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It was still lunch time and I was almost successfully at the giant sakura(cherry blossom) tree. If I climbed it maybe just maybe Akaito wouldn't be able to reach me. For now I settled for hiding behind a corner in the outside corridor that connected our multiple school buildings. I stand still for a few seconds, then relax and catch my breath. Man I never knew that Akaito was such a fast runner. Note to self just laugh inwardly if something funny happens and it has to do with Akaito.

"OH EGGPLANT BOOOOYYY!!! WHERE ARE YOOUUUUU!? COME OUT AND LET ME KICK YOUR DONKEY ALREADY!!! DON'T WORRY YOU WON'T GET HURT…..MUCH!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Man was Akaito mad at me…and I think he has gone insane. I slowly walk towards the garden our school has as a short cut to the sakura tree. I'm always amazed by this garden, there's a maze of hedges, beautiful tree rows, amazing flowers and plants, and a pond that's really beautiful and always seems to glisten. It's unknown though if there's any fish in the pond or not.


I swiftly turn around to see…..to see….A BUNNY DOING THE CHA CHA SLIDE!? Okay no, no it wasn't that but I wish it was. It would have been better then what was actually in my sights. There was Akaito…with a bottle of hot sauce in his hand and scissors. That really isn't safe but anyway I have a feeling I know what he's going to do with those scissors…

"AHHH!! I mean….Akaito calm down…maybe…we can work something out…right? I nervously smile at him hoping he would agree. But those hopes were quickly crushed when he began to slowly walk towards me with a malicious smile and started to diabolically laugh. In that situation I only had few options and my brain wasn't working right. The only thing I could do then was…to cry and beg forgiveness? Nope my sanity was not intact at the moment so I did the next best thing. Running to the pond and jumping into it.

"DARN YOU EGGPLANT BOY!! YOU KNOW THAT I HATE WATER!!" I inwardly smirk at this and start wading in the pond looking at Akaito.

"Come on Akaito can't you stop trying to kill me and let's go on with our lives!?" I mean really I don't think I could survive staying my whole life in this pond. Besides I want to go to the candy grams with everyone! Especially…her the one that I found on that day. She was the only one to be able to make my love greater than my love for eggplants. She's so beautiful…so strong…and so weak too. I look behind Akaito and see everyone walking towards us. Luka looks at me worriedly…and I don't want her to be worried or sad. If anything I want her to be happy, to be safe, and I want to be the one who makes those things possible.

"Akaito stop being threatening Gakupo already. You've wasted enough of my time and now all we have left is free period. Also if you don't stop I'll personally make sure that your pretty face is so rearranged your fangirls, and fan boys will never look at you the same!" Dell Honne says in a sharp irritated tone. He then whispers something to Akaito and Akaito seems to get paler and sweat with whatever he said.

"Okay Gakupo come on! Im not gonna kill you anymore so get out of the water before you catch a cold! Wait never mind…idiots don't catch colds." Akaito said as he started to walk near the shore of the pond and extended a hand to me. I reached for it and he helped me get out of the pond. Then I walk to Luka who hands me a towel while blushing. Where she got that towel I'll never know maybe…but whatever what counts is she gave me something! I smile at her and after I use the towel to dry up a bit I hug her. She turns bright red for a second and then the next she smiles and hugs me back. It's quiet then…a little too quiet and then I realize what I had just done…


Hehe. Looks like the rumors were true after all he does like her. I guess it's okay if I don't kill him besides there will always be chances for me to get payback…like now. I smirk inwardly and look at the two then start whistling.

"Oooo! It looks like that Gakupo does have the hots for Luka! Now, now when did you two lovebirds get together? And don't you two make a cute looking couple. Remember don't start making out in front of us and just get a room. Unless you two want to remain in that situation…hugging when Gakupo is soaking wet." I smirk towards them and they both turn bright red. Gakupo mumbles incoherently and Luka just lets go of Gakupo and turns away from everyone. Seeing as now Luka got wet too the both of them have to get changed now. They wave their goodbyes and see you laters and started walking in the opposite direction but one last thing from me.

