Sex and Candy

By Lara

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WARNIGS: Oh the usual suspects… language, mature themes, sexual situations (hence the title) and… if I think of anything else I'll let you know.

A.N. - this fic is Bella's pov. AU and AH.

Bella Pov

January 2003

I hate Forks.

Everyone in my sixth grade science class looks at me as I take my seat. I'm new here. I'm the four-eyed, albino nerd from Phoenix that no one wants to talk to. I started school yesterday and it was the same thing all day. A few mumbled hi's and that was it. Just a lot of staring.

I guess it doesn't help that I'm starting in the middle of the school year. My Mom dumped me off on my Dad at the start of x-mas break and she was supposed to take me back home to Arizona two weeks ago. But she doesn't really want me there and Dad got mad so now I'm going to live with him here in Forks permanently.

Stupid Forks.

I choose to sit at the lab table in the back of the classroom hoping that it will keep most of the attention off of me, and also because it was the only one with an empty seat. I pull out my note book, take my blue marker and start coloring in all the white splotches against the black as I wait for class to begin.

I can feel that the boy I'm sitting next to is watching me.

"Uh… hi." He says.

I glance up. I didn't notice him yesterday. He's smiling at me in a friendly way. It pulls his mouth up on one side. He's kind of cute.

"Hi." I mumble, my cheeks turning red.

"My name's Edward. What's yours?" He asks. He's got braces. I can see the blue rubber bands stretching as he talks.

"Bella." I blush even harder.

"Cool. Do you like science?" He asks. He doesn't mind talking to me.

"It's okay. I'm better at English." I say smiling a little.

He turns toward me in his seat like he doesn't notice everyone around us looking and says, "I like to read. I got a new X-Men comic last week. Do you like comic books?"

Before I can answer the bell sounds and the teacher comes in. Reluctantly he turns around to face forward again. I keep looking at him all through class. He's got copper hair, not really red but not really brown. It's messy like he never bothered to comb it this morning. He's got really light freckles across his nose. And the coolest thing is that his eyes are green. I've never met anybody with green eyes before.

As I copy down the notes the teacher just wrote on board my elbow bumps his. He looks at me and laughs quietly. Its not a mean laugh though, it's a nice laugh. I laugh too. I realize we bumped elbows because he's writing with his left hand. I never known anybody left handed.

I'm disappointed when the bell rings at the end of class.

As Edward's putting his books away he says, "You're really nice. You can come sit with me and my friends at lunch." Then he smiles sheepishly. "But only if you want to."

My stomach tingles and I'm blushing again. I push my glasses back up and smile. "Okay."

He smiles at me with his lips crooked. It is really cute. "See ya later Bella."

I watch him walk away not knowing that I'm already in love…

February 2009

There's a quiet murmur of voices in the classroom as we wait for the bell to ring. Rosalie, the blond bombshell of the junior class and one of my best friends, gives me a meaningful look.

"Did you get it?" She asks impatiently.

I roll my eyes not really seeing what the big deal is. So the contact lenses I ordered came in mail the other day. I'll get around to trying them out eventually, like as soon as I break this pair of glasses with my toddler level coordination skills. Knowing she'll only nag me until I answer her, I grudgingly admit, "Yes. It's in my nightstand at home."

Through the corner of my eye I see Emmett, her boyfriend, lean in closer to hear our conversation.

Rosalie doesn't notice. Her tone is slightly snotty as usual. "Do you know how to use them?"

I almost laugh. This is going to be so fun.

"How hard can it be Rose? You just stick 'em in. I mean, it'll be a little uncomfortable the first time but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Especially if I do it everyday."

Emmett's eyes widen slightly.

"Knowing you Bella, you're likely to take an eye out the first time. Maybe an extra pair of hands wouldn't be a bad idea." Rosalie snickers.

"Maybe you and Alice can help me try 'em out later after school. They'll be wet and slippery. I might not put it in the right spot if I can't see where I'm putting it to begin with."

The vein in Emmett's temple starts ticking. I swear he's going to get a nose bleed in a minute. I scribble on a piece of notebook paper and slip it to Rosalie where he can't see.

Ten bucks says Em thinks we're talking about vibrators.

Rosalie glances at the note and for a second her lips twitch as she tries not to laugh. Then her icy blue eyes narrow and she smiles evilly. It seriously scares the shit out of me when she smiles like that.

"Bella you don't mind sharing do you? Maybe we could all take turns." She says with just the right amount of purr in her voice.

Emmett is practically cross-eyed. I think he might be drooling.

I lick my lips and sigh. "I wouldn't mind watching you demonstrate first."

"Oooh." She coos.

I can barely keep a straight face. I think every single drop of blood in Emmett's brain has officially committed mutiny and headed south.

I see Rosalie glance at her designer watch. She winks at me going in for the kill. "Or we could always do it at the same time. Like on the count of three."

The bell rings.

Emmett nearly falls out of his seat.

I can't hold it in anymore. My eyes tear up as I begin laughing hysterically.

Rosalie rounds on Emmett with a sour look on her beautiful face. "Serves you right pervert." She growls whacking him on the back of the head with her binder.

