SUMMERY: Josephine DeBeaux goes under ground to HIS domain on a dare to prove that the phantom of the opera is dead from the terrible disaster years ago. She must bring back his skull, does she find what she is looking for? Erik has gotten himself into his old habit with morphine. Once he's clean, he hears the voice of another angel by accident. His love for teaching consumes him, is this the one who could give him a second chance at life, to start over?

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He sat in box five observing the stage men putting all their effort into their work on the stage; it has taken them months to make the Populaire what it once was. Four and a half years has passed since the events of Don Juan Triumph, when she betrayed him for the very last time. He knew it was a trap , to proceed in the performance that would seal his fate. But Still, that wasn't going to stop him in declaring his love for her, but then with one swift motion of her small hand she ripped off his mask. It happened so quickly, he could still hear the audiences' cry of horror, and disgust.

Still in Box Five, he closes his eyes, gripping the arm chair in remembrance. Unable to be in the atmosphere, he jolts out of his chair in pain and anger, willing back the burn of tears.

"How could she…"

He made his long way to the sanctuary of his lair that his lair offers. Stepping out of the gondola, he removes his waist coat and cravat, letting them fall on to the worn Persian carpet. Pouring himself a brandy, he stretches his long legs in front of him, while he lays his head on the back of the divon. Closing his eyes, he can feel the beginning of a head ache, with out haste he took a long drink from his glass, feeling it burn his throat. Hoping the warm caress of the alcohol will make the pain go away… Whether the pain was from his head or heart it didn't matter.

Sighing heavily he pours himself another brandy, just thinking of the search for a soprano would not be easy…for him at least. His high standards make it hard to convince him in one's vocal abilities and performance; they may have the voice but lack the passion.

This new soprano, who ever she may be, better not sound like La Carlotta or he will have to put the new singer out of her misery himself! He cringed just thinking about Carlotta in IL Muto, but there
will be no one who could replace his angel…

"Angel," he sighed.

It still hurt to think of her; he still thought of her as his. For two years he thought she might return to him, but she never did. He waited and waited until one day the paper's head lines read:

"Congratulations to Monsieur Raoul Vicomte de Chagny and his wife
Christine, whom has given birth to a healthy baby boy, little monsieur Gustave Charles de Chagny!"

After he had read that, he literally fell out of his chair; now that Christine is a mother, she would never return to her Angel of Music.

While pouring yet another brandy the bottle shook in his hand, his anger flared.

"How dare that boy take advantage of her, he has no right to-to," he slurred, unable to finish his statement. Knowing that Rao-the boy had every right in the world to love his wife, that is what happens behind closed doors of a marriage bedroom, and the results are children.

Looking over his right shoulder he saw the door to the louis-phillip room, that was supposed to be theirs, - Christine's and his, - they would have shared it together as one…

That room was fit for a queen, he mused.

"A queen of darkness…" he whispered, starring down at his hands. He knew that it would have been wrong to keep her down here. The never ending darkness and solitude. Christine was a delicate rose, and roses need sunlight to survive. Over all, he could not stop himself from loving her, couldn't stop himself from thinking about her, she was always haunting his dreams it was the same dream all the time…

It was that night that I let her go with the Vicomte, I sat a lone on the floor in the room that was supposed to be ours. Listening to my music box, the only possession that brought me comfort.

"Masquerade…paper faces on parade, masquerade…hide your face so the
world will never find you…"

I Looked to my left and saw Christine standing there fingering her engagement ring, with a far- away look in her eyes.

"Christine, I love you."
She slowly walked towards me, on my face a look of hope, Christine looked down at her ring then back at me. She was so beautiful standing there in her wedding gown. I searched her face for some sort of sign, her eyes swelled up with tears then slid down her checks. This is the end, I knew it was, I was going to lose her for all the terrible things that I've done…

"Forgive me please…" She asked timidly, barely a whisper.

I was unable to hold her gaze. I looked down in anguish, squeezing my eyes shut so the tears wouldn't fall in front of her. My breath caught in my throat when I felt her lips brush against my check. My head snapped up to see her kneeling beside me. She said the one thing I've been wanting to hear from her for so long!

"I love you, too."

