A/N: This is set between Twilight and New Moon. Its an idea that just popped into my head. Hope you like.

Summary: When Edward leaves Bella pregnant, nobody knows. Renesmee is taken in by the Volturi, but what will happen when she finally encounters her family after all these years.

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"Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves" Katherine Anne Porter.





Bella's POV

"Can you guys cut it out. My poor Jaspers going to faint from all the lust going about this room," Scolded Alice playfully as she walked in the front door, clasping a very weary looking Jaspers hand as she guided him in the door.

Edward and I broke apart, my fingers unhooked themselves in his hair. I blushed furiously. suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

Alice laughed it sounded so carefree and girly, but that was Alice for you wasn't it?

"At least get a room or something," She added thoughtfully.

I came to the conclusion she must have been waiting for me to look up, because she said that at the exact time I recovered from my embarrassment, thus sending me into another blushing match.

I heard Jaspers heavy breathing stop, most likely to the amount of blood rushing to my cheeks. I'd forgotten, Jasper was the Cullen's newest 'vegetarian', it wasn't easy for him to be around me. Not that I could help it, I couldn't stay away from Edward, and if it meant putting my life in danger - which it usually did, I didn't care. Edward was my life.

I heard a girly giggle and the scuffle of feet and before I could blink there was suddenly a huge rush of air and I found myself up in Edwards bedroom, his face twisted into one of disgust. He was holding me bridal style as I snuggled deeper into his muscular chest. He walked over to the couch and gently placed me down, taking his place beside me after a few moments.

His arm slid around my waist and pulled me closer. "Why are we up here?" I questioned curiously.

Again that feature of disgust came back more prominent on his face. "Uhh. I wish those two would keep their thoughts to themselves. They were about to jump each other right then and there, that's something I don't need to remember," Edward grumbled.

I smiled and tried to stiffle a giggle, but it was no use not with that face of his. A broke out into full giggles, just looking at that disgusted look on his perfect face, it always made me laugh. Edward could always make me laugh.

I heard a thump then a giggle outside the door followed by Edward hissing and pinching the bridge of his nose.

Although my hearing wasn't as good as the Cullen vampires I could still make out the sound of a door opening and of course, who wouldn't hear Emmett's booming voice. "Get a room!" He yelled, slamming the door so hard it caused the whole house to shake and seemingly come apart at the seams.

Edward grumbled, rubbing his temples soothingly as he closed his eyes and probably tried to block out the graphic images coming from both Jasper and Alice's and Emmett and Roses' rooms. It would seem that Jasper's lust not only affected him and Alice, but everybody in the house. I was glad that Carlisle and Esme weren't in the house, I don't think Edward could of dealt with those mental pictures.

An all to familiar feeling came over to me as a leaned over and kissed Edward's ear. As I predicted he froze, sliding slowly away from me. It was the same every time. He mumbled something about, 'risking my life enough for one day' before making sure he'd put at least ten inches between us.

I sighed, twisting a lock of brown hair between my thumb and forefinger. It was always the same with us, we'd never gone further than kissing. Not that I minded that, it's just Edward acted like I was so breakable, in human standards I was quite sturdy. Considering the amount of times Id visited the emergency room or survived something that should of left me for dead. I was a danger magnet, plain and simple.

"Edward," I murmured, reaching my hand out to touch his face.

He shrunk away from it, eyeing it like it was deadly. I knew why. I could see the hunger burning in his eyes, along with something else, lust? I could of slapped myself, that's why I was feeling incredibly lusty, Jasper was alone with Alice. That could only mean one thing, he was sending out his emotions and we were picking up on them.

I slid closer after a few moments as his breathing steadied, not that he needed to breathe anyway. Cautiously I rested my head on his shoulder, repressing a shiver as he froze entirely under my touch. Growing more bolder I raised a hand to stroke the line from his jawbone to his chin, it was getting better. This time he didn't' freeze, instead he surprised me by melting into my touch. His topaz eyes looking up to me filled with warmth. It must have been Jasper's doing, I concluded.

