M life is anything but normal. Even for a vampire. I am Kayla Volturri. I was born half human half vampire, or a hybrid. My father is the leader of the Volturri, Aro. My mother was a human named Kate. Aro was out doing business for the volturri when he smelled my mother. She was the most intoxicating thing he has ever smelled. Of course the guard did not approve but they soon fell in love and had me. I can remember quite a bit from being a baby. I could hear my parents and sense their feeling on the womb. Unfortunately before I was born I beat up my mom pretty bad. I can remember stretching and then a loud SNAP. I soon realized not to do that again. The only memory I have of my mother is seeing her for the first time. She had light brown curly had deep blue eyes and I. She was only able to hold me for a few moments before she was gone.

As a child I was trained a weapon. My father was too scared of loosing me to care if I was happy. Everyday I would be up by sunrise. I would be so worn out I would hunt every other day. After a hunt we would head to the arena to start training. I was an experiment to see how much power I would hold. Every power he could think of, my father would show me and I would eventually pick it up and master it. At times it was fun to learn a new power but after being drilled on it you get to be sick of it.

I am 16 now and my 17th birthday is arriving soon. That means I will become full vampire.

My room is was huge. There was a large balcony with two doors that swung open. My bed had a canopy with layers of material hanging over the edges. My closet was big but normal. The walls were a light blue and were covered with art. I love sitting in my room listening to my Ipod. Aro has a very important meeting today so I get to do whatever I want. I heard footsteps outside my door before a knock. I immediately knew who it was.

"Come in Demetri." I said with a little venom in my voice.

Demetri had been trying to go out with me since I was 15. He's nice but I want a genuine gentlemen. It comes in handy when you're a vampire and have lived when guys were gentlemen. That's exactly what I want. Sweet, kind, funny, and of course handsome but that's less important. A little music ability would be a bonus too.

"Hey, what you up to?"

"What does it look like I'm up to?" this time with the venom evident.

"Jeez what's up with the attitude?"

"I really don't feel like talking to you."

"Oh come on, what did I do this time?" he raised his eyebrow and I couldn't help but giggle "A HA! There's the Kayla I know!"

"Demetri will you leave me alone…please?" I said trying to use that powty face. I suck at it but Demetri always falls for it.

"Fine I'll leave," he said as he walked out me door. Finally some peace and quiet…


…Or maybe not. There's only one person who that could be. I opened the door to find my servant.

"You are to meet Aro in the grand hall. We have a special guest." He said before walking away.

Huh? A special guest? That's weird normally guests just come and go. I put on some jeans and flats with a black fitted t-shirt. Then brushed my hair and put on my cloak. The black cape went to the floor and has a huge hood. I didn't know who the guest was so I put my hood up to hide my face. I couldn't help but wonder who this "special guest" was. I finally made it to the great hall to see my father grinning ear to ear. Okay now I'm scared.

"Hello Darling" he said

"Hello Father, you called for me?"

"Yes, we have a guest and I'm sure you would like to see him." He said before scooting to his right revealing our guest. Standing there was none other than Carlisle Cullen.

He was rock star beautiful. Tall white blonde haired gelled back out of his face. He has on a dress shirt. Carlisle was my caretaker, as a baby because he's been a doctor for over 200 years and my father trusted noone else. This was amazing! I ran to him and he caught he and spun me in circles, my hood falling off in the process.

"Carlisle, how I've missed you! He put me down.

"It's been too long, look at you. Your more beautiful that I imagined."

"Thank you, what on earth are you doing back in Volterra?"

"Well," Aro chimed in "I invited him to see how your powers turned out. Speaking of which how are your gifted children doing?"

"There just fine, everyone's happy and Edward…well he hasn't changed," he sounded very disappointed.

Aro turned to me and said, "Well, shall we show him?"


We headed out to he arena and there was Jane along with some others from the guard.

"Jane" I spat

"Kayla" she said with just as much venom. Aro eyed me and motioned for me to stand din the center of the arena.

"Let the show BEGIN!"

Aro shouted with his arms in the air. I immediately felt Jane's power attack my mind. It stung for a few seconds before I put my shield. I hadn't realized until now that the vampires were surrounding me in a circle. They came at me two at a time launching themselves at me. I used my easiest powers first fire from one hand and ice from the other. The last two vampires were two of the best in the whole guard. I've never faced them before but I'm sure it was part of Aro's plan. They both wore black capes with their hoods up so I wouldn't see their faces. Jane knew that was a petpeave of mine. I enjoy looking into the eye of my opponent. One was taller than the other and he came at me first. Using his speed circled me to try and make me dizzy. Yeah like that would work. He suddenly stopped and lifted me in the air using his mind and flung me against the wall almost braking through. I was covered in dust and wasn't happy. I use my powers to fly at him and he went into the other wall. I was getting pretty pissed off now. I could feel my eyes turn completely black as I tried to use my greatest power. I closed my eyes and put my hand out in front of me. I concentrated, and after a few seconds a white ball of energy formed in my hands. I opened my eyes and saw Carlisle's eyes wide and his mouth open. I smirked; I love when my powers blow people away. I pushed the ball towards the other vampire. He was just getting up and eyes wide saw the ball right before it hit him and he flew back and went through the wall this time. I turned to the other vampire but she was gone.

