The Language of Love

Summary: Edward is a blind pianist. He works part time at a piano studio, helping give lessons after school and on weekends. What if one day, Bella walks in the door and becomes Edward's student? Will love spark even though Edward couldn't see her beauty but only the beauty of her heart? AU/AH

Pairings: I don't know… Let me think… CANON!!!!

Disclaimer: Sigh… I sadly do not own Twilight.

Edward's POV

It was just pure luck—no, it was fate.

The minute she stepped through the La Tua Cantante's doors, was the minute that she had changed my life.

I felt something special about her, about us, when she first sat down on the bench right next to me. She was my student, and I was her teacher.

Her voice was enthralling; it always made me weak. It was like a drug to me—something that I needed to hear for my day to be complete.

Even though wasn't sighted, I could see that she was beautiful, inside and out. Her heart was pure and her mind was chaste. Imperfections, I could never tell.

She was the one I wanted, out of every girl out there.

I knew that I had loved her the second we have met.

I was born to be with her and her for me.

Now that I had found her, I wasn't willing to let go.

But I had nothing to be worried about because there was one thing that glued us together: the gift of music.

So here's the prologue!

I had just thought of this story when I was watching American Idol. I was inspired by the blind guy. He was so talented and I hope that he makes it.

I had immediately thought of Edward Cullen and I was asking myself, what would happen if Edward were blind? So this is how this story was made!


I hope that you like it! There's more to come!!!