It seemed like hours had passed, but in reality it was only minutes. We both sat gazing into each others eyes with equal looks of love and adoration. Then I leant in, capturing his lips with a soft yet gentle kiss that he didn't bother to fight off. In fact as I began to pull away, his arms imprisoned me and pulled me closer against his marble like body. Kissing me more urgently and I didn't even try to resist as I melted in his arms.

His tongue begged for entrance into my mouth and I obliged, I could feel myself needing him, our bodies crying out for each other. In no time at all, our clothes were shredded on the floor, no more than a hindrance. All through it I knew we shouldn't have been doing that, Edward didn't want it. It was dangerous, he could kill me within a blink of an eye, but I found it exhilarating. I also knew that if Edward were in his right mind, this would never happen, so I just went along with it and that day we spent time getting to know each others bodies. Although everybody was probably aware of what we were doing, nobody disturbed us. They were equally busy with their other halves.

I wasn't even aware than I'd drifted off, but when I woke up I was lying on Edward's couch. I blinked a few times, readjusting my eyes to the dawn light that was streaming in from the huge glass windows. I looked down over my body and realised it wasn't a dream, last night actually happened. Blushing furiously I gripped the thin sheet of fabric that was the only thing covering my modesty. Edward was standing at the window, standing rigid as he stared out at nothing in particular, not making a sound. He could probably tell I was up, but he still refused to acknowledge me. I suddenly felt very self conscious. I knew what we did last night, did he not enjoy it as much as I did?

"Edward?" I questioned, my voice barely rising above a whisper. Although, I knew he could hear me.

I clenched the sheet tighter, my knuckles going whiter by the minute as Edward remained silent. I opened my mouth to say his name again, but he whirled round using his vampire speed making me jump a little. I didn't think it was noticeable, but he did and he frowned in concern. "I didn't mean to frighten you," He said in a soft voice, the hard look on his face dissolved for just a second before coming back full throttle. I couldn't help but wince at it.

"Bella … I'm so sorry … I lost control … I-"

I cut him off by raising my hand, looking him straight in the eyes with one of my rare I-dare-you-to-argue looks. He didn't look to happy, but he knew better than to argue with me when I was dead set on telling him something. I swung my legs over the side of the couch, careful to keep the sheet covering my body.

"Sorry for what? What are you trying to say Edward? That last night was a mistake?!" My voice bordered on hysteria with the last word and I could see his lips pull into a tight line.

This was probably because of two reasons, one he was debating something internally, thinking of what to say next some damage control was needed. Or, he was having a mental conversation with one of his siblings, either one was possible.

His eyes widened considerably as he brought his hands up in a peace offering, waving them wildly in an attempt to stop me going into a full emotional breakdown. Edward was at my side in a second flat, using vampire speed to his advantage. He kneeled down in front of me, taking my hands in his and staring into my eyes. "Bella, love. It's not that, it's look at you. Look at your body then tell me if you still want to be around me." He looked away, his eyes flashing with pain for a moment.

I arched a brow in confusion and peeked under the sheets and couldn't help but gasp. I heard a faint 'Told you so' from Edward but I chose to ignore it for now. There were faint, forming purple bruises lining my skin, they didn't hurt. I didn't even realise they were there. Out of curiosity more than anything I gingerly prodded them, watching how they almost disappeared when I touched them. After a few moments of silent examination, that caused Edward to grow more tense by the minute - Jasper had complained a few times, I broke the silence.

"Bella. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have lost control. I'm a monster. I wouldn't hate you if you wal-"

I cut him off as the loud sound of skin hitting skin rebounded through the room, and probably through the whole house to. I'd slapped him, of course it hadn't hurt him. All it had done was make his head jerk to the side, but his eyes stayed trained on me. His mouth hung open as he stared at me incredulously. I had to admit, that felt good, but I was internally wincing. My hand was stinging! It was times like this I was glad I had some sort of brain deformity, I really didn't need Edward reading my mind right now.

