Title: Splendor

Declaimer: Anna Godberson owns all and this based off her ideas.

Summery: This story is my prediction of what will happen in Splendor the fourth boo in the series. I know it will be way of but I can't wait till it comes out.


Diana's POV

"What is your name sir?" asked the man standing in an army uniform in front of the boat that would soon take of for the Pacific.

"Daniel William Holland," I said just as I had planned to on my long walk to the port.

"I apologise it seems as though you aren't on the list I have," the man said.

"Oh, that is because I was supposed to leave from... Virginia," I hadn't thought of that. Other than my name the only thing, or person that is, I had thought of was Henry. I hoped to be near him soon. No, I needed to be near him soon. My thought process was then interrupted by the man.

"Well then please board and we will have to transport your information as soon as possible. How old are you? Just for reference until then," he seemed a little confused by my prior response.

"Twenty, sir," I was not sure if I could pass for a boy much less a boy four years older than I was. It was proving hard to keep my voice at a low octave.

With that I boarded the ship. I was praying that he would not follow me onto the ship for further quarries. My prayers were answered when I had successfully walked across the ship without any followers or staring eyes. Or so I thought.


Henry's POV

I had been waiting on the ship for just over an hour.

That was more than enough time to be tortured by thoughts. Mine ran wild with fear and desire. I feared for my sake and hat no one would fine that I was here. That my father wouldn't find me here and force me to go to my house. I didn't think of it as a house though. It was more of a prison in my opinion. The desire was for Diana as it had always been. My mind could not be rid of her no matter how much space I put between us or how many other distractions I had.

The sun was low on the horizon. We had to be leaving soon. The stream of people coming onto the ship had seemed to become less and less. I glanced toward the entrance of the boat.

That is when I saw a hat that looked strangely familiar sit on the head of a man walking toward the other side of the boat with a very odd gait. It struck me the owner of the hat had the same stubborn, proud walk. The owner of the hat though, wasn't a man at all.


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