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"Can we ask her, Daddy? Please." Parker begged as he finished his chicken nuggets. "I really want her to come." The pair had decided to end their weekend together with lunch at the diner followed by the Rebecca approved Disney movie that was just released.

"Parks, Bones just got back this morning from her book tour, remember? She's a busy lady; I doubt she'll be able to come to the movies with us today." Booth was secretly pleased that his son wanted to spend time with his partner. Ever since they ran into her and Angela eating lunch at the diner last month, Parker had been obsessed with Bones. He asked about her constantly and wanted to invite her along to everything they did. Booth smiled to himself, thinking about how Bones couldn't seem to tell Parker no. She said that Parker's charm smile was going to be deadly once he reached his teens. He was surprised and pleased at how much his two favorite people seemed to get along. Booth pulled out his cell anyways; it couldn't hurt to ask. Besides, it had been a really long week without her.

"Daddy, is Bones your girlfriend?" Parker asked frowning.

"No Bub, Bones and I work together and she is my friend." Booth leaned forward as he replied, feeling very concerned. "Why Parker, I thought you liked Bones." He found himself holding his breath, worried about Parker's response. He had really missed her this week and found himself thinking a lot about testing that line of theirs. Too bad, she'd probably kill him, or break his heart, or both.

"I do like her, Daddy. I was just wond'rin. Mommy said that Bones was your girlfriend and that she couldn't be my girlfriend, too. But since she isn't your girlfriend than I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend." Parker declared causing Booth to choke on his french fry. Booth was still trying to think of a suitable reply to this when Parker suddenly yelled "Bones!"

Booth looked up to see the object of their apparent mutual desires walking over to them. "What are my favorite Booth men doing today?" Bones asked as she simultaneously squeezed in next to Parker and stole one of Booth's fries.

"Were gonna go to the movies and we'll get to eat popcorn and candy. Will you come with us? Please. Please. Pretty, please?" The words seemed to pour out of Parker's mouth. Bones looked back and forth between him and Parker with a stunned look upon her face. She was always amazed by Parker's energy.

"Please. Please. Pretty, please?" Booth echoed his son teasingly.

Bones looked at the matching charm smiles on both of their faces and said the only thing she possibly could. "Yes, but only if you are sure I am not interrupting your male bonding time."

"You're not interrupting anything, Bones. You know you are always welcome to join us. In fact, I was just about to call you" he explained as he lifted up his phone to illustrate his point. Booth turned to his son, "Parks, why don't you go wash up so we can leave before we miss the movie."

"How was the book tour, Bones? Was your security detail good? Were they able to keep all of the freaky stalker types away?" Booth asked leaning in towards her. Bones sighed and rolled her eyes. Booth was such an alpha-male.

"Booth, it was fine. It was long and tedious; but fine. You know that I don't do well at those types of things; I'm not good with people. I am just glad to be home. I missed everybody." It was Booths turn to sigh.

"Bones, you are good with people. You are great with Parker and you are great with me. We both missed you and I am really glad you are back; and not just because I had to take Zach into the field with me last week." He said smiling. Booth looked up to see his son starting to head back this way. "Listen Bones, I need to tell you something. Parker, well, he has a crush on you. He's going to ask you to be his girlfriend and I need you to…" he trailed off as his son approached. "Parks, are you ready to go?" he asked throwing some bills on the table. He was a little concerned that he hadn't had enough time to finish his conversation with Bones. She didn't have that much experience with children and he was worried that she wouldn't handle things well and would hurt his son's feelings. Hell, he wasn't even sure what the best way to handle the situation was.

"Yep, I'm ready." Parker replied as he reached for Bones's hand. Booth and Bones made eye contact over Parker's head as he dragged her out the door. "Relax Booth, I know what to do; there was an article in Sweets' office a few months ago. Don't worry." Bones whispered.

Booth reached for the passenger side door but his son rushed over blocking him. "Daddy, I'm s'posed to do it." Booth stepped aside to allow Parker to open the door for Bones. Bones reached down mussing Parker's hair and replied "thanks honey, you're such a gentleman." Booth fought the urge to react. The only response he ever got for opening her door was a lot of grumbling about his alpha-male tendencies. It didn't seem fair that she was practically encouraging Parker. He didn't understand her methods but he trusted her to not hurt his son.

It didn't take long before Parker was asking the question that Booth wished he could ask, "Bones, will you be my girlfriend?" Booth found himself holding his breath.