Emmett looks back and forth between us glowering as he realizes that we were only teasing him. "Thanks a lot. Now I have to stare at my 106 year old math teacher that's got tits down to her ankles with a total stiffy."

"Anytime Em." I wink.

Emmett sticks his tongue out at me still making no attempt to rise from his seat.

I blow him a big smacking kiss.

Rosalie rolls her eyes at us. "Get a room."

"I think he needs a hand job." I say sweetly with the most innocent smile I can manage. Its not hard to pull off since my blush sort of ruins the 'bitchy' effect.

Emmett glares daggers at me. "That was cold Bella. Really cold."

"That's the idea. Think cold… like cold showers." I laugh as I gather my books.

Emmett gets a little miffed. "Its on Swan. I don't know when and I don't know how but I am so going to get you back for this." He snaps.

I notice his little threat does not extend to his girlfriend. Emmett may be brash but he's not stupid. He likes his balls right where they are and fully functioning.

I pat Emmett on the head as I pass by his seat. "Down boy."

I call my Dad, Charlie, and tell him that since its Friday night I'm going hang out with Alice and Rosalie and maybe go to the movies. He's says fine as long as I'm home by eleven. I drop my truck off by at my house and run up stairs to get the box of contacts and the bottle of solution. Alice has threatened death if I don't bring them.

I know my friends well and by the way they are acting I'd swear they were up to something. I notice Alice is practically bouncing in impatience in the passenger seat of Rosalie's BMW convertible. Did I mention Rosalie is filthy rich along with the whole diva persona?

I climb in the back giving Alice a dark look. "Please tell me your not excited for the reason that I'm hoping you're not excited because I won't be excited Alice."

Alice meets my eyes in the rearview mirror, her gaze narrowed over the rim of her sunglasses. "You can fight me Bella or this can be painless. The choice is yours." She warns cryptically.

"Yes Bella. Alice went to Seattle yesterday." Rosalie laughs, confirming my suspicions.

I whine. "Awww. What kind of clown outfit did you buy me this time?"

The only time Alice gets that excited is when there is a makeover prospect. Usually I'm the guinea pig. I shudder in horror remembering some of her past fashion disasters. We'll actually Alice is a genius. I'm the disaster.

Bella + low riders and heels = a U-tube video just waiting to happen.

Now I understand why they were both insistent that I bring the contacts to try them out. My stomach is jittering nervously.

We get to Rosalie's house and go up to her room. I take my shower first so that Alice can get to work immediately. She fusses over my wet hair brushing out the thick muddy brown mass that hangs nearly down to my waist. She patiently dries it and with artistic vision she pulls the sides back away from my face with a butterfly clip. Then she ropes small braids here and there. When she's done the style looks whimsical and cute instead of overdone like I was expecting.

Then she goes for the make up. She starts with clear gloss lipstick that only makes the natural rosy hue of my lips shimmer. She adds a light peach eye shadow with and iridescent sparkle and a touch of mascara to bring out my lashes. I don't need blush, my cheeks do that well enough on their own.

Then comes time for the dreaded clothing. Again its not as bad as I was expecting. The top is a navy blue, form fitting button down blouse designed to accentuate a hint of cleavage. Along with that is a pair of jeans that ride right on my hips. To complete the effect is a pair of sporty navy blue slip on shoes and a sliver chain link belt.

Then comes the real trial. Alice has taken my glasses and refuses to give them back. Rosalie is sitting on her bathroom counter watching the ruckus that ensues as Alice tries to assist me in putting in the contact lenses.

"Oww! Damn it!" I hiss as she puts the first one in.

"If you don't shut up and sit still I'm going to beat you with the blow dryer!" Alice snaps.

"I may be half blind but I still can see enough to clobber you." I growl.

"It would be easier if you quit blinking Bella." Alice grouses.

"You try having something shoved in your eye and see if you don't blink." I shoot back.

Finally the second lens slips into place and now I see that Rosalie has out her cell phone and is video recording the entire scene.

"Damn it! Rose put the phone away!" I shriek in embarrassment turning away to hide my flaming face. My eyes are watery. It's a good thing the mascara is waterproof.

"That was priceless Bella." Rosalie laughs. I know the first thing she is going to do is show Emmett.

As Alice and Rose go about getting ready for our excursion to the movies I take a look at Alice's handy work in the full length mirror. I don't see myself. It's not me standing there because the girl in the mirror is pretty. With out my glasses my eyes look clear. I look older than seventeen. I look like a woman.

For a second my self confidence surges but then I remember that it's still just me, same old plain, spastic, mousy Bella playing dress up. I turn away feeling too silly and too exposed to really appreciate my improved image.

I sit on edge of Rosalie's four post bed and listen to Alice and Rose compare the boys in their life as they finish getting ready.

"Jasper is so sweet. Did I tell you guys that he brought me roses the other day? I think he got them out of my neighbor's garden but its still the thought that counts." Alice giggles.

"Emmett knows I'm not into flowers." Rosalie sighs with a secretive smile. "He gave me something so much better." She says as she lifts her shirt to show Alice and me a trail of hickeys leading down from her beneath her breasts and disappearing down past the waist of her jeans.

