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There's a problem.

Like, a big problem.

Sasuke has realized that there was going to be this humungous problem since the day he was stuck with these dysfunctional people. Really! This house was only so big, but he was thankful it was as big as it was otherwise this immense problem would be even huger.

Damn his life.

The problem was space. To begin with, there are only four bedrooms in the house, three of them with one bed in it and the last was Tsunade's den. And, yes, that seems spacious — however, not when eight people live under this roof.

"Sasuke," Naruto said.

He rolled his eyes. What now! "What?"

"I don't want to sleep on the couch anymore—"

"Not an option."

"What! Why not?" Naruto folded his arms. "Is it because you sleep on the couch too?"

Of course it was. "Go away."

Sasuke was a little busy at the moment. Tonight was the big night, and he wanted to be as well dressed as possible! It was rather on the hard side, seeing as all his suits were black, but he needed to decide on what tie he was going to wear. He was thinking of Hinata's favorite color, but he hated purple. But then he thought, "Why not the color she likes on me?" After that, he was set on finding a red tie — which he didn't have. Damn his dullness! So he ended up looking through his father's collection.

"But Deidara gets to sleep in a bed—"

He stopped his soul searching and turned around.

Sasuke's eye twitched. "What?"

He thought that idiot was sleeping on the floor somewhere!

Oh no.


Naruto raised an eyebrow. Didn't he know?

Sasuke glared. He knew all this time!

"Hinata's room."

Take a deep breath.

Take a huge, deep breath.

What the hell!

Naruto watched his friend exit the room in a meth-induced rage. Wow — maybe he shouldn't have said that.


Hinata stopped unfolding the blanket in her hand and placed it on the couch when she saw red in her brother's eyes — metaphorically speaking. And not metaphorically speaking, that red was turned towards her. Sasuke confronted her and stared down at the beautifulness. Damn, she looked, smelled, sounded, and felt so good. How could she make such a big mistake! Oh no — he hoped this didn't mean she and Deidara...slept together! Just picturing him touch her — he's dead.

"Deidara can't stay here," he finally said. He took a deep breath.

She nearly pouted. "But...I thought he could stay if—"

"He doesn't have a place to sleep...?"

He was trying to force the truth out of her, hoping Naruto was just another idiot with blonde hair in this house.

"But he sleeps in my room."

Take a deep breath.

Oh lord, this method wasn't going to work.

But he's sure killing Deidara will!


Things were just getting worst!

Sakura pranced over to the two and Sasuke immediately looked away. The only reason why she was so frivolous was because she already had her makeup finished for the event tonight; Sasuke figured she wanted him to see her so he would bet on her later tonight — and he was completely right! Sakura couldn't wait for that glorious moment. She could picture it now!

"Who are you betting on?" Naruto would ask.

Sasuke would shrug, being his usual aloof self but with a distant longing. "I don't know yet; I'm waiting for...something."

Then she would come out in her frilly dress, accompanied by her dashing looks, and say, "Sasuke?" with surprise when he bids a million dollars on her before the bidding even started.

Sakura squirmed at her wish and immediately got chills.

"Sakura...?" Hinata was getting a little nervous.

"Oh, um," she breathed out, "I needed to ask you something."

She looked at the room that she just came from. It was Tsunade's and Hinata expected Sakura was going to ask for her advice on another dress. She'd been doing this ever since Hinata came home from work. Sakura was rushed into the room. Hinata was trying to avoid her evil brother and the fact that Sakura's plan might essentially work! Yes, she knew her sister-in-law wanted Sasuke to bet on her, wasn't supposed to actually happen like that!

"Who are you betting on?" Naruto would ask.

Sasuke would glare at him, hating himself for actually coming to this event in order to spend money he didn't really have.

"Shut up," he would retort.

And then Sakura would come out, smiling down at all the men, but beam at the sight of Sasuke's profile. Hoping the loud bids would catch his attention, Sakura would keep smiling and doing small cute poses — though it would never work. Sasuke would eventually exit the room for a bit because of the loud noise; Sakura would be devastated at the fact that her husband actually won her.

Then she would come out and...

"A million dollars!" Sasuke would shout rushing back into the room with sparkling eyes.

And that is what Hinata wanted to happen. Yes, she knew her family didn't have a million dollars at the time but it was a nice thought of him betting so much money on her!

Sasuke frowned as his blushing sibling and Sakura rushed back into his mother's room. He needed to do something about this rooming arrangement. It wasn't going to work out too well for his health. However, one of the many big problems entailed Tsunade never giving up her den. Not to add that Shikamaru moved in...! Damn, every time he thought of that ass living in this house he felt his muscles start to tense up. Shikamaru claimed to not have enough money to live in his loft anymore — which had to be true; the imbecile didn't have any other clients besides this family, which led to Sasuke discovering this fool doesn't even have a law degree!

"Don't worry; he knows what he's doing," Jiraiya said smirking when Sasuke asked him about it.