"Sure, Parker, I'll be your girlfriend." Booth shook his head at the huge grin on Parker's face, feeling a little worried. "Parker, since this will be our first date, I think that we need to discuss our relationship." Bones continued. "We are going to have to see each other a lot, so I think that everyday after school I should pick you up for a date. I'm sure your Mom won't mind."

"That would be cool, Bones. We could watch cartoons and play together. It'll be super fun." Parker beamed.

"No silly. That's not what you do when you are dating a grown-up like me. We'll have to spend a lot of time holding hands and kissing and stuff, Parker. Oh, and I think you should pick me flowers everyday."

"KISSING!!! Bones, that's gross!" Parker cried out. The look on his face was of complete disgust. Booth smiled to himself as he thought about trading places with his son. He sure wouldn't complain about getting to kiss Bones on a daily basis. "Maybe we could just watch cartoons instead?" Parker tried to reason with Bones.

"Cartoons? I don't think so Parker. Besides, I don't have a TV. I'm sure we could just do homework and kiss a lot. This is going to be perfect, Parker. I'm so glad that you're going to be my boyfriend. Look we're here already." She addressed them both, "I know that we were going to watch that new cartoon, but maybe we can watch that love story instead? That's a much better date movie, don't you think?" Booth just shook his head in amazement. He never would have thought to handle the crush this way but realized that it was the perfect solution. As they walked towards the theatre Parker managed to stick Booth in the middle of him and Bones, to protect himself from the cooties. Once they reached the ticket line, Bones excused herself for the ladies room.

"Daddy do all girlfriends wanna be mushy and stuff all the time?" Parker asked in disgust. "No Parks, only grown-ups like to be really mushy. Trust me, when you grow up like me, you won't mind the kissing; I promise. Girls that are your own age, will still like to play and watch cartoons, just like you." Booth explained to his son.

"Daddy, I don't think I wanna be Bones's boyfriend anymore. Will she be really sad if I break up with her? I don't wanna make her cry like Mommy did when Brent broke up with her?" Parker asked seriously. "Maybe if you asked her to be your girlfriend instead she won't be sad."

"Whoa Parks, I don't think Bones wants me to be her boyfriend. Anyways, I think you should just tell her how you feel and everything will be fine. I think Bones will be happy to just have you as her friend. Here she comes, I'm gonna get us some popcorn while you talk to her, okay bub?" Booth smiled to his son. "Kay, Daddy."

Booth walked away giving Bones a wink as left the two of them alone.

"Bones, can we break up?" Parker got right to the point. "I don't think I'm old enough to have a girlfriend and to do all that mushy kissing stuff, yet." The words came rushing out of Parker's mouth. He shuddered in disgust once the reached the "mushy kissing stuff" part of the explanation. "Sure Parker, I am happy to be your friend instead. Than we can watch cartoons and play, just like always." She told him with a huge smile.

Parker let out a huge sigh of relief. "Bones, than you be my Daddy's girlfriend instead! Mommy said that he likes you lots but is in the nile about it. And he told me that he likes to do that kissing and other mushy stuff, just like you! Please Bones, Please." Parker begged with his irresistible charm smile.

"Parker" Bones started out slowly, trying to figure out how she got herself in this awkward conversation. "That is something that your Dad and I will have to talk about. We are best friends and partners at work so there are a lot of consequences if we date. Besides, your Dad doesn't want to be my boyfriend."

"He does too, Bones. He told me so, but he thinks that you don't wanna date him either. Grown-ups are so weird. You just need to talk about your relanship." Parker advised her in a serious tone. "It's okay, Bones. I'll help you guys."

Parker suddenly turned around looking for his father. He spotted him walking towards them with his hands full of popcorn, candy, and soda. "Daddy!" Parker yelled across the crowded room. "Bones will be your girlfriend and you can kiss and stuff. But you need to talk about your relanship 'cause there will be cons'quenses." Parker turned back to Bones, "see I told you I could help, now can we watch the movie?"

Booth froze. He nearly dropped the arm full of treats he was carrying. His face was bright red as he noticed the room full of strangers staring and laughing at the scene they had just witnessed. Then his eyes made contact with Bones's. The expression on her face was indescribable; everything else seemed to fade away. Suddenly they were both grinning. Neither of them could believe it, but Parker really had managed to push them both over that line (something that many had attempted over the past few years). Nothing was ever going to be the same and they were thrilled. Booth grabbed Bones's hand as they walked into the theatre, giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek as they sat down.

Parker thought about all of the things he was gonna buy with the hundred dollars that Angela now owed him. He wondered how much she would give him if he got his Daddy and Bones to get married.

The end!

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