This is a little addition for Deliverance.

Thanks to M E Wofford for Beta reading and suggestions for my short story.

As I always say if there is not enought TIVA then create it:)

Rated M for sexual scene

Disclaimer we all know this one


Tony and Ziva were the last two people in the office. Both were finishing their reports on the case.

Ziva silently got up as she watched Tony busily typing away on his report.

She crept up behind him and then quickly grabbed the little black book that he had been looking at before.

"Sooo.... I thought this was gone, however, I see you have not given it up yet." She taunted the book in front of his face and then pulled it back to look at it.

"So let's see here. We have Kelsie Adams, then Olivia Bailey, and Jessica Crutcher and..."

Ziva then noticed the phone numbers. She looked at Tony who had a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

"Umm, Tony if McGee ever sees this he..."

"He would see that all the numbers are the same, however, only you and I know who belongs with this phone number."

Tony said now getting out of his chair and looking into the beautiful brown eyes that he loved.

"I think I am doing a great job keeping this secret, however, you recently have not been making your jealous comments like you usually do."

Tony was now inches from Ziva.

"Well, it is hard when I know you are not being serious."

Ziva was starting to get weak now his scent and proximity was just too much.

"McGee thinks I have someone in Israel anyways. He told me all about you searching my desk and finding my friend Michael's picture."

Ziva walked away holding his black book.

"Well, I know there's no one in Israel and someone is here, and..."

Tony had started to follow Ziva across the room.

"Well, let's see who else is in this book...."

Ziva started to look and Tony then reached and grabbed the book from her.

When he did she turned around and they stood only inches from each other.

Tony reached to touch her face and she returned the touch and they started to pull together when she grabbed him and pulled him close and reminded him of the security camera's then pushed him away.

Tony then walked away and headed to the men's room where Ziva followed him.

"Hmmm...Well at least it is empty this time of night." Ziva stated as she locked the door to the men's room.

Tony quickly grabbed her and passionately kissed her, and started to run his fingers through her hair. He loved it when she wore it down and when she had removed the pony tail earlier after everyone left it drove him wild with the desire to hold the soft, dark curls and sniff their fragrance.

Ziva started to unbutton his shirt and ran her fingers through his chest hair. She loved men with body hair even as she loved to tease him about the amount of hair he had.

Slowly they undressed each other; exploring each others bodies until need drove them together becoming one until they climaxed together up against the cold tile of the bathroom wall.

"As I said I don't need a real black book anymore. You, my sweet ninja, are the only thing I need." Tony told Ziva as he gave her another passionate kiss. They held each other tightly, feeling their heart beats slow in unison, happy with each other for the moment.