Slowly, I opened my eyes. I let my gaze wander across the room, taking in everyones stunned faces, not sure what to do next.


Everything was so... clear.

Even though the room was silent, I could hear the noises coming from outside. I could hear the animals in the forest that surrounded us, all the deer, rabbits, even the bugs.

I could feel the air, lightly hugging my limbs.

And I could see.

It was amazing.

As a human, my eyesight had been very good, I had never needed glasses or anything like that.

But that was nothing compared to this.

It was indescribable. Almost like I had lived my life under water and only been able to pick up shapes, and now, all of a sudden, the water was gone and I was left to see the world for the first time.

I glanced at Alice. She looked nothing like she used to. Her face was much clearer, even more perfect then before. When I had been human, I would have said that her main feature would have been her high cheekbones, or maby her pale skin but now... It was her eyes. Golden and clear, like liquid topaz.

I let my gaze wander to Carlisle. His expression was firm, tense, almost worried. He also looked different from what I remembered, his face was more angular, his skin more luminous. I met his eye and he smiled warmly at me.

Finally, I looked straight at Edward, and as I did, I couldn't stop the shocked gasp that escaped my lips.

I was lost for words.

His skin was its usual pale shade, but it was much more radiant. His bronze hair looked softer and had much more sheen to it. His lips looked fuller and his cheekbones were much more defined. But he was still reconcilable, still my Edward.

The first one to do something was, unsurprisingly, Alice.

"You look even better now then in my vision!" she squealed and was by my side in an instant, throwing her arms around me, but unlike before, my eyes could pick up every movement she made.

Better then in her vision? A weak smile spread across my lips, finally, I would be an equal to Edward.

"Stay, there, I'll go and get a mirror".

"Alice, that..." I silenced when I heard my new voice. So... different. Musical. Beautiful.

"Don't worry about it Bella, I'll be right back", and with that, she left the room.

"Ignore her", a soft, loving voice whispered from behind.

Before I realized what I was doing, I flung myself into his Edwards arms.

"Thank you" I said in a low voice, almost to low for him to hear. He smiled at me, a warm, tender smile, that would have sent my heart fluttering like crazy if it still had been beating.

"I love you" he breathed in my ear.

Our small, but rather sweet display of affection was cut short as Alice came into view, with a large, oak framed mirror in her hands.

"Alice now isn't a good-"

"Get over it, she'll have to see herself sooner or later, and I vote for the first option" Alice interrupted Carlisle, who had spoken for the first time since I had woken up.

"Here, take a look"

I glanced at the mirror and was momentarily stunned.


Slowly, I moved closer to the mirror, watching as my reflection did the same. The dark haired beauty looked nothing like me. Her skin was much more pale, and had a slight glow. Her hair was shinier and had more texture to it and her large eyes were...bright red.


"My.. my eyes..." I didn't know I had spoken the words out laud until I heard Carlisle's reassuring voice.

"Don't worry, Bella, it's just temporary. Your eyes will dull and then gradually turn golden, as long as you stay away from human blood, that is."

"Oh, okej". I was slightly disturbed, but really, It didn't matter that much. Not now I was reunited with Edward. For the rest of eternity. I wasn't sure what I was going to tell Charlie, or my mum, but that was a problem for the future. Right now, I had to meet up with the rest of my new family.

And the story ends here... I know nothing happens in this chapter, but it needed some sort of ending :P

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