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Warning: This is set within the final chapter of the InuYasha manga.

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Tears cascaded down Kagome's face as she lay on her bed, her knees drawn up against her chest with her arms wrapped firmly around her legs.


Was graduation, the ending of her chapter at school and alas everything that happened within those years of school would be closed, like the world she unwillingly left behind her.


Was all he could take hold of in this world – a world that was located five hundred years in the past. Although InuYasha knew what – or rather whom he would rather hold in his embrace, the woman who held his heart, his soul. With her gone, hope was the only thing keeping him from being torn asunder.


A word she refused to think, to believe, knowing that it was goodbye that tore her apart.

'Is it alright for me to wallow in misery like this?' Kagome had wondered in the past.

Was it okay to feel down about being trapped in the future when her family had her back – for good?


InuYasha was torn back into his own time for the reason that he belonged there. He was a creature born of the era, and she, a swan born of her own. Nothing could ever change that. Nothing could ever change the fact that was they were bound to separate worlds.

Sometimes he felt resentful of their friends, they way they found happiness and he lost his only chance at that. However, soon after those thoughts had fled his mind, he felt dreadful.


He knew he would never – even in his own mind – have admitted his emotions so clearly. He understood it was okay to feel these ways, and it was all because of the changes she had invoked in him.


Her mother met her down by the well that started it all. Giving her courage and strength she need to know, to not be afraid and the permission to go.


Kagome knew now that shutting the chapter of her school life was only ending her life in the present in the twentieth century was over and that her time in the warring states era was her future.

That knowledge gave her hope.


Was given to her, to let her grow, give her options on what she wanted. He gave her a choice, and as the scents in the wind changed, she had decided hers.

They were not bound to time.

They were bound to each other.