I heard Emmett's loud guffaw from somewhere in the house, but didn't focus on it. I only focussed on the angel in front of me. He was beating himself up over something I'd played as much a part in as him. Ok, sure I hadn't left him with bruises, but I wasn't as lost in my lust as him. I could of stopped last night at any point, but I didn't. I had welcomed it. It takes two to tango.

"It's bruises Edward. They'll fade!" I said soothingly, pressing my forehead against the crook of his neck.

He had still not turned to face me after I'd slapped him. I actually thought I'd done some damage, but after my smug thoughts had died down I eventually realised that the only hurting was my hand which was now throbbing. I'd have to let Carlisle have a look at it, after all slapping a super strong Vampire I'd more than likely done some damage.

"But I wont forgive myself!" Edward murmured in a low voice, turning his head round so we were now touching our foreheads together.

I'd had it. "Well you'll just need to!" I snapped. Then I quickly lowered the harshness of my voice as I continued. "Stop blaming yourself Edward. It takes two to tango, I can hardly even feel the bruises Edward. I didn't notice them until you mentioned them. Forgive me for snapping at you?" I whispered, knowing full well he could hear me.

"Only if you can forgive me." I opened my mouth to protest but he silenced me by putting a finger to my lips. "I have to say this. I lost control, I'm sorry. That and I'm going to rip Jasper apart," He added his voice lighter.

A muffled 'Hey!' was heard from somewhere in the house and I groaned, blushing a very light pink. Did the full house hear our conversation? Of course they did, secrecy wasn't a word known in the vampire dictionary.

"I thought you would have done that last night," I mused idly, relieved that we'd made up.

An almost feral glint shone in Edwards eyes for the briefest of seconds. "Oh, I did, but it wasn't enough." Grinned Edward.

I narrowed my eyebrows and prodded a finger in his chest accusingly. "What did you do?" I demanded.

It was at that point a small dark haired pixie like woman decided to burst into the room. Dancing elegantly as she balanced a tray filled to the brim with different numerous types of food in one hand, like she'd been doing it her entire life.

"He chased him all the way to Canada. Poor Jazzy." Her tone was full of disapproving, but it was also laced with amusement.

Edward snorted beside me. "He deserved it," He mumbled under his breath just loud enough for me to hear. I elbowed him sharply in the ribs.

"Not like you didn't enjoy it," Alice chided, a knowing look in her eyes.

One again from somewhere in the house I heard Emmett break out into peals of laughter and this time I swore I could hear Jasper laughing along with him. I diverted my attention to the floor, my face a crimson colour. I couldn't gage Edward's reaction, not that I was sure I wanted to. I was sure of one thing though, that would of done nothing but embarrass me further.

"Breakfast time for the human?" Edward asked, trying to lighten the mood.

I chuckled softly, my stomach grumbling as to prove its point. Nodding eagerly I jumped in as soon as Alice as placed the tray down beside me, but half way through my eyes widened as I leapt up, sending the tray and all its contents flying. Luckily Edward caught it. "What about Charlie. I … er didn't go home last night," I admitted, stumbling over my last few words.

Alice went into a fit of laughter whilst Edward was fighting a smile, but the corners of his lip twitched upwards anyway. I narrowed my eyebrows, crossing my arms tightly over my chest and glared at Alice until she eventually stopped laughing. "I told Charlie the boys went on a camping trip. That we were having girl time all this weekend. You're here till Monday." Alice grinned enthusiastically.

I didn't need to be a mind reader to know what Alice had in store for our weekend.

"No!" I moaned, lowering my head into my hands.

"Yes!" Cheered Alice reaching forward and grasping my wrist. With a sharp pull from Alice, I managed to trip over the bed sheet still covering me and fall face first onto the ground, the sheet slipping just a little to only cover from the small of my back now. I was surprised, I had expected somebody to catch me. On the bright side at least I hadn't broke anything, but on the other hand it had mad me realise that the bruises actually did hold a sting to them. What would Alice say about them?

