Howdy folks. I know some of you are waiting for the next chapter of History of Magic, but I wanted to upload this other crossover. I will finish History of Magic.

Although this is also a Harry Potter Crossover, it has nothing to do with HoM. It takes place during the Goblet of Fire, and will focus mainly on Ryou, Bakura and Marik (as in Hikari Marik).

The first chapter is written in Ryou's point of view. Most of them will be. However, some chapters will be written with other PoVs, mainly Bakura's and Marik's.

Note: Ryou will refer to Bakura as "Koe", voice, for a while. I hope you won't be confused. And whenever Ryou, Bakura and Marik are talking with one another, they will be talking in Japanese.

Also, I do not intend to add any Yaoi in this fic. Just some kind of brotherly and friendly love. Nothing more, sorry.

Enjoy the first chapter, and please tell me what you think of it so far.

Chapter 1: Back to Wizarding Life.

If I told my friends in Domino where I was right now, they'd probably look at me like I'd grown a second head. And if you count the fact that they knew about the evil spirit trapped inside my ring, then that's actually saying something!

I haven't even told them I left the country. Maybe I should send an owl to Kaiba so he could bring them a letter I'd write. Yes. An owl. To Seto Kaiba, of all people. Why does this sound so weird to you?

I'll let you in on a few secrets. The first one is that I'm a wizard. Yes, a wizard. Now a seventh year wizard. You'll probably ask why I spent the last year in Domino High instead of a magic school. That's because in Karoku's School of Witchcraft, you have to spend your sixth year in a Muggle School to learn how to blend in with normal people.

Considering everything that happened last year, I'm pretty much certain I somehow failed to "blend in". Fate was against me, I swear!

I just so happened to be sent to the same school as Yugi Mutou, the kid who managed to solve the Millenium Puzzle. A muggle kid. Solving a magic item. With all the magical consequences that accompanied it. Not to mention my wonderful Koe who absolutely wanted that item.

The second secret is that Seto Kaiba, aka Mister I-don't-believe-in-magic-even-if-it-dances-naked-in-front-of-me, is also a wizard. And so is his little brother, Mokuba. If Kaiba used that much energy denying the very existence of magic everytime something funny happened, it's because of all the Muggles that were involved last year. Way too many Muggles in our opinion.

Things got worse for me this summer when I tried mixing two different potions. One commonly used to calm down schizophrenic wizards. One used to repel spirits. With a drop or two of my own blood... And I used it on myself, to see if it would at least suppress the spirit residing within me...

It was risky, and the potion tasted foul. Real foul. I felt like throwing it all out, but then I started feeling weak in the knees and collapsed onto the floor, spilling the rest of the cauldron on the floor. I didn't even have time to hope it wouldn't leak into my neighbours' appartment, for I suddenly felt a horrible pain in the chest. And the dizziness didn't help. It didn't help at all.

I don't know how long exactly I stayed on the floor, feeling as if someone was trying to rip out my whole chest to take out my heart and tear it in two. It felt ages to me. And when it finally calmed down, it still stung for a day or two. Plus I thought I had gone insane.

Because that one spirit I was trying to rid my body of, the one who had been trapped for two or three millenias in my Ring, was standing shakily in front of me. Well done Ryou... Your dangerous testing of potions had actually worked.

I got sacked from my school. Partly because what I did was really dangerous. Partly because I had given a solid form to an evil spirit and they didn't like dealing with evil spirits. And partly because of all the magical incidents that happened around Yugi and his friends, to which I was sadly involved, even though I had nothing to blame myself for.

Koe said that they were probably scared of me, of us. Because what I had done was powerful. I doubt it. I just mixed some regular potions together. I didn't actually create a new spell or something, nor did I perform anything really complicated.

I could have gone back to Domino High, but I didn't feel like it. Not that I don't like it there, mind you. But it was pretty annoying to have studied magic intensely for 6 years only to get sacked before my last year had even started. The most important year for a wizard, what with the NEWT and everything. Plus, I wasn't about to explain to Yugi and his friends what happened. They're all Muggles.

I really didn't know where to go... until that one incident.

You would never guess who unintentionally lend me a hand.

