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Summary: When Edward leaves Bella pregnant, nobody knows. Renesmee is taken in by the Volturi, but what will happen when she finally encounters her family after all these years.

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"Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves" Katherine Anne Porter.


Chapter Seven

Flaring Tempers



Alice POV …

The door hit off the boxes Emmett was carrying, sending them scattering in several directions across the room, but nobody seemed to care. Emmett's arms didn't move from their previous position. Esme didn't chastise Edward for breaking the door, nor did she shout at him for the condition of her favourite lamp which was in one of those boxes. Rosalie froze at the foot of the stairs and Carlisle just watched everything with a worrying stare, his eyes darting between Edward and I.

I shrank into my husbands now even tighter embrace as Edward's furious eyes landed on me. He must have read our minds and since I was watching that news channel, I had pushed the vision away. I felt Jasper send out soothing waves of peace and tranquillity, in attempts to pacify the tense atmosphere. I accepted them readily, hoping it would diffuse the nuclear bomb known as Edward. I could tell by the snarl that ripped through Edwards lips that he wasn't accepting the emotions as easily as I was.

"That wont diffuse me Jasper!"

Jasper stepped from behind me, I looked up to see his eyes go through a dramatic transformation. They were now coal black, he was furious. His hands were clenched into tight fists at his sides as he struggled to regain control over the way Edward was looking at me. His teeth were bared as he twisted his body and blocked me completely from Edwards view, but when I twisted my body slightly I could see everybody was still in the same position. Only Edward's eyes were still ablaze.

Edward took a step toward me, his jaw rigid.

In response Jasper let out a low growl, his eyes dancing with fury. I could hear murmured comments from my family, each one wondering why Jasper was being so protective all of a sudden. I knew though. Just like I knew Jasper inside and out. He was an empath and Edward was furious enough to hurt me.

Edward froze in mid-step, realising his mistake. He put his foot back down and set his face into a calm mask. Jasper's fists unclenched but his body stayed rigid, shielding me from Edward's view as his face evened out into an unreadable mask. Judging by my husbands stance which suddenly became even more protective, his emotions were betraying him. It was not helpful to have a mind reader, an empath and somebody who could see the future in the house. Privacy was not in our vocabulary.

"Edward." Carlisle warned softly, breaking the tense silence.

"I told you to leave her alone. Why did you do it?" Edward said in a dark voice, listening to his head and staying where he was.

"Do what?" I answered innocently.

"Don't play dumb with me Alice! Your moving back to Forks, I read Emmett's thoughts. You sent her a letter!"

I broke out from behind my husband, choosing to stand up to my over-reacting prone brother. Jasper's arms shot out to grasp my forearm in attempts to bring me back to him, to keep me safe. He didn't need to worry about me, it was Edward he had to worry about. I pulled my arm away from Jasper's grasp and took a step toward Edward.

"She was my best friend, I loved her too." I said in a quiet voice.

"You had no right. I told her we'd stay out of her life." Edward said coolly.

"I had no right! What about you?! You have no right to go around telling me to stay out of someone's life. You don't own me, you're not the boss of me Edward. Did she tell us to leave? I saw the visions! She still wanted us in her life! You made me leave her!" I screeched, my whole body shaking with anger.

"I don't have time to listen to this."

I felt like I was in a trance, suddenly loosing control of my limbs. I felt Jasper's soothing vibes attempting to wash over me but I rejected them, my mind a jumble of words and actions not able to form into coherent sentences. I whipped out my hand in a trance and the next thing I knew the sound of boulders hitting together echoed through the eerily silent room. I looked up at my hand which was now slightly throbbing, then back up to Edward who was holding his cheek with a look of shock.

I'd just slapped him.

I'd just slapped Edward Cullen.

I lowered my shaking hand back down to my side, clenching my fists tight as I fearlessly stared Edward down. His face remained in his emotionless mask, but his eyes betrayed everything. Shock, betrayal?

"Whoa Alice." I heard Emmett murmur.

After a few moments of unbearable silence, Edward's hand slowly lowered from his cheek as he stared blankly at me. I blocked my mind by counting up to one thousand in French, I couldn't risk slipping up.

"WHAT!" Edward roared, suddenly whipping round to face a bleak looking Emmett.

"Damn!" Emmett cussed. Then he resorted to more childish means, he stuck both his fingers in his ears and started to hum out loud. As if that would stop Edward from reading his mind.

"Edward son, maybe you should sit down. We'll explain everything." Carlisle said anxiously, no doubt worrying about whether a colossal fight would break out in his own living room. Us vampires were not known to think before we acted on the topic of our mates.

"NO! I want to know what happened and I want to know now!"

