Now, listen.

I'm going to try to prolong this as much as I can.

Hence, I'm [slightly] going step by step…

Did you get that, yeah??

"This one looks good."

This was Jiraiya: a now successful business man that went through his whole school career mooching off his hard-working father, who had hatefully turned over the Sage Corporation, a wide company with businesses of different sorts, to his unworthy son. Jiraiya was good at many things, but just refused to apply himself; hence, he was a freeloader with much potential. His father didn't want to hand over his fruitful establishment, especially not to his son, but the exhaustions of old age had gotten to the deprived man and all he wanted to do was lie on a beach in the Tropics.

"Forget this shit," the old man had yelled randomly one day.

He threw his papers on the ground, catching Jiraiya's attention.

"Just don't mess it up."

Unfortunately, he died on the plane heading to his vacation.

A heart attack from qualms.

The new billionaire was now at an adoption agency with his wife, Tsunade.

She was disappointed with the way her husband addressed the toddler.

"He's cute," she agreed, "But I like the girl."

The couple was ready to start a family, but Tsunade refused to bare any children. In all her years, she resented the pain and hideousness a girl had to go through just to give birth. She seen many pregnant people and they all looked miserable; nothing was going to get her to go through that! Plus, she didn't want to ruin her beautiful figure when she could simply adopt. The two children that she and her husband had their eyes on were a little boy and girl. They both looked like they had the same hair color, except the boy's was closer to black.

"Stop," the little girl begged with teary eyes, the boy yanking her short hair.

The adults ignored their tiny confrontation with conversation.

"Shut up," he demanded happily and gave her soft hair another tug.

This two year-old was in bliss.

"May I hold her?" Tsunade asked.

The blue-eyed nun smiled and nodded.

When Sasuke saw the giant take Hinata away from him, his world turned upside-down. He tried holding onto her hair, but it was cut too short for him to even get a firm grip on. As Tsunade looked into the periwinkle eyes of the little girl, she smiled to herself. She knew that this girl was going to be her daughter and she couldn't wait to take her home.

The two minutes that Hinata was away felt like a decade to Sasuke.

So, he did what he did best whenever she was more than a feet away.


Jiraiya frowned at the deafening noise that came from his choice and had a second thought.

Immediately, the nun knew what was going on when she picked up the red-eyed toddler and he started grabbing towards the giggly Hinata who was in Tsunade's arms at the time. Tsunade noticed the cry get louder every time the nun would try to keep the boy calm in her hands and away from the midnight blue-haired girl. She didn't understand and was querying why the boy was having a tantrum.

"Are they related?"

The nun shook her head bouncing Sasuke, who was still crying.

"He's just, um…"

She didn't really know.

"They spend every waking minute together," she responded, "She gets this way too."

That was a lie.

If fact, Hinata didn't really like Sasuke since he always picked on her.

"What's their names?"

"Sasuke and Hinata."

Jiraiya shrugged lightly.

"You want 'em?"

Tsunade looked at the nun and nodded.

"Great! So let's get the papers and—"

"Oh, wait, him too."

She pointed over to another toddler in the corner of the displayed play pin, who had energetic beady black eyes and a bowl cut with a short braid in the back. The fire in his eyes caught her attention the moment she entered the orphanage. The only reason she picked up Hinata first was because she wanted a daughter more than anything—she was going to be her live personal doll.

"Oh, okay," the nun said.

Tsunade smiled at her husband and he replied with a grin.

But it quickly disappeared when she turned back to Hinata in her arms.

Jiraiya knew his wife had not a single clue on how to raise children.

The next few years were terror.

First big one with Sasuke.

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