It had been a pretty dull day, and my fridge was emptying faster than usual, since Koe also had to eat now. So while he was out doing God knows what, I went to the groceries. When I came home, I was surprised to see the door open after turning the keys only once. That was odd. I always, always locked the door twice. And it couldn't have been the Spirit, I had caught a brief flash of where he was just a moment earlier. There was no way he could have travelled from the docks to here in barely a minute.

So I went in, with my hand grasping my wand, hidden inside my coat. Contrarly to popular belief, I am NOT a wimp. I'm just a little cautious, that's all. Would you blame me? I'm a wizard, I just got sacked, I got involved in a lot of bad things during the past year, and someone had just broken into my apartment. I had every right to be cautious.

So when I felt someone sneaking up behind me, I turned and stupefied him, no questions asked.

...How the Hell was I supposed to know it was Marik Ishtar?

The one I probably considered my closest friend in Domino had thought it would be funny to scare me out of my wits. He managed pretty well. Not because he had broken into my house. Not because he had silently crept up on me.

But because I had used magic against him, my best friend. And it is illegal to perform magic in front of a Muggle.

He just stared at me for a second or two, probably due to the stupefying spell I had used, then his eyes grew bigger... and so did his grin.

"Snap... I didn't know you were a wizard too!"

... I was very confused at that point. And I don't know what my face looked like, but Marik must have found it looked really funny because he burst out laughing, unable to control himself before his sides hurt and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

So Marik was also a wizard. A homeschooled wizard, because of his Tomb Keeper's duty, but a wizard none the less. A pureblood wizard, actually. Isis was one too. Nobody knows if Rishid was a pureblood, a regular or a Muggleborn, since he had been adopted, but he too had magic.

Marik thought it'd be a good idea if we studied our last year together. It'd be his first time studying in a school, so he said Isis would feel less troubled if they were together (or, as Isis liked to put it, if someone could keep an eye on him). I didn't mind the idea. I didn't feel like starting alone in a foreign school anyway. Surprisingly, my Koe wanted to join us. Said something about making sure I didn't go and kill myself stupidly. Not that he cared or anything, just that there was no way of making sure the potion's effects were permanent. He'd end up back in the Ring until it got into the hands of someone else. Which could take quite a long time. Plus, I was the only one to know how to make the potion.

Our tanned friend suggested going to study in the Egyptian School. Problem was that I could only speak a few words of Arabic. Plus the school wanted nothing to do with us "albino twins"...

We couldn't stay in Japan, we couldn't go to Egypt. So our last option was England. Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because English was the last language we both could speak. Koe can also speak it thanks to my memories. I always found it unfair, really. He could search my memories if he wanted to, and learn anything about me in a matter of minutes. I couldn't do that. And honestly, I didn't want to know the consequences such an act would bring.

So here I am, sitting in a sea of black, under a yellow and black banner, and two tables away from Marik and my Koe. All because of a Sorting. I ended up with the Hufflepuffs, the House that gathers all those that couldn't fit in any other House. They ended up in Slytherin, the House represented by a snake, symbol of their cunning minds and thirst for power... Why doesn't it surprise me they both ended up there?

My new classmates welcomed me warmly. I'm already friends with two other Hufflepuff students, Zach Aiden and Cedric Diggory. Both of them are seventh years, quidditch players, and like to joke around. They were giving me tips about my new professors while munching happily through the feast. The feast was delicious, might I add...

"So the teacher sitting on the other side of McGonagall is Mrs Sprout, she's our head of House." Zach would say enthusiastically. "Teaches Herbology, I hope you got your OWLs on that subject."

I smiled at that. "I got EE on the subject."

They both grinned at each other before turning back towards me. "Could have done better!" Was their reply.

They were about to continue their wonderful professor description when the Headmaster stood up. He must be really popular, because the entire Hall went silent to listen.

He started his speech by presenting the newest professor of the Staff, however, he was about to say something about him being late, when the doors to the Hall burst open. Most of the younger students and girls shrieked. The older boys' had grasped their wands from beneath their cloaks in case anything nasty happened, but then some of them relaxed.

"It's Mad-Eye..." Zach whispered as he frowned. Cedric looked slightly puzzled. "What's an Auror doing here?"

I didn't know who Mad-Eye was, but I knew what an Auror was. I looked closely at the newcomer, who wore more scars on his face than on Rishid's, with the added bonus of it making his face twist rather horribly. And the eye. He had a magical, huge, electric blue eye that was twirling on it's own to look around the Hall. I could have sworn it rolled back into it's own socket.