"Edward stop acting like a toddler!" Hissed Rosalie, finally unfreezing.

"Shut up Rosalie." Edward growled in response.

A furious snarl from Emmett was all that was needed to show that Emmett didn't appreciate the way Edward was talking to his wife. Edward responded with a growl of his own which led Emmett to lower into a crouch. This crouch was different than the times Emmett and Edward had wrestled playfully, this was serious.

I shrieked and made to move in between them, in attempts to separate them, but a hand grasped my forearm firmly, yet softly. I didn't need to turn to know who it was that was restraining me, but I did anyway. Jasper was staring at me with a unreadable expression on his face, he shook his head once, twice. Then pulled me toward his chest. Now keeping a tight hold on my back.

I pounded vigorously on his chest for a few moments, until I gave up and then slumped forward, dry-sobbing on Jasper's chest. He wrapped both arms around me and let me sob, rubbing my back soothingly. I couldn't help but feel this was my fault. It was my idea to send Bella letters.

I tensed as the snarls grew louder and more threatening, then at the moment I was sure a fight was going to break out, Esme stepped in. I looked round to see Esme in the middle of Edward and Emmett, one hand on each of the boys chests, pushing them back slightly.

"That is quite enough out of both of you. I've tolerated this for the time being but it has gone too far. We will sit down like adults and discuss this." Esme said in a deadly calm voice, it sent shivers down my spine and instantly Edward and Emmett froze in trying to get to each other. Their shoulders slumping in defeat, when Esme meant business it was wise not to argue back.

"Yes mom." They answered softly.

Esme nodded triumphant, trusting the situation to remain more civil. "Now, Emmett and Jasper if you would be so kind as to unpack the dining table. We have things to discuss." Esme said, acting the mediator.

I looked up to see Jasper look longingly at me, but he nodded anyway and placing a chaste kiss on my lips he was out front, unpacking the rarely-used dining table. Emmett followed suit only after throwing a warning glance at Edward and a more loving one at Rosalie.


No more than ten minutes later we were all sitting at the recently unpacked dining room table. All eyes were darting about furiously, wondering who would be the one to tell Edward all about Bella. What I was really worried about was his reaction. Edward always had troubles with himself. Serious self esteem issues if you ask me.

He called himself a monster constantly and I feared that this would convince him he was an even bigger one. He would find a way to pin this all on himself even though it was the two of there faults really. It did take two to tango. My thoughts drifted back to Bella and just how pregnant she was, if she even looked the same. I couldn't get any visions of her, and that alone was very concerning. Couple that with the fact that she was carrying a natural phenomenon deemed to be impossible and it was a recipe for disaster.

"Bella's pregnant?" Edward asked in a small voice.

I cursed under my breath, after going so long without somebody reading your mind you could be lulled into a false sense of security.

"Alice!" Esme reprimanded, though it was easy to see she was concerned for me. I never cussed. "Yes son, Bella is pregnant. That is why we we're going back." Esme explained, careful to miss out the part where Bella was missing.

Edward's face fell at that moment and I looked over to see Jasper visibly wince. The hand that wasn't holding mine went up to rake at his chest. Then I realised. "Edward no! She didn't find somebody else! It's yours the baby is yours!" I stressed out in a hurry, anxious to relieve my husband of his suffering.

When Jasper relaxed, so did I.

"That isn't possible. You know as well as I do that vampires cannot pro-create. I'm sure Rosalie and Emmett would have found a way by now. Carlisle?" Edward argued.

"I'm in the dark son, but it all fits. Since we left Forks Alice' visions of Bella have been getting more blurred and harder to make out. Now she can't even see her at all, in the letter Bella explained to us that she was pregnant and it was your child she was carrying. You must also remember this may well be possible. There are not many records of our kind having a relationship with a human. She's human, her body changes, allowing her to carry a child." Carlisle explained in a comforting tone whilst the rest of us waited for Mt. Edwards explosion.

I squeezed Jasper's hand comfortingly, I knew how hard it must be for him with all the emotions.

Edwards form blurred and the next thing I heard was a large crashing sound through in the other room, Edwards chair was now empty. I winced as my sensitive hearing picked up the sound of the bricks shattering and plaster falling from the ceiling. I looked toward Esme whose hand was curled into a fist whilst Carlisle's hand rested on top. His thumb rubbing soothing circles.

Esme managed to bite her tongue about the damage being done to her house, whilst the rest of us cast each other fleeting glances. Every so often I would squeeze Jasper's hand tighter as he winced from the emotions.

Edward sulked back into the room about ten minutes later, finding the floor more interesting than us. He slunk back into his seat, still refusing to meet our concerned gazes. "Sorry for my behaviour. Sorry for the wall Esme." Edward apologized softly.

