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I was watching her go by again, over to the other side and away from him. She seemed to be so happy with the others. Always laughing, smiling, and she enjoys her time with them a lot. I want to go over

there though and join in the conversation but I'm afraid. Afraid that she has more fun with them than with me especially since we've been with each other so long…almost forever. They all walk towards school

though and I follow since of course we're all going the same way. I hear her laughter and look straight at her. I love her smile but…I'm too shocked to see why she's laughing. It was Kaito…..and Gakupo!!!

Darn those two! Why does Rin hang out with them so much in the first place!? Okay wait that was a dumb question….I know why. We've all been friends since well as long as any of us could remember. But still

mean doesn't Kaito have Miku!? Even if they don't show it, I just know there's something between them! Not to mention I noticed Gakupo talking to Luka yesterday about Valentine's. Oh Valentine's Day…it was

coming up….in four days. Darn Monday! Why did it have to be so close to Friday!? Then the school bell rings and I rush to class like there's no tomorrow. I've been ditching class too much to go to my favorite

spot so I need to pay attention!

"Hey Len! You actually made it this time" a voice said cheerfully next to me as I sit at my desk near the window. I turn to see of course the person I've been thinking about Rin.

"Hey you know that it's not my fault I'm late most of the time!" I answer back in a happy tone. Then class starts with Kaito standing up with his blue scarf and turning to everyone in the class.

"Hi everyone!! How are all of you today? Anyway I'm just here to remind you as Student Council president that the Valentine's Day Dance is this Friday at 7:00 P.M. and that you should ask your dates out

quick! Also don't forget we're still sending candy grams!!! They're delivered to the person right during the Dance so don't forget!" Kaito then ends with a smile and winking which makes almost all the girls and a

few boys faint.

"Umm…Kaito you did it again…" Miku said in a worried tone. She gets up from her seat and proceeds to get the nurse. After a few minutes most of the class is gone and the only ones left is our group. The one

we've had ever since, ever since we could remember of course. Now lets introduce everyone shall we? Everyone turns the desks around and faces each other. No one seems to care since we're the only ones

here and our teacher hasn't even come yet.

"Well this is fun! It's been a while since we've had any together time in this class all by ourselves!" a girl with one long blonde side ponytail calls out from one side of our group. She's the girl you always see

with a cell phone and surprisingly doesn't get in trouble for it. We don't know why she always has a cell phone but I suspect it's because it's from…someone. Akita Neru is a pretty cheerful girl but she's lazy. If

too hard she'll give up right away and go to sleep. But hey we love her anyway! She wears this thing…it's hard to explain so too bad! No matter what you will always see her with her cell phone so she never

seems to concentrate on anything but that. Rumor has it that Akaito is the one who gave it to her so they could always keep in touch ever since an incident happened to her. But others say that it might have

been Mikuo.

"You're right Neru-chan! But I'm pretty glad we finally got everyone together!" says a girl in red and short brown hair. This girl that called out is Meiko. She wears this red shirt thing that shows ….umm…. well

you know. She has a red skirt and red gloves. She likes the color but that's it. She's a straight forward girl and a fighter. But according to some sources they say she's pretty sweet and cute. You'll usually see

with a determined look. She loves sports!

"Hmph! You're all so noisy…" said in an irritated tone coming from the window. That's Dell Honne, Yowane Haku's cousin or something. He seems like a delinquent but he's pretty nice to us at least. We all know

he cares about us and will fight for us. He has grey hair(we don't know why but that's him and we like to tease that he's an oldie cuz of it) and a smoke with him at all times. He usually has an irritated look on

his face.

"Waaaaah!!!" cried a girl with grey hair and a bottle of some type of liquid. That's Yowane Haku the girl I said is the cousin of Dell Honne. She has……to be honest low self-esteem issues. She seems drunk a lot

and tries her best at everything but she's never happy and cries a lot. Haku's awesome at the guitar though although she refuses to believe us. Don't worry the liquid she carries around with her isn't any type

of alcohol it's just juice. Every time you see her she seems sad.