Now I think I know why he was nick-named "Mad-Eye"...

Dumbledore presented him as the new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. Cedric shuddered slightly at that. "Classes are going to be interesting this year!" Well if an Auror teaches DADA it was bound to be! Aurors had first hand experience against evil wizards and evil spells. I wondered briefly what his reaction could be if he ever discovered who Akefia Bakura really was...

If "Mad-Eye's" appearance caused most of the students to scream, our Headmaster's next announcement caused the whole Hall to complain, it was barely possible to understand what was being said, though the general idea did pass. There wouldn't be any Quidditch this year. Zach choked on his pumpkin juice, spilling the glass all over himself, whereas Cedric all but leapt to his feet in outrage.

"WHAT? NO QUIDDITCH?" I could also faintly recognise Marik's voice from over the Slytherin's table. I'm not surprised he was disappointed. He never got to see a real game played on the field, having lived underground for most of his life. Koe didn't seem to care that much. Unless, of course, if he had been planning on becoming Beater for the Slytherin team. It wouldn't surprise me that much. He'd get to hit people with a bludger without getting into trouble... But then again, he'd get bored after a few days... He'd rather hit it towards the Pharaoh, who, thankfully, was somewhere on an island called Japan, all the way on the other side of the world.

I was a little disappointed too. Just a little. I hadn't seen a good match for over a year. But I didn't want to play it on a team. Slightly too violent... only slightly...

Once all the students, or at least, most of them, had calmed down enough to allow the Headmaster to be heard without having to use an amplifying charm on his voice, he finally told us the reason for the absence of this wonderfully popular game. This time, the wave of protest took a 360 degree turn, being replaced by an excited chatter between classmates.

They were hosting a Triwizard Tournament. An exciting game where three students, all from different schools, had to face three different tasks, three very dangerous tasks. Whoever succeeds best is proclaimed champion of the three schools. That is, if there is a winner... Because champions tended to die before they banned the game.

"Hey, Ced!" The dark-haired boy was nudging his dirty blond friend with such force that I felt bad for Diggory's ribs... "You gonna try out?"

"I guess so. I'm getting tired of the other Houses always winning the prizes."

"Same here! What about you Ryou?"

"I think I'll pass." Actually, I figured I had suffered enough danger last year to last me a life time.

Once the feast was over, Zach and Cedric showed me the way to our Common Room (password was Dragon's Breath) and ultimately to the Seventh Year Boy's room. I didn't waste time changing into my PJ's and snuggling beneath the nice warm, covers. I fell asleep in an instant.

I'll admit it. I am no morning bird. But I usually always manage to wake up in time to go to school without having to sprint. I'm sixteen... no, wait, seventeen now, of course I'd like to sleep in every morning! Everyone my age agrees, I'm sure of it... Except maybe Kaiba, but he doesn't really count.

So why the Hell is Zach shaking me awake like I was some kind of apple-tree?

"Come on, Ryou, up up up! Time to go eat breakfast!"

I groaned and tried to swat him away, my eyes automatically searching for my wristwatch somewhere on my side table. 6.30 am... What in Ra's name is he doing up? Does he want to get hit or what?

I managed to escape his grasp long enough to hide my face somewhere beneath my pillow, pulling my arms over it so he wouldn't try and snatch it away from me. I heard a snort and a cold feeling suddenly washed over me.

"Dammit, Zach, give me my covers back!" I yelped, sticking my head out from under my pillow so he could hear me. The dark-haired grinned and went to annoy the person sleeping at my left. I think his name was Terry something...

"You better get used to it..." A sleepy voice called from my right. I didn't recognize it to be Cedric's at first because of the yawn. Apparently, he had been the first one to fall prey to Zach's morning ritual. "He does it all the time... Every bloody, freaking morning he does that..."

Just my luck... Of all the Houses I could have gone to, I just had to end in the one with the hyperactive early starter...

"ZACH!! YOU BLOODY IDIOT! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" I winced at the yell and dragged myself up onto my elbows to see what was going on. Just in time to see Zach sprinting out of the room, laughing, to escape a drenched Craig. The one I think was Terry just shook his head as he lazily rolled out of bed.

