The Language of Love

Summary: Edward is a blind pianist. He works part time at a piano studio, helping give lessons after school and on weekends. What if one day, Bella walks in the door and becomes Edward's student? Will love spark even though Edward couldn't see her beauty but only the beauty of her heart? AU/AH

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Edward's POV

The car came into a halt after a five-minute drive, to out school which was three miles away. I had guessed that Alice was driving over speed limit. I kept telling her to slow down, in fear of a police car stopping us, again.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and reached out to feel the handle. I heard the driver's seat slam and the passenger seat suddenly open.

Alice helped me up to my feet, and also the help of my walking stick.

"So, where do you want to go first?" She asked me as she locked her car with her remote. The car beeped twice.

"How about we wait for Emmett?" I suggested, feeling around for the side of the car so I can lean on it.

I heard Alice groan. "But it's about to rain! And I don't want to get wet!"

"He'll be coming soon enough."

And I was right. After a minute, we heard the growling of Emmett's Jeep.

"Yo bro!" He greeted me. (A/N: That rhymes! Hehe) "Hey little pixie!"

The engine had silenced and Emmett jumped out of his car.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" Emmett asked. "It's already..." Pause. "8:00 and classes don't start for another 30 minutes."

"How about we find Jasper? He'll probably be in the library." Alice said enthusiastically.

"Why so ecstatic to see him Alice?" I asked, placing a grin on my face.

She slapped me lightly on the arm and she winced. "Edward! Your arm is rock hard! I think I just bruised my hand!"

"Oh yeah! Emmett's workout tutorial is working!" Emmett yelled proudly and I chuckled. "Now maybe Jasper would kiss it and make it feel better!" Emmett cooed.

"Let's get going." Alice ignored Emmett's comment and took my right arm.

*At the library*

"Jasper!" Emmett's booming voice called across the room.

"Shhh! This is a library Mr. Cullen." The librarian warned. "I think the students would much appreciate it if you would hush it down a little bit. Some of these students are here to study for tests."

"Sorry. Shhh…" Emmett replied.

"There's Jasper. He's waving for us to come." Alice said. She helped me to where Jasper was sitting and helped me to sit on a chair.

"Thanks Alice."

"No problem." She said perkily.

"Hey Edward!" I heard Jasper greet me.

"Hello Jasper. How are you?"

"I'm good. You?"


"How many students last night?"

"About 5. I got home at around 9." I heard Alice clear her throat, obviously asking attention from Jasper.

"That's pretty late! Oh and by the way, I just wanted to ask if…" He didn't get to finish his question because Alice interrupted him.

"So fine day isn't it?" Alice asked elbowing me on the side. Probably wanting me to shut up and stop talking to Jasper so she could get her turn.

"Yes it is, Alice." Jasper responded and they both giggled.

"Hey Ed! You free tonight?" Emmett asked.

"I think I am at around 7. I've got three students coming in for make up lessons after school today."

"Bummer. Well, you still got time to hang with the rest of us? We're planning to have a little get together at Chuck E. Cheeses. It's been a while. You're always at the studio."

"It's been a while that we haven't hung out or has it been a while since you haven't won tickets for that big giant teddy bear that you wanted to put in your room?" I chuckled and Jasper and Alice joined me.

Emmett fell silent.

"I was just kidding Em. Of course I'll have time tonight."

"Sweet! I'll pick you up at seven o'clock sharp."

I work part-time after school, and full-time during weekends, at La Tua Cantante—the music studio, (A/N: it's not like the recording studio or anything. It's just a place where they sell musical stuff and give piano lessons. Just thought I'd clear that up.) that Carlisle and Esme established about seven years ago. The reason was because of me and the suggestion of Emmett.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8 years ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was just a few months after the Cullens had brought me home from the shelter.

I loved it here so much. I could never ask for anyone but these people here, who now I call my family.

I was sitting in the living room, listening to another of Emmett's talk about girls, when I heard the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

"What's that I hear?" I ask Emmett.

"Oh! That's mom! She's playing on the piano. That's the song she wrote about a year ago. I'm surprised she still plays. She's been really busy lately that she hasn't touched that piano, until now."

The melody was soothing. It felt like I was floating in heaven, the clouds bringing me up, higher and higher; each time a note is played.

"Can you help me to the piano?"

"Sure thing bro."

Emmett led me to the piano and I listened attentively to the rhythm.

After Esme stopped playing, Emmett and I clapped.

"Well, why thank you boys."

"Can you play another song?" I asked of her.

"Sure. Come and sit next to me." She held my hand and I sat down next to her.

She began playing again and I melted with the music. When she ended the song, I shot back to reality. Emmett and I clapped again.

"Are you interested in learning how to play Edward?" She asked of me.

I nodded my head slightly.

"I can teach you the basics if you'd like."

She took my hand and guided me along the keys.

She'd sit with me every day for three weeks and help me learn. And by the end of the month, I had memorized where each key was positioned, and how each one sounded. The piano and I became one.

After school, I would sit on the piano and start playing random tunes.

Then one day, Emmett suggested something I never would have thought of.

"Hey mom! I was thinking, if maybe, you know, you could put up a music store or something and have Edward help out with piano lessons someday. I mean he's really good at it. And then I could help the babes with their guitar and tuning." He paused. "And maybe the boys too. But I would much rather prefer girls."

"That's not such a bad idea Emmett." Carlisle agreed.

"Maybe we can." Esme said. "Do you think we can Carlisle?"

"Indeed." Carlisle responded. I smiled.


"So Edward, I was just wondering if you could squeeze in a new student during the weekends. My cousin from Florida just moved here and she had to stop her piano lessons back home. She was asking if I knew any piano teachers here. " Jasper asked.

"I think I can Jasper. Some of my students would be graduating their piano course soon so; I think I can handle one more. When do you think she wants to start?"

"Saturday of next week would be alright. If that's alright with you, that is."

"No, that's perfect actually."

"Okay then. Thanks Edward! I'll tell her." A moment of silence and Jasper's phone vibrated on the table. "Or you can meet her now and tell her yourself. She just texted me saying she's on her way here."

"I can't wait to meet her."

"I'm sure you can't Edward. I'm sure you can't." Alice teased me. "Do you think she'd hang out with me Jasper? I promise I won't scare her away."

Jasper laughed. "I'm sure she'll love to Alice. Here she comes now. Bella! Over here."

Bella, as in beautiful in Italian.

I heard footsteps coming and each step she took, my heart raced even faster. I stiffened.

"Bella, I'd like you to meet Alice, Emmett, and your future piano teacher, Edward. Guys, this is Bella, my cousin."


And I thought I'd never hear anything more beautiful than the sound of a piano, and here she comes along. Bella.

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