"Don't forget the ceiling, and the door, and the -"

"That's enough Emmett." Rosalie hissed, following her command up with a slap upside the head.

"Are we going back then? I-I need to apologize. I can't live without her, and knowing I've left her pregnant!" Edward said, disgusted at himself.

I sighed, meeting the eyes of Carlisle across the room who nodded softly, his eyes jerking toward Edward and back. I took a deep breath, gave Jasper's hand a reassuring squeeze and launched into another conversation.

"Edward, there's something else." I said uneasily. "It's Bella. She's missing."

There was silence throughout the room and I was sure we could have heard a pin drop about a mile off. Jasper grimaced beside me, his face twisted into a mask of pain. Suddenly he looked paler and a little queasy. If it were possible for vampires to look queasy.

I felt the familiar tugging on the edge of my mind and went with the vision. My eyes glazed over as I viewed the things that may or may not happen. After a minute I snapped out of my trance-like state and narrowed my eyes at Edward.

"Emmett grab him." I stated simply, just as Edward made a move to dart out of his seat.

Emmett grasped Edward in a full nelson with too much enthusiasm. A huge, toothy grin spread across his boyish features as he squeezed tighter than what was probably necessary, Edward's arms looked in danger of being ripped off. This was probably Emmett's revenge for Edward making us leave Forks and Edward's earlier attitude toward Rosalie.

Edward struggled and thrashed about wildly, his eyes turning coal black. This was one of the few times he resembled his true nature - a vampire. Edward brought his foot up and slammed it into Emmett's groin. Something between a cuss and a groan of pain slipped through Emmett's lips as his grip on Edward slackened, allowing Edward to slip out of his grasp.

Edward didn't stand a chance of escape though. I had barely registered the loss of pressure in my hand when Jasper already had Edward pinned. both hands to his sides with a stoic expression on his face. Edward continued to flail around wildly, that was until a large crash could be heard, then Emmett appeared with three bands of thick steel, which looked suspiciously like the supporting beams to the house.

Esme held her face in her hands.

Smirking slightly, he wrapped all three bands around Edward's middle, pinning his arms to his sides. Though Edward probably could break free if he wanted, I was betting on Jasper influencing his emotions. Edward growled for a few moments until his shoulders slumped in defeat and he was lead back to the table. Emmett and Jasper each keeping a hand on his shoulder, to restrain him if needs be.

'It's for your own good Edward. You can't just stomp around here. Rosalie's right, you're acting like a two-year-old, you have to listen. We have a plan.' I thought out to Edward, who met my eye but that was about it. At least he heard me.

"Ok Edward. Bella was supposed to be going to Jacksonville. The Quileute's told her it was too dangerous for her to remain whilst she was carrying the baby, from what I could gather from the letter the gene didn't die out. The wolves are phasing again, Carlisle has a theory …" I trailed off with a nod to Carlisle who carried on where I left off.

"Edward, we think the reason why the wolves started phasing again is because of us. It may just be a defence mechanism, we don't know when they started to phase. The Quileute's could have phased as early as when we first arrived in Forks. Then there was Victoria, Laurent and James. We think the wolves started to phase again was because of the baby, it's an unknown. It could be a threat, they're taking precautions."

Edward let loose a howl of fury and Emmett and Jasper's grips tightened. The tendons showing through their alabaster skin. "I told her to keep herself safe and she goes and hangs out with a bunch of werewolves? Newly phased, young, teen hormone drive werewolves?" Edward demanded, his voice raising slightly at the end whilst I merely rolled my eyes.

Across the table Rosalie examined her nails, we knew our brother would snap out of his rant eventually.

"It's Bella we're talking about. The only human who can relax in our company and not feel one shred of fear, it's a little unnerving if you ask me." Jasper admitted, his grip on Edward not slackening in the least.

"But Carlisle, is this even possible?" Edward asked in a small voice.

"I've heard the legends of course, but I thought they were just legends. Turns out they're true, but one thing I know is that we need to find Bella. The outcome of those legends are never pretty." Carlisle warned.

"I'll track her." Edward announced suddenly,

I stood up from my place at the table and slammed my fists down. The frustrations of the past month or so were really starting to mount.

"Edward you're a horrible tracker!" I protested. Jasper looked torn, he wanted to come comfort me, yet at the same time he had to restrain Edward. I managed a weak reassuring smile.

"What else do you expect me to do? I love her!"

"Do you only love her because she's pregnant? Would you have considered going back to her if you didn't know?! You're selfish Edward!" Hissed Rosalie, finally imputing her opinion.