"I thought we got rid of that bucket last year?" He muttered. Cedric was already making his way to the completely soaked bed to dry the covers up with a spell.

"Guess not... Better go make sure Craig doesn't throttle him..."

Terry made a face that clearly said he would be happy to actually help Craig instead of stopping him from killing our room mate. I silently agreed with him...

When we reached the Great Hall, it was completely deserted. No surprise there. Only a few students were sitting at their respective tables, which were packed with barely touched breakfast. Plates were covered by pancakes, muffins, creampuffs; bowls were full of fruits, jugs filled with pumpkin juice...

...Wait a second... Creampuffs?

"Well, someone seems to have quite an apetite." Terry commented once I had filled my plate with nothing but creampuffs, one of them already half eaten in my hand. I snorted and went back to my breakfast.

It wasn't long before Professor Sprout came along with our schedules. She smiled at us all, and her smile grew larger when she turned towards Zach.

"Ah, Aiden, bright and early as always. I'm surprised to see you still alive." Our eyes all shifted towards Craig at that point, and Cedric elbowed him to hush his growl. "Here it is, now, Herbology, of course, Transfiguration, Charms, Potions and DADA." The dark haired boy grinned as he took the sheet of paper.

"On to you, Diggory. Herbology, Transfiguration, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures and DADA." Cedric nodded and smiled a thank you to the teacher once he received his schedule. Professor Sprout then turned towards me.

"Ah, Mr Bakura, our new addition. Welcome to Hufflepuff, I shall be your Head of house this year." I smiled politely. There was the sound of rustling parchiement as she took out something I recognized as my OWL results from fifth year. "Now let's see, Herbology..." She smiled at me warmly at that point. "... good, very good, and you can also take DADA, Charms, Divination and Potions." Her wand touched a blank piece of parchiement she then handed me. "If you have any problems finding your classes, I'm sure your roommates will be happy to help. Welcome to Hogwarts."

She turned back to our other classmates to hand out the rest of the schedules. I was so busy taking a look at what was written on my paper, it took me quite some time before noticing everyone staring at me, with eyes the size of saucers. "What?"

"You got O on Potions?" Craig said with a hint of sympathy in his voice. "Good luck then."

"Hey, Potion's aren't too bad!" Zach complained, while swallowing down his pancake. "Just because the Professor's a twit doesn't mean the subject isn't interesting!!"

"What's so bad about Snape?" I enquired. Sure last night they told me he was not very pleasant with students who weren't in his house, but he couldn't be as bad as my last gym teacher. The one that wanted me to cut my hair. Ended up in a table-top RPG figurine, unless I'm mistaking...

"Snape is eviiiiiil... To put it simply... He's going to put you through Hell!" Terry muttered. Cedric agreed with him. Zach just shook his head and winked over at me.

"Don't worry, I'll be there to protect you!!" He laughed.

They sure knew how to make their new classmates feel welcomed. A few first years just heard them. Now they look scared...

We carried on through breakfast while the students started filling the Great Hall. The quiet chatter and occasional clinking of cutlery turned into a loud cacophony in which it was starting to become very hard to understand what was being said.

I was just munching through another creampuff when a heavy weight suddenly fell on my shoulder. The mane of long blond hair that appeared at the corner of my sight was enough of an indication to tell me who it was.

"'Morning Marik." I greeted. I was answered by a groan.

"'Morning..." He muttered back, burying his head deeper against my shoulder. At this point, Cedric, Craig, Terry and Zach were all glaring at my friend. I decided to ignore them for the moment.

"I take it you didn't sleep well?" It wasn't really a question, merrily a statement. Though I was curious to know WHY my lazy Egyptian friend hadn't taken advantage of the night to recover from the time difference.

"Slytherins sleep in the bloody dungeons..." He told me, as if that alone explained it. Well, it did to me.

You see, Marik had spent most of his life living underground, no trips to the surface allowed. It was in the tombs that his darker half was created. It was also where his father was murdered. Ever since, Marik would avoid going underground as much as possible. So having to sleep in dungeons for a whole year... I had to sympathise.

"Maybe you should go talk to the Headmaster if it bothers you that much..." I suggested. I felt him shake his head.