Could this situation get any worse?

And, really, it could.

He didn't know it yet, but Sasuke was in for a rude awakening. His life was going to take a turn — for better or for worse. Hopefully for better, seeing as there was a person out there looking to make it into Sasuke's life — trying to reach out to him!

So, most likely for worse.

However, that wasn't important — yet — and Sasuke was freaking out over this auction. It was his one and only chance to finally reach out to his dear baby sister...and touch her in places. Yes, that was a bit sick on his part, but he figured if he kept the fondling a secret then he could get what he wanted without the weird stares — though he wasn't sure keeping it quiet would prevent Hinata from getting a restraining order against him. He needed to convince her to like him again, and tonight was the night to do it. Damn, he couldn't wait!

"Who are you betting on?" Naruto would ask.

Sasuke would glare and look away, rolling his eyes because it was none of his business.

Then Sakura would come out with the ugliest frilly dress as she twirled her hair and flirted with her eyes. Specifically at Sasuke, though he would completely ignore her advances because he wasn't interested in the slightly bit — and wished she could see it by his actions.

"We'll start the bid at—oh damn! Someone just take her so we can get to someone more important!" the auctioneer would blurt out.


Sasuke would smirk evilly at her being dragged off the stage.

Then Hinata would come out and...

"A million dollars!" she would scream just before Sasuke got his mouth open.

The auctioneer would be puzzled; the bidden on has never bid! "Wha—"

"I'll..." She'd blush and smile sheepishly. "I'll give you that go out with him."

The whole crowd would gasp and turned to Sasuke who would then have a spotlight on him.

The auctioneer would shrug and slam his gavel on the podium. "Sold."

"NO!" Deidara would cry, all teary-eyed.

Man, that was going to be a glorious moment.

Now if only these damn girls would just go away.

"Do I hear five hundred!"

It was so pathetic! All these eager men, verbally throwing themselves at these women who were too sad to get a date the regular way. Even though everyone there said that they were doing it for charity, Sasuke knew that this was just a nice and expensive way of going speed dating. And he was too good for this; he shouldn't be where he was! Nonetheless, he jumped every time he heard a girl being sold since that meant he was one step closer to Hinata being his.

"Sasuke!" Lee grinned at his brother as he sat next to him. "You look nice."

He scoffed at his brother's comment. Of course he did!

"Where'd you get that tie?" Naruto sipped his cup of soda. "I've never seen you wear red before."

"Shut up, Naruto."

"You got that from Jiraiya's closet."

Sasuke nasally sighed with irritation at Shikamaru's voice as he pulled up a chair. Really? There weren't any other tables available?

"Why are you here?"

"To make sure you actually do something," Shikamaru said.

"I'm bidding," Naruto gloated loudly.

The lawyer just stared — then blinked. "It doesn't matter if you do; you don't work for the company."


"Naruto," Sasuke breathed out to calm his nerves. "You don't have money."

He folded his arms and pouted.

"This pretty lady really wants to help out the wildlife!" the auctioneer announced. "Starting the bid hundred dollars!"

This was the moment! The moment Sasuke has been waiting for his whole — wait, never mind; it was just Sakura.

And he was so close!

"Five hundred!" Rock Lee shouted as he stood up with his hands in the air.

Sakura nervously cleared her throat as her husband blatantly skipped from one to five. Wow, that was insane. He could have least gave Sasuke a chance to get there! She looked down at her husband with an annoyed expression on her face before smiling with hope at Sasuke, someone who refused to look her in the face. What was he doing, slouching down in his seat like that as he moved it behind Lee? She wished he would stop joking around and get serious before this was over!



After a little fight for the microphone, Sakura snatched it out of the man's hand and throatily said, "Any other bids? Any!"

She was looking straight at Rock Lee's torso — where Sasuke was hiding behind.

"Give me that!" the auctioneer angrily took back the device and said, "You're sold—next!"

"! This can't be!"

This wasn't how she pictured it!

Sasuke took an easy breather when the crazy woman was dragged off the stage and forced to leave with her husband. Lee was tons of excited to see his wife try to get more out of the charity by encouraging the rest to place bets. It may not have worked, but it's the effort that counts!

"Sage Corporation's own heiress!" the seller shouted. "Starting the bid hundred dollars!"

Sasuke could feel his heart stop when he saw Hinata stand up there with a red face. She freaking cute! All he wanted to do was hug her, touch her, squeeze her, touch her, yank her hair, touch her, rip off her clothes, and touch her! Wow, he was having the most wonderful heart attack ever! That short black dress suited her well. And those sheer stockings made her legs look...magnificent.

This was going to be a wonderful night, and he was ready to get it started!

"Two hundred!"

Sasuke just stared aimlessly in the air as his mouth was opened and ready to call out an amount — but Naruto beat him to it?

"What the hell are you doing?" Sasuke growled.

"Bidding," he said innocently.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Stop—Two fifty."

