking in your office. No more man whoring yourself around. You will begin to have respect for the people around you. Your bar strolling and liquored up days will be far and few between. I'm going to pull out that nice little boy that your mother still believes exist."

Troy stared at her dumbfounded.

Gabriella laughed, "You don't have a choice Dr. Bolton. Mrs. Taylor is out to hang you and she has the rope to do it. Your dick is going to have to stay in your pants and you are going to have to start acting like you give a shit about some besides yourself"

A woman had never talked to him this way. A woman had never made demands of him, much less virtually impossible ones like his raving beauty of an attorney just had. Strangely her forceful attitude turned him on immensely. He ran his tongue along his bottom lip as he leaned forward, "Call me Troy" he said in a husky voice.

Gabriella felt a chill run up her spine at the tone in his voice. He had charm, she'd give him that, but he was going to have to tone it down if he wanted this mess he created to disappear.

"Okay, Troy. Do we have an understanding?" she said standing from her chair.

Troy's cocky grin spread as he stood, "I think we do"

"I need you know Troy, not think. This is not some silly request as I'm sure you are seeing it now. This is something you have to do. If not, you going to get royally fucked and there won't be a damn thing you can do about it."

He moved to stand behind her desk, "that doesn't sound so bad" he said when they stood inches apart.

Gabriella took a deep breath as his intoxicating scent filled the space around her. Her eyes tightened as her lips twitched into a smirk, "trust me Troy. You won't like this fucking."

Troy wet his bottom lip as his blue eyes bore into her brown ones, "hmmm, so…I guess it's your job to make sure I stay in line and when I'm not it will be your job to get me back into check?"

Gabriella studied his features for a moment, "I guess you could say that"

Troy smiled with satisfaction and leaned forward so that his warm breath touched her neck, " I'm looking forward to it" he whispered and then pulled away slowly.

Gabriella watched him with a stern gaze, "I'll be in touch Troy. You turn over that leaf the moment you walk out of this office"

Troy grinned, "Or what? You're going to punish me?" he taunted.

Gabriella walked from behind her desk to stand in front of him, "you might see it that way" she said sternly.

Troy laughed, "Oh, I do. I'm just not too sure I see it as a punishment"