My eyes widened as I looked about for her or Edward, but I only found Alice ushering Edward out of his room while he kept casting longing, worried glances over his shoulder. I mouthed 'go' to him and he reluctantly allowed Alice to fully push him out of the room. In a matter of seconds Alice was at my side, bouncing up and down on the spot as she clapped her hands repeatedly. "So?" She questioned innocently, but the look in her eyes was anything but innocent.

"So," I repeated, my face flushing red from embarrassment.

Then Alice let out an ear piercing shriek and grasped me tight around the waist, pulling me in for a bone crushing hug. "Took you two long enough." She remarked after eventually letting me go. "But time for gossiping later, hurry up and get into the shower. We need to go shopping,"

I grumbled an obscene about of curses under my breathe and headed toward the bathroom, careful to grab a towel as I went. Lucky me, I knew what I was in for as soon as I stepped out of the shower. It was Bella Barbie time. Oh the joys.


"Alice. Is this really necessary?" I whined as I stepped out of the changing room, clad in yet another outfit for my upcoming birthday party the Cullen's were so graciously hosting, -much to my protests-. At least I had persuaded Alice to just keep it within the family. I really couldn't handle Lauren and Mike at my party.

"Yes now come on I want you perfect for next weeks party. Manicure!" She grinned pushing me back into the changing room to change out of the dress, then when I was finished she started dragging me off toward yet another shop to be tortured.


It was finally here. Party night. My birthday. Yet another year I would grow older and Edward would stay the same. Frozen at seventeen.

I groaned as Alice skipped toward me, holding at arms length a big, square, silver box. I opened my mouth to protest but she threw the package at me anyway, and I mean literally threw it. I half expected the package to knock me backwards off the chair I was sitting on. After all, light as a feather to a Vampire could mean the weight of a car to a normal human.

But, as I intercepted the box it actually was as light as a feather. I lifted an eyebrow in curiosity and noticed that Edward, Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Jasper were all staring at me with large smiles. Yes even Rosalie was looking amused. 'From Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie' the gift tag read. I shifted the box so I could try and figure out what was inside it, but I was stumped.

"Oh just open it!" Alice squealed, though by the look on her face she already knew what it was.

Sighing in defeat I ripped the wrapping paper away from my present and was surprised to find an empty box. I looked around at everybody and they all started laughing uncontrollably. Jasper must have sensed my confusion, mixed with a little bit of anger, because he inclined his head toward the door.

"It's a stereo. Emmett's fixing it in just now. Edward told us how you didn't like presents so this way you can't take it back," He explained.

I nodded slowly before my face broke out into a grin. "Thanks Jasper, Rosalie." I said softly. Then in a louder voice I said. "Thanks Emmett!" Knowing full well he'd be able to hear me. As I said, his booming laugh could be heard moments later, he'd heard me alright.

"Ok, now have mines and Edwards gift!" Alice sang, thrusting a small, flat square into my hand and urging me to open it.

I relented, slipping my finger under the tape to tear it off, but my finger got snagged on the tape. "Shoot!" I cursed, pulling my finger out to examine the damage. I quickly put it in my mouth, but not before hearing a loud "NO!" The last thing I can remember is absolute chaos breaking out

Edward leapt across the table, intercepting Jasper as he flew at me. Something knocked into me, knocking me backwards and causing me to go sailing out of my seat and hit the wall. I didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, but it was concrete. My head smacked roughly off the wall and then as I saw blackness coming at me from all angles, I saw Rosalie and Emmett herd Jasper out the door. Then four pairs of topaz coloured eyes were looking down on me. I mumbled something even I didn't understand before succumbing to the comforting darkness.

This had been an interesting night.





A/N: Well, that's the Prologue done. This is my first Twilight fiction. I know its really just what happened in the book, but it was needed.