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Chapter 1

It had been two months since team Gibbs had met and rescued Katie, the adorable niece of their dear friend and missed colleague, Special Agent Caitlin Todd. The last few weeks had been slow at NCIS, paperwork was all up to date, computers had been backed up and inventory had been done. Tony and Ziva kept complaining about being bored, but McGee actually enjoyed the peace. It meant everyone was safe and sound, and he could focus on upgrading computers and such. McGee would often look over at his team mates, Tony was unusually spending a lot of time at his computer but he of course took time out to ogled attractive women that walk past, and this was always followed by Ziva rolling her eyes and muttering about how immature Tony was, under her breath. He found Ziva more intimidating as she filed and cleaned her nails with her knife and did a variety of stretches that she said helped her keep alert and awake while she was so bored, this led to Tony teasing her and baiting her into heading down to the gym to do some training. McGee occasionally joined them but it wasn't really his forte, and Tony and Ziva seemed to do a lot of one-on-one sparing, so McGee would return to his desk, go help Abby with a few things or ring the porche dealership to enquire why it was taking so long for them to repair his car.

The other thing Timothy McGee liked about work being slow was that quitting time actually matched other, more normal, professions. He was almost glad when everyone made excuses about being busy when Palmer suggested they all go to the bar and get a drink, it meant he had plenty of time to go home, play some online gaming and then get settled in for a solid night of writing as Thom E. Gemcity. After being payed out by everyone at work for supposedly basing his characters of the team and then Landon Grey killing people in an effort to protect Tim, he'd decided to try a different genera. He wasn't sure how well it would be received by his loyal readers, or if he was even going to show it Lyndi Crawshaw his publisher. For now He was content doing a whole lot of free writing and stringing together a science fiction story. He was deep in thought and at 11:30pm had finally managed to get words to flow onto the page when there was a knock at the door. McGee, who was wearing boxers and his old MIT T-shirt desperately tried to finish putting his thoughts onto the paper before he moved of his seat. Again another knock, "Open up McSlow-coach. Tim groaned and pulled himself away from his typewriter and rushed towards the door. McGee opened the door and Tony and Ziva barged past him, Tony heading straight for the kitchen to raid it, while Ziva headed to the computer then the typewriter in her usual stealthy spy way.

"What are you guys doing here?" McGee asked pushing past Ziva pulling the piece of paper out of his typewriter and pushing it under some books.

"The bat signal went off McGeek, better put some pants on. I know your cars in the shop so we swung round to pick you up"

"You couldn't have rung on your way?"

"And ruin the surprise Probie?"

"Well, Why don't you guys wait for me in the car?"

"What? And miss the chance to have fun in the Elf Lord's kitchen? Not likely McGee"

"Oh god, well just don't touch anything."

Tony let out an evil laugh, as did Ziva.

McGee rushed into his bedroom to get changed leaving his two team mates lurking in his apartment. Tony found a mini basketball and was mucking round with it, while Ziva carefully examined McGee's bookcase. McGee heard a crash from his bathroom and rushed out, his shirt still unbuttoned. He looked at his desk, noticing that all the papers and books had been messed up, and his small waste paper bin he now used to store his type writer ribbons before he could destroy them was on it's side with it's contents spewing out. He then looked at Ziva who was hovering over Tony's shoulder who was pulling apart a discarded typewriter ribbon. "Jeeze, Landon must have really liked your book McGoo, it's harder then you'd think to read this thing."

McGee grabbed the ribbon and picked up the bin and horridly tried to put the content back in.

"So what you working on there?" Tony pried.

"None of your business Tony."

"Is it another thrilling adventure of L.J. Tibbs and his merry followers? What antics will Tommy and Lisa be getting into this time?" Ziva asked slyly.

"been meaning to talk to you about that, I don't think you're highlighting just how awesome Special Agent Tommy really is, I'm thinking in your next book…"

"Let's go Tony." McGee said crankily as he did up his last button, grabbed his jacket and waited at the door to see his unwanted guests out, before he locked it behind them.

"Hey, how come you guys came together? Thought you had a date tonight Tony." Tony and Ziva quickly glanced at each other.

"Well I was Probie, but I was near Ziva's place so I picked her up on the way here."

"Its' just that Ziva told Palmer she has reservations at Jordan's Café, that on the other side of Town, not to far from here actually."

Were they sprung? Had McGee stumbled onto their secret? Was their sinfully secretive love affair out in the open? If Tim knew something, Abby would smell it, and she knew how Tony had felt, she'd fill in the gaps, and once she knew, Gibbs would defiantly know.

"What is this, the third degree?"

"I was not feeling well so I left dinner early."

"Lets go, or I'll let Ziva drive."

"That explains your look Ziva, but Tony… You really should change your clothes after work before you go out on a date, have you looked in the mirror lately?" McGee said as he walked past them towards the car. This left Ziva sniggering and Tony straightening himself up.

Short and somewhat uneventful I know, but it should get better.