"Don't cry Yowane-san!! There there everything will be ok! I'll even make Gakupo do the Dancing Samurai song and dance for you!!" said reassuringly by a girl with mid back pink hair and a Tear styled outfit

(from Tears of Abyss, she's a big fan). Her name is Megurine Luka. She likes to keep her morals straight and bring out the justice! Don't get me wrong she's fun and is nice to everyone. But if something bad is

going down she'll be there trying to set it right. Maybe that's why she's with Gakupo…no offense but a little weird fashion style he's got there. Luka is sort of the mature one in our group so when you see her

don't be surprised to see her calm and tranquil face. I warn you though…do not make her angry!

"Gakupo's gonna do what now?" a surprised and curious tone fills the air. That was Kamui Gakupo, he has long green hair, a fan with an eggplant on it(he loves eggplants so much), and wears a kimono. I

mean kimonos are great and all it's just…well whatever. He loves eggplants a lot it's amazing really. But rumor has it that he likes Megurine Luka even more which is surprising since his love for eggplants is

enourmous!! He's mature and childish so he's pretty fun. On his face most likely will be a confused look!

"Eggplant boy will do the Dancing Samurai is what Tear Fangirl said," a boy with a similar outfit to Kaito's except he had a red scarf and his hair was red. He's like Kaito…sorta. After all he is Kaito's twin brother.

His name is Akaito which is pretty strange but hey Im not their parent who named them. Most people A.K.A. the girls say that since Akaito is red and Kaito is blue they're opposites. Also they say Akaito is the

sexy one and Kaito is the cute one. Akaito has a strange love for spicy and hot stuff but hey he's Kaito's opposite. He seems to be attached to Neru because when Neru's around he's around and vice versa.

He'll usually have an either carefree look or sleepy look.

"Hey Akaito, don't use those nicknames for them!" a sweet sounding voice says from next to Miku. That is Kaito the guy in blue with blue hair. Girls fall over themselves when they hear his voice, see his smile,

or his wink. He loves cold things especially ice cream. Like I said before they say he and Akaito are opposites. He seems to have a thing for Hatsune Miku since he's always around her. Not to mention he finds it

a bit hard to speak to her even after all these years. His face is usually lit with a sweet smile and a carefree aura.

"Ne ne Kaito lets go buy candy grams!!" says both Mikuo and Miku Hatsune. Those two are always hyper but they're super kind. I had fallen in love with Miku's kind smile once but that was in the past! Miku and

Mikuo are cousins but they act like twins trust me I would know. Miku has two side ponytails that are really long and the color of a teal green. Mikuo has teal green hair too except it's short. They have similar

outfits but hey I am not a fashionista..at least I hope not. Both are passionate at what they do and love to sing. For some reason they have a love for spring leeks. Miku has hinted big time she likes Kaito but

being him he's oblivious to it all. Mikuo hasn't shown it but I feel he likes Neru. Both of them always seem to have a happy look or spaced look on them.

"Oh if you're going I need to go too!! I still need to buy some for everyone!" a melodic voice calls out from next to me. She's a girl with short blonde hair and has a ribbon adorned on her head. Best for last of

course that is the girl I am infatuated with, Rin. But I haven't mentioned her last name have I…it's well first don't freak out on me just because of this one minor detail ok? Her name is Rin….Kagamine! Yup same

last name…we're brother and sister but not only that. We're twins since of course forever!! But I know what I feel isn't just brotherly love…oh I went straight past that. Anyway technically I'm her little brother

so she doesn't see me that way at least I don't think she does. But either way I will get her to notice me for me!! For I Len Kagamine shall not rest until we are together!!

"Ok everyone how about we all head to candy grams during lunch because after that we all have Free Period anyway. So plenty of time for candy grams." I say in an-all-knowing tone. I am pretty smart you

know I am almost at the top of my class. Darn Kaito and Akaito….anyway I also have early acceptance to some great colleges! A lot of girls like me because of my intelligence and great looks or at least I hope

so. But I am one of the smartest in the group although I get a little carried away sometimes. I like to think I know everything even though I really don't. I'm pretty good at reading people though and knowing

everything about them. I look at everyone then and they had all seemed to nod at the idea. We all then forgot about candy grams and started talking about other random things like music and how school was

for us. It's fun being together with everyone but there's just that one person I'd rather be with all alone.

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