A/N: I just love to write, and there's just one thing I love more; SasoDei and DeiSaso. Over that, there's extremely and undeniably FLUFFY SasoDei/DeiSaso. Therefore, I decided to make this: Just a bunch of fluffy, plotless oneshots, drabbles and ficlets. Well, there is a "plot," but it won't contain any angst, tragedy, horror or drama. This story is strictly romance/humor.

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"Amazing. I can't believe we have our own apartment."

A long-haired, yet manly teenager dumped down on a beige couch, letting his tired body rest among the many, fluffy pillows. He closed his clear-blue eyes, breathing in the smell of cleanness and newness. The one leg which wasn't resting on the couch was brushing over the furry, sheep-skin rug. He hadn't taken off his jacket yet, so he zipped it open with the hand who previously had supported a brown cardboard box. Said box had been carefully put down by one of the bookshelves, the one who was, when looking from the door on the opposite wall, left of the couch. Even further left, the corner was lined with wooden benches and all sorts of kitchenware. The silver refrigerator reached almost all the way up to the ceiling, making it look like it was pushing through the row of shelves that otherwise ran along the wall, parallel with the benches. Another three boxes were placed on a standard kitchen table. It wasn't too big, but not too small either. The chairs that matched stood in front of the window, between the table and the "kitchen." The whole apartment had a golden wooden floor, laminate, giving the whole house a modern look. There were no decorations there; no plants, no pictures, no ugly tiny sculptures of the sort a grandmother deemed to be the perfect gift.

All in time, Deidara thought with a content smile on his face.

The door complained with a long whine as it was opened, letting the blond teenager know that whoever was on the other side already must've brushed the dirt off their shoes on the "Welcome to D&S"(Deidara had it special-made)doormat just outside of the door, in the hallway. Slipping off their shoes--or so the blond male assumed they did-- the person crossed the room, putting something down on the coffee table in front of the couch walking to the right and around it, passing the lean chair and, finally, putting their knees down on the couch in between Deidara's widely spread legs. The blond, eighteen year old male opened his eyes, smiling wider at the sight that greeted him.

"Hello there, lovely, hmm..." He reached up with an aching arm, encouraging the lean form sitting nearly on top on him to come closer.

"Hello there," the redhead replied, bending down to give his lover a sweet kiss. He supported himself with his own arms as brown eyes looked into blue. "How's it going?"

Deidara's hand slid down the smaller male's back, finally coming to a rest on the jeans-clothed, firm ass. Not groping or teasing, just caressing. "I'm fine, just a little tired, " he mumbled, hoping that he'd said it loud enough for Sasori to hear. "After all, we have been carrying boxes all day; I think we deserve a little break now, don't you?"

It was true. It was Saturday, and the first thing the couple had done when waking up was calling each other and collecting their stuff. They had started at 8am, so they could take their time. First, Deidara had come over to the redhead's house to clean out his room (his grandmother was moving to a nursing home, so it was a good time to move) and then, they went to Deidara's to do the same. He still lived with his mother, though, so he had a hard time saying goodbye. Not that he was regretting his decision of moving into a brand new apartment with his boyfriend. Not at all.

Sasori laid down on his lover's chest, he too closing his eyes. "Yes, you do." He kissed the black t-shirt before once again getting up.

The blond male looked at the redhead walking away with a puzzled look. "Me," he asked.

"Yes," the nineteen year old teenager replied, "you." He swayed his hips teasingly,--for no reason apparently--biting his tongue like a kid. "I'm going to move some stuff into our bedroom." Oh, so that was what the butt-wiggling was about. Deidara chuckled quietly to himself. Even though the couple liked to joke about things like that, they hadn't done anything sexual yet. They had been together for over two months, though.

For the blond one, it was not only special, but also a bit weird; his relationships were often filled with heated nights, rather than romantic dinners. The redhead, though was something else, someone he wanted to keep, was going to keep. If the two months of nothing but dates, talking and enjoying each other's company wasn't evidence enough that the two of them were going to be together--if not forever--for a very long time, Deidara didn't know what was.

Lost in his thoughts as he was, Deidara hadn't realized that Sasori already had got that box, come into the apartment again and gone into the bedroom, until the redhead was closing one of the two doors left of the couch (the other door led to the bathroom.)

"Come here," Deidara mumbled to his boyfriend, waving him over with a hand gesture. Sasori didn't object, and straddled the blond male who was still lying on the soft piece of beige furniture, leaning over him on all fours. Throwing his hand around the redhead's neck, Deidara pulled him a bit closer. "You're not getting any more boxes today."

"Yes," Sasori said with a grin.

"No, hmm."




Deidara pulled his lover down, kissing him softly on the lips. "Mmm, no."

"Yes," Sasori whispered, kissing back.

"No." The blond male captured the redhead's lips making him join in a round of tongue-wrestling.

"Hmm..." The older, yet smaller teen didn't even attempt to break away to retort, he just enjoyed the feeling of tongue on tongue, lips on lips, lover on lover. Everything was quiet, the silence only broken by the wet sound of tongues mingling. It seemed like an hour had passed before Sasori pulled away. "No."

"Good, hmm."

The redhead closed his eyes and rested his head on the muscular chest, finally giving himself the rest he knew he needed. "I love you."

Deidara smiled, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend. "And I love you." He kissed the tuft of red hair sweetly, shifting around a little to make himself comfortable. A quick glance at the clock told the blond male that it was barely noon, and that taking a little nap before making dinner would do no harm. With a smile, Deidara let his head hit the pillow. How he could be any happier than he was now, the blond male would probably never know.