Chapter 12

It was too cold to have a funeral. Granted to snow was beautiful, but the cold flakes pitter-pattering on her face and neck were beginning to bother Penelope as she stood dutifully at her best friend's side. Her arm looped through Elizabeth's as the blond continued to sob. In the three days since Elizabeth's mother had died, Penelope had been at her side though it felt more as like a duty than anything, she couldn't leave the girl she had known since birth alone at a time like this.

She had also needed an escape from her all too empty house. Though Henry was undoubtedly gone forever, she was still Mrs. Schoonmaker. She still resided in the same mansion she and Henry had received when they wed, but now there was only one setting at the table. Penelope hosted parties as often as was fashionable if only to fill the cavernous ballroom, and when she was left alone, used the extensive collection of scotch to numb the loneliness. Having something to busy her had been a godsend even if these were terrible circumstances.

After what seemed like all day, the minister finally closed his bible and said his Amen as the casket was lowered into the ground. This send Elizabeth into another bought of hysterics as she was lead toward the carriage.


"I'll take her," Teddy said to Penelope as she stood to get out of the carriage at the Dover. Penelope looked annoyed which wasn't all too unusual for her, but if Elizabeth realized that Penelope didn't want to be there she would feel even worse. So Teddy, with the help of Snowden, carried Elizabeth from the carriage and up to her apartment, and to her bed.

"Dear, I have a few business matters to attend to, but I promise I will be home by dinner," Snowden excused himself. He had always had business or something to attend to. The past three days had been a blur of plans and arrangement, and Teddy had been there by Elizabeth's side through it. Penelope, with the help of Liz's aunt Judith, had helped with the funeral and the service and all the flowers and whatever else needed to be attended to, but Teddy had stayed by Liz's side since her mother passed away from pneumonia three days ago. He had held her hand and let her cry on his shoulder.

Elizabeth barley acknowledged her husband's leaving, lying with her eyes closed under the many blankets. She looked peaceful though her eyes were puffy and red and her pillows were tear stained. After a few minutes she moved to sit at the edge of the bed and Teddy joined her.

With a gentle hand on her lower back, Teddy whispered, "Don't worry Liz, you'll see the bright side soon enough." She looked up slowly and he gave her a warm smile, trying as he had all day to inspire a smile on that beautiful face he had loved for so many years.

"Teddy, I don't see how there can be a bright side," her voice cracked from crying as she looked to the ground. "With mother gone, I'll lose the house on Gramercy. You know we could barely keep it before she-"

He could see the pain in her face as she tried but couldn't bring herself to face this new reality. "Liz, it'll all get better you'll see. Soon you'll have your baby and don't worry about the house, I'll take care of it." He wrapped his arm around her as if it could keep her from breaking.

"I would never ask you to do that," Liz protested. Looking back into his eyes. He loved her eyes. They were like windows into her soul, and through them he could see every emotion she held so deep inside her.

"I know," Teddy replied. "That's why I would do it." And with that, he kissed her. Gently, but with all the feelings he had kept for her all this time.


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