I laugh as Alice's eyes go wide as saucers. "You didn't! Holy shit you did! You had sex with Emmett?"

Rosalie rolls her eyes trying to be disdainful but the dreamy look in her baby blue's gives her away. "We didn't go all the way. He wanted to and I did too but he didn't have any condoms. But he did give me the best orgasms ever. That boy's mouth is pure heaven." She sighs.

My cheeks flame red as I imagine what Rosalie is talking about.

What would a boy's tongue feel like… down there? Would he kiss it like he would my mouth? Lick it? Would it feel as good as when I touch myself sometimes?

As I wonder about this I'm already imagining what it would be like. And I know just who I would want to be the one doing it to me. I think of Edward Cullen and my heart squeezes as warmth pools in my abdomen.

"Jasper wants to try going down on me but I don't have the guts to let him do it yet. I much rather going down on him." Alice says as she deftly puts on her lipstick, smacking her lips and blowing a kiss at her reflection in the full length mirror.

Rosalie looks at me laughs. "You're blushing Bella."

"Shut up."

Alice laughs too, her tone mildly chiding. "One of these days Bella you're going to get a boyfriend of your own."

I nail her with a doubtful glare. "Yeah right. I find the idea of having to spend time with a boy who only wants to grope my boobs while babbling about video games and sports to be very… unappealing." I make a disgusted face and fold my arms defensively, wishing they would go back to talking about themselves.

"Groping can be fun." Alice counters.

"I bet if it was Edward Bella wouldn't think twice." Rosalie quips hitting blow the belt with that shot.

I stiffen as my face explodes with color. "I would not Rose. You are so wrong for that."

But blondie knows better. "You're lying. You've only had the biggest most obvious crush on Edward since like freshman year. Really its painful to watch Bella."

I turn to Alice looking for back up but she grins apologetically. "Rose's right, sorry."

I'm getting angry because I hate being put on the spot like this. I know my feelings for Edward are as strong and as deep as ever but I'm not comfortable with anyone else knowing, especially Edward. He was my very first friend after I stayed here in Forks. We've been best buds ever since. I don't want to ruin that when I know he doesn't feel the same.

"We've been through this guys. Edward and I are just friends. That's all it is and all it will ever be." I insist.

"Okay that may be," Alice allows. "but lets say for argument's sake that Edward is interested. If you knew he liked you and wanted to go out with you, would you?"

"But he's not so ther-"

Rosalie cuts me off mid protest. "Would you Bella? Yes or no."

I close my eyes and take a deep breath before opening them slowly. "In a heartbeat." I admit.

Rose looks haughty and Alice looks… excited?

"I don't get it. Why can't you grab Edward by the collar and plant one hell of kiss on his lips and let the rest take care if itself?" Rosalie asks sounding genuinely perplexed.

"Because not all of us are graced with your gift of subtlety Rose." I explain.

"Or her sex drive." Alice adds and I can't help but snicker.

"Frankly I'm beginning to wonder if you have a sex drive at all." Rose says to me waspishly. "It's about time you grew a back bone and made yourself more assertive. You'll never get anywhere waiting for someone else to make all the moves."

I hate it when Rosalie is right. It goes straight to her inflated head and then she's downright insufferable. "Bitch." I mutter.

To Rosalie that's not an insult.

"Wouldn't it be better to know?" Alice asks, trying another approach. "Do you really want to always wonder what might have happened?"

"No but I don't see any other choice." I sigh, frustrated. "It's been six years. You'd think if he was into me he would have dropped a hint or tried flirting or… something, right? Half the time I don't think he even realizes that I'm a girl." I try to joke but it just comes out sounding sad.

"Then Edward is an idiot." Rosalie says reminding me why I love her.

Alice grins. "Bella you look very pretty, if I do say so myself." I can tell she's admiring her job well done. "So pretty that I'll bet Edward will have trouble not noticing that you're a girl. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees you." She giggles exuberantly.

"Wait a minute!" I exclaim in horror. "I thought it was just us girls going to the movies tonight. You didn't say the guys were coming too."

I try to judge the distance from Rosalie's bed to her bathroom wondering if I can make it there and lock the door before Alice and Rose intercept me. There is no way I'm going around Edward looking ridiculous like this. He'll take one look at me and see me for the fraud that I am. Even worse, he'll think I did it to make him notice me. I'm so embarrassed I could cry.

"Don't even think about it." Alice warns.

Rosalie has run out of patience with me. "No Alice let Bella throw her tantrum. And when she decides to grow up then she can come meet us at the theatre." She says snidely and then proceeds walks out of room not bother to see if Alice and I are following.

"Come on Bella. It will be fun." Alice cajoles.

"Fine." I agree curtly. "And when I make a complete ass out of myself I am blaming you."

My childish warning doesn't phase Alice in the least as she grabs my hand and leads me from the room.

A.N. - I'm not sure how many chapters this is going to be but I've pretty much got the entire story plotted out in my head. Rest assured there will be smut in future chapters along with fluff (gotta have my fluff) and a liberal sprinkling of angst. So in the meantime sit back and enjoy the ride.

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