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Chapter 12

Abby sat watching the screen in MTAC. She couldn't believe what she'd just seen. One minute she was watching Tony's car drive up to the gate and watch as he didn't get anywhere, then suddenly a flurry of activity as an Aston Martin sped across the complex and slammed straight into the gate then with one thunderous boom and a flash of light, a puff of smoke rose from the car as it burst into flames. "oh god… Ziva!"


Tony got out of his car. He was in total disbelief. First Paula now Ziva. How would he live through this. How could he stay at NCIS when all it ever did was introduce him to people he grew to love and care about and then have them taken away from him so violently in the line of duty.

Ziva must have thought she'd be able to ram the gates and get out, instead this, there would be no way she'd be able to have survive. If the collision hadn't killed her then the explosion would have. What would he do without her? Even if they weren't dating, he couldn't imagine his life without her, he relied on her so heavily and he loved it when she needed him. They were best friends, and he loved that. He was free to talk to her about anything, and she always told him exactly what she thought about it. She tolerated his incessant movie references and quotes, and although she never admitted it, Tony believed that she actually enjoyed them.

Tony started to think about all the things he'd miss out on because Ziva was gone. He never thought he'd love again after Paula and Jeanne, but Ziva was the kind of girl who could change everything, including him. Tony and Ziva had never been the kind of couple to discuss marriage or names future, hypothetical children, but now there was never going to be a chance for him to find out if they could have tried. He doubted Ziva would have ever gotten married, but if Tony ever did, she would have been the girl… woman he'd have asked.

The player in him thought he'd be single forever, never with one woman longer then a couple of weeks, the second she got that look in her eyes or started making future plans was the second he got going. He'd be happy to spend the rest of his life with Ziva though, married or not. Her touch against his skin, her hair gently dancing across his chest, her sweet, lustful lips were all that he needed. It wasn't just about the sex either, though, it was the best he'd ever had, she was strong and confident, sincere, loving, and respectful. She didn't play games, at least not the usual chick mind games, just the fun ones in the bedroom.

The way she'd kept so calm and collected in the face of his death by snake bite, she knew she had to keep it together to take care of him before she gave into her own emotions of fear, panic and distress.

Now it was Tony's turn. He had to go walk forward and look through the other gate and see for himself the shattered remains of not only the car, but also Ziva, and his life.

He took one step forward before he felt a hand touch his shoulder, "Tony?" he heard her soft feminie voice. Was he dreaming? Hallucinating? Or just desperate to think she was still with him. He'd sworn he'd seen Kate and even talked to her after her death, it only made sense that he'd do the same for the love of his life, this must be her way of saying she's alright now, and goodbye. But the touch... it was warm and so real, he could feel every fibre of her, every grove in her finger prints, he could even smell her sweet seductive smell. He pulled his hand up ready to place it on his shoulder his way of saying goodbye to his lover, a tear fell down his face as he reached up. He gently rested his hand on top of hers. He turned slowly around, there standing in front of him was a vision of beauty. Ziva stood there, still in her stunning evening wear blowing in the breeze. "I knew I'd fool them, but I didn't think you'd believe it."


"I wedged the accelerator in the Aston Martin, opened the door and let it rip. I knew I needed to make a diversion to get away." She looked at his face, it was covered with relief, compassion and passion. Tears ran down his face. "Tony, I am alright." He lunged forward grabbing her face with both hands, and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her so passionately he almost couldn't have cared if he never came up for air. She was alive, she was safe, she was his.

She pulled away from him, "They will not be fooled for long. We must get out of here." With that they jumped into Tony's car and sped off.


Of course this left one person. Abby was stunned! Her mind about to explode. Not only was Ziva alive, and would soon be safe, but

WHAT WAS GOING ON BETWEEN TONY AND ZIVA…… AND WHY HADN'T SHE KNOWN?????? Just wait till she got her hands on them.

Ok.... so what do you think? If you didn't get the references, Ziva's alias was Vesper Lynd, and there was an Aston Martin. Yes, I was thinking James Bond in Casino Royal, and the dress Ziva wore was the similar to the one Vesper wore to the poker game.

So that was the last chapter,,,, HOWEVER, As I was unable to post eariler because FanFic wasn't working properly, I have already started the next story in this long tale. It's going to be called Dum-Dum-De-Dumb and I should post it tomorrow. So far people keep asking me to continue this story line, and I"m happy to for as long as you guys want, and I still have a good story, but if your getting bored let me know and I'll start a new thread.