To my amazement I was paralyzed, mute even, the edge of her lips curved into a soft smile, hesitant, I reached out and touched her gently on the cheek. She did not pull away. With out hesitation I pulled her into my arms, unable to believe that this angel would love me in return. I buried my face in the curves of her neck, unable to hold back my tears of joy, her beautiful voice caught my attention when she spoke.

"Please, promise me you'll share with me one love, one life time

"Of course, I promise Christine, just say the word and I will follow you
wherever you shall go."

Her smile increased, and they way she looked at me was unforgettable, -her hair had fallen around her face, her eyes no longer red and watery were now bright with happiness and full of love. I could have died right then from being that close to her. Her voice brought me back from my musing.

"Promise me something else then, angel, that you'll share each day with
me, each night and every morning when I wake-"

"-I promise Christine, I promise. I'll do anything for you; you alone I
love." I wrapped my arms around her again whispering in her ear, "Only you, you Christine, there will never be another."

Erik would jerked awake violently each time the dream ended. Reality would settle in, and he would realize what he lost, or never had to begin with.

Shaking his head, Erik pours himself another brandy. During the months of solitude, he kept his mind and hands busy by reconstructing his lair, adding new rooms. At first he did so for no particular reason, but he soon saw that they would become of great use.

"Oh, well, there is no rush. Let's not focus on the past, but the future shall we?" Said Erik, scrubbing a hand over his flush face.

What future? Asked a meddlesome voice in the back of his mind.
It's a pity really, you're going to be doing the same thing you're doing now, wallowing in self pity, reminiscing on the past and drinking your life away…not that you had a life to begin with…
Not the voices again, he rolled his eyes.

"That's not true, I've a life, I've been to many places, seen many
things, plus…I do not drink that much."

…Really, not that much eh, how many brandies have you had?

Erik looked down at the bottle next to him and raised a dark eye brow, odd, he thought, it was full when I took it from the pantry…its half empty.

You can't remember can you? How pathetic!

"You are quite annoying, stop bothering me."

The voices did not stop nor did they go away, they snickered and teased,
laughed and accused in the back of Erik's mind.

Tell us oh, great genius, what do you plan on doing with your life?

"I-I could write more music…" He slurred.

Ha! You haven't written or played ever since she left, look at that thing you call in instrument, go on look!

Erik slowly turned his head to the right where his organ was, neglected,
drowning with old music organ pips are so dusty and swamped with music sheets I don't it works.

"It still works," was his only reply.

When will you realize, you were born and left along,.. raised alone and
now…you will die alone!

Feeling his heart swell up with pain he answers simply," I won't let that happen…"

What are you going to do? Force some helpless girl into loving you, like you did with Christine?

"I didn't force her, she kissed me!" He yells at the darkness that
consumes him.

Stop lying to yourself, monster, she kissed you to save her lover. She was afraid of you like every one else in this theater…

"She loves me…she does..." He whispered, letting his head fall back
against the divon. The liquor is slowly taking over his scenes.

"I let her go."

After you realized that kiss meant nothing to her…

Erik knew the voices were right but he didn't want to hear the words at the moment; he was too tired and drunk to argue.

"Go away, you blasted voice's." He rubbed his temple.

No, we will never go away. The voices pressed on.

Aggravated, he stood and paced back and forth, or rather staggered back and forth from the effect of the alcohol.

Beware the Phantom of the Opera!
He's there the Phantom of the Opera!

"Stop…Stop it! "

The Phantom of the Opera is there! Inside your MIND!

"Stop pestering me, damn you!" Erik yells at the top of his lungs, his
voice echoed back at him, he staggered over onto the floor.

"Go away…" He pleaded weakly.



"Watch me…"

Erik stood up and stocked into his room, tripping over his own feet on the way. He fell to his knees to unlock the drawer of his desk, pulling out a syringe and vile filling it with morphine.

Closing his eyes and mind to the voice's, he savors the certain satisfaction as the needle slid into his vein. In a few seconds, he will barely know himself.

Don't worry, will we'll be back but answer me this, who can ever love a monster, a liar, one who is influenced by morphine?!Feeling his body respond to the drug, the voices inside his head started to fade, but the question didn't fall upon deaf ears. Who could ever love… a monster?

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