"Three hundred!" Naruto was getting excited! His grin said it all.

"You don't have that money," Sasuke retorted as he gripped his arm.

Naruto frowned at him. "What's your prob—"

"Four hundred," Shikamaru said loudly.

Sasuke didn't understand! Why were they doing this!

"Five hundred," he voiced nervously.

"Five seventy-five!" Naruto shouted.

Sasuke glared at him. "Six hundred."

"Six twenty-five," Shikamaru added.

Sasuke took a deep breath.

"Six fift—"

"Seven hundred!"

Hinata teembled nervously as the three men gambled on her competitively. She hasn't seen her brother that angry in years! She was happy that he would go so far to bid on her — but she feared he'd give up soon.

That was it! He has had enough!

"Two thousand," Sasuke said while getting up from his chair.

Everyone looked at him like he was a maniac, especially Shikamaru and Naruto. This charity wasn't that important.

"Wow...S-sold..." The seller slowly drummed his gavel.

Sasuke almost did a secret fist pump to himself when they moved onto the next girl. Yes! He has a date with his sister! It was going to wonderful...and cheap. Damn, he can't believe he bet two thousand dollars on her. That was crazy! Hinata was worth it, but why did Shikamaru and Naruto have to go so far (even though the only went up to a thousand)? He turned around when he felt a tap on his back.

"Th-thank you," Hinata whispered.

She was staring at her feet the entire time with a timid smile across her lips. Twiddling with her fingers to keep herself from fainting and all Sasuke noticed was that she was obviously happy to be around him. It was a photo op moment, something a certain person should take note off before the moment expanded into something more superb.

"I didn't see Deidara," he mentioned on the way to his car.

"He didn't come," she said. She frowned and added, "He...didn't think we should do the charity."

He completely missed the last part. He didn't come? Really? What the hell was his problem! And she would date a loser who wasn't even going to bet on her just because he didn't believe in charities? Sasuke really wanted him to see what was going on too. He expected the fool to follow them to the restaurant they were going to now, and watch them have a good time, which would bother him so much that he'd just combust from sadness. That's what Sasuke was aiming for. That lowlife bastard. He could at least say that he was having a great time with his sister — just like old times.

Old times meaning their senior year.

"Sasuke!" Hinata whined.

He showed a triumph smirk as he stole another piece of her steaming potato. She frowned when he looked like he was enjoying it.

"That's good," he wheedled.

Her tense face eased and she blushed. Sasuke materialized a tiny smile when she nudged her plate towards him. He took another piece of the food as he beamed within; he could get anything out of her. She was so easily flattered and persuaded — especially by him.

"Thank you for taking me out," she said bashfully.

He shrugged, and, of course, something would go wrong.

"I'm sorry...about what happened."

Why couldn't she just drop it?

Sasuke dropped his fork on the plate and let the food rest in his mouth; he knew what she was talking about.

"I should have told you about what happened."

Shit! This date was taking a turn for the worst!

Hinata got scared when seeing his pensive face. She finished.

"But...I didn't." She gulped when he gave her an evil look. "I promise."

He furrowed his brow at her glassy eyes. She was still apologizing about lying to him about the tutoring sessions. He already told her he believed her — though he didn't, in full; she knew that too. He was just hungry and didn't want to talk about it anymore. Damn, he hated that ass and was glad he was gone.

Sasuke nodded. "Okay," he said.

She beamed. "R-really?"

Again, he nodded. "I believe you."

He held back a smile at seeing her bright one. He hasn't seen her like that since the morning after the graduation party. They had a good relationship back then, and he screwed it up. He was very faulty, but the way she looked up to him didn't show any flaws. He was perfect — ever since twelve years old. Sasuke smirked at the dazzle in her eyes as she stared at him. He discreetly grabbed the leg of her chair to pull her closer to his.

"Oh!" She yelped. Her hand came up to cover her mouth as she reddened instantly.

His smirk turned more lecherous as the temperature in his face rose.

"Do you date Deidara?" he asked lowly.

She gulped and quickly shook her head.

The smirk widened and he closed his eyes while moving in closer; he didn't think so.


He cracked opened his eyes and saw Hinata red as a tomato, eyes closed and lips anxiously waiting to feel another set on them as they were parted slightly. That was a male's voice, and clearly his subconscious just trying to tell him that this moment was too good to be true so he'd better wake up. Who cares! Let him have this fantasy!


This time they both opened there eyes. Sasuke sighed with dissatisfaction.

Or the voice was just another nuisance in his life — what did he expect?

Sasuke looked up and glared at the annoying man.

Then his eyes widened.

And when she looked up, she couldn't believe it either.

At the moment, Sasuke wouldn't be that surprised if it was their father. Probably broke out of jail and a fugitive on the run. And, at the moment, he was really hoping it was his father. But his father had dark brown eyes, and this man had his unique eye color. Two and two were put together — oh crap.

They were blood relatives.

Please let it be Madara, that manipulative bastard.

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