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Ch. 1

The Demon was dead, John and Dean were both out of the hospital after the near fatal fight with the monster and all three Winchesters were now at Bobby Singer's at the end of the road to recovery. With the object of their obsession gone it left the three men with one question: What now?

Sam had been thinking for a while and with the numerous requests and offers he's got to go back to Stanford he figured that is what his next move would be. Now how would he tell his Dad and older brother? The two were acting like the year- long separation from each other had never happened. John still gave orders and Dean readily obeyed, no questions asked, and it frustrated Sam to no end. His brother was a grown man and deserved to make his own decisions without their dad trying to interfere. Currently both John and Dean were looking for their first job since killing the Demon that had destroyed their lives.

He would have to break the news soon. He didn't plan on going on the next hunt. By the excited look on Dean's face it would seem that their next hunt had been found. "Pack up Sammy boy we're leavin in the morning."

Sam looked at his older brother with a look that very clearly said that he didn't want to go. "What's the matter Sammy? You know we can't mooch off Bobby forever man. We got get out there."

"I'm not going Dean."

"What do you mean you're not going? Sammy there is a hunt out there. People need our help."

"Hey boys," John greeted entering the room. "Sammy you should pack up we're leaving first thing in the morning."

Well it looked like this was it. Sam took a deep breath hoping that his family would understand this time. "Dad, I'm not going hunting. I'm not doing it anymore. The thing that killed Mom and Jess is dead."

"What do you mean you're not hunting anymore," John demanded.

"I got an offer from Stanford. They said that I could come back at anytime to finish what I started. I'm going to go to school and get my degree."

"So what Sammy you're just going to go and be some big fancy lawyer and forget you even had a family," Dean questioned angrily.

"No I'm not going to forget about you guys."

"You're going to abandon us again for your own stupid selfish reasons," Dean accused.

"No," Sam was practically begging for them to understand now. "This life it's not what I want. Please understand Dean I can't do this forever."

"We're supposed to be a family again," Dean cried.


"No Sam." This time it was John talking. "If you want to leave that's fine, but don't expect us to support you."

"What, if I go you're going to kick me out of the family again?"

The silence from both of the men was enough of an answer for Sam. He shook his head in disbelief before walking out of the house slamming the door shut behind him.

The next morning when Dean was woken up by his father he searched the room he shared with his brother and felt disappointment that none of Sam's things were there. 'Sammy left us again,' he though gloomily as he picked up his stuff and walked out to the car.

His heart jumped when he saw his little brother leaning against the impala looking like a kicked puppy dog. He cleared his throat before he spoke up. "I thought you left."

Sam shrugged before answering, "I thought you wanted to be a family again." Both John and Dean smiled at the answer.

"Let's get going then," John stated before slipping into shot-gun leaving Sam to fold himself into the back seat. While lost in their joy of having their youngest back with them both older men didn't see the look of pain in Sam's eyes as he took his seat.