Title: Sacrifice

Chapter: 1

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Author's note: This is my third fanfic, and it is a little different from my last. It is more drama for the first chapter, but this is more of a prologue so that I can get into the real story. I just want to clear this up now, this is not a casefic. It is like my other fics, centered around character interaction, not cases. I just thought I'd clear that up. This fic, like my others will have MAJOR TIVA and I might have a little McAbby, but if I do it won't be much. I hope that you all enjoy this story, and please, read at least the next chapter too, this is not as good as it gets because it starts sad. The next chapter is better, so please stick with the story. :) Enjoy!

Tony signalled to Ziva and they broke down the door of the abandoned warehouse.


Tony and Ziva had their guns trained on the group of criminals standing before them.

Ziva wasn't sure what it was, but she could feel that something was off. "I SAID DROP YOUR WEAPONS!"

Two big men smirked, but bent down slowly and placed their weapons on the floor. Tony kept his gun trained on them as Ziva cuffed them. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be—"

Ziva turned around as she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. "Stop right there!"

The dark figure slowly emerged from the darkness, Tony's mouth dropped open as he saw her. "Jeanne?"

Jeanne smirked at Tony, "Yes. It's me Tony, it really is too bad you had to choose your NCIS team over me, we could've done well together."

Tony kept his gun trained on the two men, but focused his attention on Jeanne. "Wait, Jeanne. It doesn't have to be like this."

Jeanne laughed cruelly, "Yes it does Tony, you know as well as I do that it does."

Tony shook his head, "No it doesn't Jeanne. I…" Tony's eyes flickered to Ziva and the predicament she was in if he didn't act soon. "I still love you."

Tony looked back towards Jeanne, but her features never softened, "You'd say anything at this moment Tony. You never loved me, like you said before, it was all fake."

Tony eased his way towards Jeanne, "Please, I do love you. It took me forever to get over you, in fact I never really did."

Jeanne smirked, "It's not true Tony, don't lie to me."

"I love you Jeanne, say you love me too."

Ziva closed her eyes in pain. Tony just confirmed everything she had attempted to forget. She thought that maybe Tony didn't love Jeanne, maybe it was all just a mission like he said. Ziva scoffed at herself, how could she have been so stupid?

"I love you Jeanne." Every time Tony said those words, the blade cut deeper into Ziva's heart.

"I never loved you Tony. It was all a ploy."

Tony looked at Jeanne in shock. "What do you mean?"

Jeanne smirked, "I mean that your games didn't work on me before, and neither will they now."

Jeanne pointed her gun at Ziva, and then pulled the trigger.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The bullet left Jeanne's gun, it flew towards Ziva at an incredible speed. Ziva braced herself for the pain that she knew she would one day be forced to face.

Time seemed to stop when Tony, moving faster than he ever had before, threw himself in front of Ziva, taking the bullet to his chest.

Blood poured out of his wounds and he fell to the ground, already unconscious. Ziva looked, wide-eyed, at her partner, then to Jeanne. A murderous look came upon her face as Ziva threw herself towards Jeanne, who shot Tony one more time before she fell to the ground.

Ziva pinned Jeanne to the ground and cuffed her tightly. Luckily, the two men had left at the first chance they got, so Ziva pulled out her phone and desperately called an ambulance. Ziva fought the urge to shoot Jeanne as she pulled off her jacket and wrapped it around Tony's wound.

"You will be alright my little hairy butt, I promise."

Ziva let the tears fall freely down her face, not caring anymore. Tony had to live, that was all that mattered.

The ambulance arrived and forced Ziva to part with Tony. Ziva didn't bother to argue, knowing that Tony's life depended on getting to the hospital as soon as possible. She watched as the ambulance raced away, she felt her heart break.

Looking down at her hands Ziva realized how serious this was. She was covered in Tony's blood, he had lost a lot.

Ziva fought back her emotions, knowing they would overwhelm her. She flipped open her phone and called Gibbs, who picked up half-way through the first ring.

"Gibbs." He answered, knowing immediately that something was wrong.

"Gibbs… everything went wrong, Tony was shot twice in the chest and is on his way to Bethesda. He lost a lot of blood. Two men got away, but we caught the leader. It's Jeanne."

Ziva fought back her tears as she hung up, agreeing to meet everyone at the hospital. Her voice was cold and emotionless as she looked at Jeanne. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law…"

Ziva rambled on, citing the words she knew so well. Jeanne showed no remorse at all as Ziva forced her to stand.

Ziva knew that one wrong move and Jeanne could be let go, but she was having a hard time controlling herself. Thanks to her, Tony could be dead right now.

The thought stopped Ziva in her tracks, Tony may be dead. It took all of her willpower not to shoot the woman before her and make Jeanne suffer far worse than Tony had to.

By now other agents were on the scene and Ziva was allowed to leave. She drove even crazier than her normal and pulled into the hospital parking lot not ten minutes later.

She slammed the car door shut and raced inside the building.

Running to the front desk Ziva practically yelled, "Agent DiNozzo, where is he?"

The receptionst looked up, clearly annoyed. "I am sorry miss—"

Ziva fought back her anger, "NO!" Taking a deep breath, Ziva lowered her voice and hissed. "No! You are not sorry! Now where is Agent DiNozzo?!"

The receptionist saw the cold look in Ziva's eyes and gulped. "He's in surgery."

Ziva paced in front of the desk, "How bad is it? Will he make it?"

She braced herself for the worst, but her frustration only grew when the receptionist sighed. "I am sorry but I do not know, you'll have to wait until after the doctor is done."

Ziva swore under her breath as she nodded. She continued to pace until the rest of the team arrived.

"Ziva!" Abby ran towards Ziva, tears running freely down her face. "Oh Ziva I'm so sorry! Is he going to be okay? He has to be okay, oh my goodness, Ziva tell me he'll be okay!"

Ziva embraced Abby warmly, "I do not know Abby, we have to wait."

Ziva swallowed her tears as McGee walked up, "I'm sorry Zee. I'm sure he'll be okay."

Ziva nodded as she, to McGee's surprise, gave him a hug. Even though Ziva wasn't the kind to hug very often, McGee overcame his shock and returned the favour. They pulled apart and McGee nodded at her before stepping away.

Ziva turned to face Gibbs. She saw something she usually didn't in his deep blue eyes, compassion. "I'm so sorry Gibbs, it's all my fault. She meant to shoot me…"

Gibbs silenced her by putting a finger to her lips. He didn't even bother ordering her not to apologize as he embraced her in a hug. "Ziva. It's okay, Tony will be okay."

Ziva nodded, knowing this was not the time or place to argue with him. At that moment the doctor came out. "Family of DiNozzo?"

All four of Tony's co-workers took a deep breath before stepping forward. "Here."

Gibbs knew how hard this was on his team and decided to take the lead, "How is he?"

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