"Don't take too long you lovebirds! Also no funny business while at school!" I laugh when I see their red faces and they start to run. I turn towards everybody but they all seem to shake their heads at me. Sure I may have been a little immature there but hey it was payback. Then I turn pale for a second and slowly regain my senses at what I had just seen.

Okay maybe two things I saw at that moment. First that Len's lunch was still on top of my brother Kaito's head and it looked like it was…dancing since it seemed to be moving around also it creeped me out even more since my brother seemed oblivious at it and continued to stare at Miku with longing eyes. Really why doesn't he make a move already? I mean it's been since forever since he's liked that girl and I'm getting tired of him babbling to me about how he can't talk to her and how he wishes they were together.

"Darn you….Mikuo," I whisper to myself in anger. Yes, the second thing that shocked me was not that Neru was sleeping…but that she was sleeping on that darn Mikuo's shoulder! They were sitting on one of the benches in the garden and I started to walk towards them. That jerk must have been taking advantage because I wasn't there to shove him away!

I'll make sure that he'll be sorry for doing this to my Neru-chan while I was busy chasing Gakupo! Oh wait did I say my Neru-chan? Well she's not….yet…I just have to make my feelings known. I'm pretty sure that she likes me too after all we've always been together and then Mikuo came along. I hate how he just had to cut in between Neru and I. I suspect no…I know that jerk likes her too! Well I won't lose…she's too important to me! Nothing will stop me from being together with her….nothing not even Mikuo or anything/anyone else.

"Mmmm," Neru says while she rubs her eyes in a cute way. "Akaito….where are you? Akaito…." she called my name over and over again. I might have cried if I was emotional like Kaito is but I didn't. I saw that Mikuo had a pained and sad expression when he heard her call out for me and not him. I walk towards Neru and sit next to her on her other side since Mikuo is still there. She instantly falls down and rests her head onto my lap. I hear a sigh and the next moment I look up to see that no one else is there, not even Mikuo.

I guess that Meiko went over to the dojo in our school to challenge everyone again, Yowane Haku is probably crying somewhere but I think Mikuo probably somehow found her and is cheering her up, Dell Honne is somewhere probably scaring people, Kaito was dragged by Miku to somewhere probably the snack bar, and Rin being upset that she couldn't tag along with my brother dragged her brother Len to somewhere probably the rooftop.

I always knew that Miku liked my brother now if only one of them would grow a spine and confess. Rin likes my brother too though I don't know why especially since I've seen the way Len looks at her. Although the idea of incest seems pretty weird to me but hey it's love so whatever. Besides they've always been together and they make a pretty cute couple so it's all good. Hmm and it has occurred to me that Haku has something for Mikuo because she seems to lighten up, stop drinking her juice, be happy, laugh/smile, and stop crying when Mikuo is around for her. Also Mikuo always had a need to be there for someone so perhaps they'll be together. Either way he isn't having Neru! Maybe Meiko and Honne well end up together…they already fight like an old married couple after all.

"Akaito…." Neru says in a soft whisper. I look down towards her face but her eyes are closed so I guess she's dreaming. I brush away a few locks of her hair that was covering her face speaking of which her hair is out of it's usual side ponytail. I wonder why this is since this morning it was normal. But either way she looks beautiful and cute also with her hair left out likes this I….

"Akaito….are you okay?" I snap out of my daydream and see that Neru is finally awake now. Then I start to feel my face start to heat up from embarrassment. Neru seems to be worried since she cups my face with her hands and looks at me with a sad look.

"Im fine, you know me I just start randomly spacing out! Go back to sleep we still have plenty of time till Free Period is over." I smile at her and she smiles back at me but she doesn't go back to sleep. Instead she does something I never knew she would ever do at least not to me. I mean I've dreamt about it but never believed it would actually happen. She sat up in my lap and hugged me.

"I'm glad that you're okay then…if something was wrong you know I would want to hear about it!" she says cheerfully to me. I know her well enough to know that she's smiling right now even though I can't see it and that she really means it. This is why I believe she will return my feelings because she always tries her best for me. She isn't as lazy or sleepy with me and that makes me feel…like I'm important. She was the first person to see me for me and not as the cute, sweet, and adorable Kaito's twin brother.