"And give Bakura a reason to make fun of me? I don't think so... I'll live..." He muttered. I rolled my eyes, knowing he was referring to the former spirit of the Ring by "Bakura". A habit he had taken ever since Battle City. He finally lifted his head from my shoulder to glance down at the parchiament in my hands.

"Is that your schedule?" He asked, while I took the chance to roll back my shoulders. Damn, he's heavy!

"Yeah... did you get yours already?"

"Yup, Snape gave it to us last night." He leaned back down over my shoulder to get a better look, ignoring my groan at having to bare his weight again. "Cool, we've got most classes together! Though you'll be alone in Divination. Bakura and I have taken Ancient Runes instead." I should have figured...

He saw my "brother" coming into the Great Hall, and stood back up properly, to join him. "Well, I better go. Wouldn't want him to scare the little kids now, do we?" He grinned from ear to ear as he turned round.

I just shook my head and reached out for yet another creampuff...

"Oh, I nearly forgot... Hey, Ryou, catch!!"

I turned back in time to see a rather big blue package flying straight towards my head. I threw my arm up, yelping, my wrist hitting the package randomly. It landed heavily on my lap with a thump. I glared over at Marik while massaging my wrist. There was a huge grin on his face. Even Koe seemed amused at the scene, judging from the smirk he was wearing.

"Happy 17th!" The Egyptian said before rushing away through the sea of students. I shook my head once again and proceeded to undo the silvery ribbon he had used to wrap my present. After quite some struggling with the paper (too much sticky tape, I swear), a book was finally revealed, sitting innocently on my lap. I stared at the title for a while. Trust Malik to find the only book on the occult I DIDN'T have, and that I absolutely COULDN'T find. I opened the book, beaming as I skimmed through it rapidly, before landing on the first page. A note had been scribbled in Malik's messy handwriting, though it did look like he had made an effort to make it neater than it usually was.

Remember that time when you stupefied me? Well after that I noticed your library. You were missing this volume, so I figured maybe you'd like it. Happy Birthday!

Marik Ishtar.

PS: Turn to page 57. You're gonna love it!!

I raised an eyebrow and was about to follow the instructions when I finally noticed the looks my roommates were sending me. I blinked. "What?"

"What was that all about? What language were you speaking, who was that, and what was a Slytherin doing here?"

Zach smacked Craig upside the head, muttering something beneath his breath before smiling back at me.

"More importantly..." He ignored Craig's snarl and pointed over to my book. " it your birthday?"

Blink. Blink.

"Erh..." I started, still a little confused by their behaviour. "Japanese, that was Marik, he's a friend... and erh... yeah, it is my birthday..."

Several more blinks later, Zach was grinning like a maniac and raising his glass of pumpkin juice up high.

"Then happy birthday to you, Ryou Bakura... And three cheers for the weirdest Hufflepuff in history!"

...What...? Weird?

Cedric and Craig rolled their eyes and whacked Zach across the head. "Idiot..." They both muttered, a smile on their faces. Terry, on the other hand, was having a hard time trying not to laugh too hard as the dark-haired rubbed his abused cranium. He then clapped me on the shoulder, still grinning. On the shoulder Marik had just left... What was it with people and my shoulder today?

"Well, Zach does have a point. I mean come on, look at you. You're sitting in the middle of the Hufflepuffs, your twin ended up in Slytherin, and you have friends over there. Things like this never happen!"

I rolled my eyes and glared at them. I'm not as good as my Koe, or as Kaiba, but it worked long enough for them to be taken aback. "What is wrong with that? You sound like you all hate Slytherins."

"We don't hate them..." My eyes landed on Craig. "They do. Slytherins are... well... they just don't mix with others, you know... they just..."

"They're eviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil!" Craig glared at Terry's interruption. The darker haired boy grinned back. "No, seriously, they are. Just like Snape. He's their Head of House, so it isn't very surprising. You better stick to Zach during Potions, at least for the first weeks."

I shrugged, not really interested with their interhouse rivalry. None of the other tables, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor if I recall right, seemed to like the Slytherins much, and I swear I could see lightning bolts pass between the students wearing the colors of the lion and those sporting the snake emblem on their chests. I turned my attention back to the book still resting on my lap and turned the pages until reaching the one Malik had pointed out to me. One look at the title got me snickering like crazy.

The section was labeled "Psychotic Spirits: how to avoid them."

That's it for now. I hope you liked it.