Bittersweet Tears (A tribute to Yul 이율)

A/N: Criticism welcomed anytime (:

It just didn't matter, anymore.

I give up. All the days of waiting patiently, being so caring towards her, the minutes he spend with her-he treasured. Just that flicker of a smile, just that shimmer of hope, gets him going. There was only reason why she made him feel this way.

He loved her sunny nature, her optimism to face things whatever happened. Most of all, he loved her.

Now his heart was shattered beyond repair.

She was his life; and now he couldn't breathe. He barely spoke, just kept to himself and scribbled furiously on his notepad. He avoided her at all costs, because the memories will start flooding back, taunting and tormenting him...

Her leaning on his shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably by the Han River. It was a great day, then, the sky a cloudy blue, the surface of the river rippling with could soothe his anger, though-and the chaos brewing within him. Them talking together, laughing at each other's jokes, until someone came to rip them apart. It stung him, badly, but all he felt was endless sympathy and agony for her.

Him crashing apart when she ran after her husband-
she cared, after all.
And her choice was obvious.
A surge of emotion overwhelmed him.

Goodbye, Chaegyung.