Neru was the first one I could kid around with, the one I could talk with about anything, the one I would love forever and ever. It was then I decided to take a chance….a chance I was going to take this Valentine's or maybe never. But I've decided now that if Neru will try her best for me I'll try my best for her too. I hug her back…first softly and gently…then I tightened my hold around her waist and I really didn't want to let go. Neru seemed to shift in this sudden action of mine and I was about to let go until she spoke.

"Akaito….Aka-Chan…what's the matter? Are you feeling okay?" her voice was so sweet sounding…so wonderful and it made me so much feel that I was the only one she ever thought of that I really did want to cry. I wanted to be with her….I needed to be with her….so I must take this chance now.

"Please…just for a while longer…let me hold you…just like this…" I felt her movement as she nodded and I continued to hug her tightly. No I can't go on like this, not like this forever and ever! I have to tell her…and it has to be now I can't wait any longer! If I do someone might steal her away from me…and I can't handle that!

"Neru….I….I…." the words seemed to have trouble flowing out from my mouth. Which is surprising since I usually never have trouble talking like Kaito does.

"Yes Akaito?" she looked at me with such curious eyes, such beautiful eyes they were.

"…I love you Neru…I've loved you since that day when you first talked to me…talked to me by saying my name instead of saying that I was Kaito's brother like everyone else. I've loved you so much since you were the first one to notice me…the first one to be there for me and only me. I get so jealous when I see you with that darn jerk Mikuo! So please! Won't you just be mine? Just be there for me and only me?" I feel so afraid of hearing her answer…I release her from my hug and I look away from her face. If she says no…I don't know what I would do.

"Akaito…" No response. "Akaito…." Still no response. "AKAITO!! DARN IT AKAITO LISTEN TO ME!" I turn my head towards her in surprise. I was too absorbed in my thinking to realize she was calling my name. But apparently I had turned too fast…and a little too close to her. Our lips brushed each other and it may have only been just for a second or two but it happened. I turned bright red and as I looked at Neru she was bright red too.

"Umm…" Neru tried to speak up but she seemed to have trouble so I decided to help out.

"Im sorry about that…it's okay Neru-chan you can forget about it all. I don't mind. Besides I'm fine as long as I'm by your side…" I tried to fake a smile for her but it didn't seem to work as she frowned at me.

"But…I…" but the rest of her words are barely heard.

"What did you say Neru? I couldn't hear you…" I look at her seriously for I am anticipating what will happen.

"I don't want to forget!! I don't want to! I don't want to!" she starts to cry then and her tears are flowing down. I try to calm her down and wipe away her tears with my scarf.

"There there…dear dear Neru what's wrong? Don't cry…I hate it when you're sad…for I feel your pain too." I tell her in a soft whisper as I stroke her hair and pat her on the head.

She sniffled and opened her mouth to say something. "I don't want to forget…don't make me…because I've finally heard the words that I've always wanted to hear from you…so please don't tell me I should forget… Since I love you too!" I look at her with a shocked expression but as the words she just said process in my head my expression turned into a happy one.

"So…so…does that mean we can be together? That we both feel the same way? I'll always be important to you?" I asked these questions like a child would ask their parent why the sky was blue and why the leaves were green. She nodded and smiled at me which was all I needed. The person I wanted to be with the most…the person I needed to be with the most….loves me and only me….and I feel the same. I hug her so tightly and then I let go and look at her.

"Akaito….You're not gonna start crying are you?" she said to me in a playful tone. I laugh and kiss her a chaste kiss but full of so much love just for her. She blushes and smiles for me then. It was then that I was truly glad that I made my decision or else she might have been taken away from me. Now I really can't wait to get candy grams and for that Valentine's Day Dance. I was dreading that dance actually for the fangirls and fan boys would probably attack me if I went alone. But now that I have my Neru-chan with me(yes finally!) everything will be fine. We'll all live happily ever after now…won't we?

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