"WELL DONE! WELL DONE! That was the best yet!" Aro applauded

"Where's the other?" I asked waling over to them.

" Oh I excused her. What do you think Carlisle?" he asked as he turned to face Carlisle.

"Well… I've never seen anything like it that's for sure. How mush do you work on these Kayla?"

"ummm about from sunrise to about three. Depends on the day I guess."

"WHAT! That's a bit to the extreme don't you think?"

"It's not up to me, it's up to Aro."

Carlisle turned and gave Aro a disapproving look.

"that is too much on a half human body. She could have had some serious problems. You lucky she's still alive!"

Aro's expression was something between shocked and angry.

"You can't tell me how to raise my daughter!"

Carlisle's face relaxed but said, "She should not be trained like a soldier, if anything she should be learning how to lead not fight."

I was so afraid Aro would flip or attack or something so I asked to excuse myself. "Aro may I be excused? How long are you planning on staying Carlisle?"

" I am only staying until tonight but may I speak to you…. alone?' he said facing my father but I knew he was speaking to me.

"Of course. Father" I bowed before leading Carlisle to my room. Walking through the halls of the giant castle, I glanced at Carlisle and he looked like he was thinking hard about who knows what. I could have read his mind but thought better of it. Aro always said it was my advantage but I didn't like sticking myself into people's personal thoughts. It was almost as if he were arguing with himself about something. We finally made it to my room. I sat on my bed and Carlisle sat next to me. Then he chuckled and said, " You look so much like your mother. I remember watching you as a child. You would crawl out of bed fifty times before you would finally go to sleep, I used to playa CD of Edward's piano to calm you down."

I remembered the cd and grinned " and I still have said CD" I jumped up and ran to my chest at the end of my bed that I had gotten as a gift from Carlisle and Esme for my fourth birthday. I dug and dug until I found it. I pulled it out and ran to my desk and put it in my Cd player. I clicked play and sat down on the bed next to Carlisle. He grinned at me " You've kept it this long?"

"of course I did. I listen to it almost every night."

"Well I'll be sure to tell Edward. He probably wouldn't acknowledge it so maybe not."

"Why is Edward so…so…so depressing?"

He looked away and I knew he was trying to come up with the right words.

" He…is very lonely. Esme is constantly saying I changed his too young. It's hard to have everyone in your family have found their soul mates. He hasn't found that special one yet, and I'm sure it's even harder to school."

He looked down and chuckled a little before saying

" Alice always tells me stories of how all the girls are talking about him. They ask him out and he turns them down."

I was so shocked. For someone who is so depressed, you would think he might at least try.

"Well why doesn't he just try someone. You never know what could happen?"

He became somewhat serious and looked at me.

"Actually I'm not sure. What about you. I haven't been here for 16 years I'm a bit behind. We bother laughed.

" Well, I have had no luck here. I'm not exactly looking though I'm pretty content, I wouldn't say happy but content."

His face became pained as he lifted his hand to place it on my shoulder before bringing me in for a long almost fatherly hug.

"I may not be your father but you were always like a daughter to me."

I couldn't hold it in any longer I has to let it out.

"I truly hate it here." I could feel the tears coming before one spilled over. "It's not a home, it's more like a boot camp."

The tears poured down my face as Carlisle hugged and rocked me. For a minute I felt like I was a little kid again whenever I would get upset Carlisle was always there. He was always more of my father. Aro had the title but Carlisle held my heart. I always wished that Aro could be more like him. I even told him once and he threw a fit. I didn't talk to him for three days after that.

" It wouldn't be like this if mom were alive."

I slowly began to calm sown as Carlisle soothed me with "shushes" and "it's Okays"

"Kayla, do you truly and completely hate it here?"

I looked up to find his face pained again.


"I have an idea but I don't know if it will work."

"What is it Carlisle?" I could see the gears turning in his head.

"What is you came with me, to my home?"

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to get out of here! Carlisle lived in forks, Washington where it's always cloudy and perfect for vampires. It was my dream home

"Come to forks. You can live with me and my family"

"That would be wonderful but…hot…?"

"When did you hunt last?"

He gave me a sly grin and told me what to do.