Edwards face pulled back into a cruel sneer and it looked like he was threatening to spring at any moment. A sense of exghaustion came over me at that moment and I looked over to see Edward slumped in his seat. Could vampires even tire? Jasper's doing no doubt.

"Look Edward! You're not doing this on your own. You're in no fit state to. We all agree that we need to find Bella, and fast, we'll split up. Jasper's the best tracker in the family. You, Jasper and I will run to Forks and start out from there, tracking her. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett will go back to Forks in the cars and put up the human charade of moving back in. After that try to arrange a meeting with the Quileute's on the border. All of you need to be there just in case. We don't know how many there are, so Emmett's strength and the numbers will come in handy, just in case. Try and get information out of the Quileute's about Bella, we'll keep you updated." I summarized.

Jasper shot me a proud grin and a feeling of love washed over me. I sent out my own feelings in response and watched as he shut his eyes and revelled in the euphoria of my love for him, he looked almost giddy. Judging by everybody else's shocked gazed they were wondering where I'd come up with this.

"I've been planning this since my visions of Bella started to cloud over, I knew something was wrong so I made sure I had a plan in case of emergency and all that party planning practise does pay off!" I explained.

Emmett and Jasper looked hesitantly down to Edward, wondering if they should release him. I nodded, he knew how terrible a tracker he was and it was time's like these that Jasper's military training, both in his human and vampire life paid off. They both unwound the bands of steel around Edward and he flexed his arms in relief.

Carlisle stood up from his place at the table and grasped Esme's hand, pulling her up with him. "We'll leave in an hour, go hunt or do something in the meantime." At the suggestive glances Rose and Emmett cast each other, Carlisle coughed uncomfortably and soon disappeared out the door to hunt, Esme not far behind.

Pretty soon the whole room cleared out, leaving only Jasper and I. Although Edward could run off at any minute, I think he knew now that there would be no way he'd find Bella without help. Jasper crossed the room in less than a second, cupping my cheek with one hand and placing the other around my waist.

I stood on my tiptoes attempting to kiss him, but because I was so much smaller than him I was still a few inches short of his lips. I pouted, staring up at him as he still wore that amused smirk, he was such a tease sometimes.

"Jasper." I whined.

"Say it." He said with a half smile.

"I love you. Now kiss me!" I commanded.

Jasper grinned, showing a full set of perfect, white teeth. Unlike the humans who would have probably suffered a panic attack if they seen him smiling like that. He bent his neck down slightly but not fully, I still had to lean up onto my tiptoes. I kissed his lips gently and he responded with earnest, both hands now going to my waist and pulling me closer than I thought possible. I giggled against his lips, looping my arms tightly around his neck.

Eventually though, he pulled back with an amused smirk on his face as I licked my lips, hoping to prolong the taste of his lips. He chuckled at my actions, bending down slightly to nip at my nose. I playfully swatted at him but he skilfully dodged, all the while keeping a grip on my hips.

"Oh and for the record. I love you too." He said softly, staring into my eyes and sending out wave after wave of love and adoration.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his chest, melting into his emotions and embrace. Absentmindedly I trailed a finger along his chest, chewing my lip as I did so. Jasper put a finger under my chin, making me look up into his eyes. He had recently hunted but they were loosing their bright golden hue, they were a fudge colour, with specks of black. Oddly, I found this comforting.

"What's wrong hun'?" Jasper asked concerned, his southern accent shining through a little.

"Nothing." I lied.

"You can't lie to me." Jasper grinned proudly. "For one, your emotions betray you and I know that when you nearly bite through your lip, something is wrong. I know you inside out Alice."

Jasper put a finger up to my lip to stop me chewing it, I kissed it gently.

"What if we don't make it? You and Carlisle told us the legends, the mothers usually don't survive. What if she …." I trailed off, unable to finish that sentence without going into another round of dry sobs.

Jasper sat down on the floor, since there was no furniture left in the house and pulled me onto his lap. I curled into his chest, wrapped my arms around his neck and buried myself as far as I could into his t-shirt, just breathing in the scent of him brought me comfort. I rested against him with half opened eyes as both his arms encircled my waist. He placed a soft, featherlike kiss atop my head and then rested his chin there, staring out into nothingness.

We lapsed into comfortable silence, I knew by Jasper leaving my last question unanswered that he thought the same as me on some degree. There was a strong chance Bella would not survive, and he didn't want to give me false hope.

I lost track of time as I sat in Jasper's embrace, every so often, he would plant kisses all over my face and head. After a while though Jasper slipped an arm under my legs and kept the other on my back. He stood up in one fluid motion, cradling me bridal style against his muscular chest, pressing me to his body for a while he placed a gentle kiss on top of my spike hair before gently placing me on me feet.

"It's time to go darlin'." Jasper smiled, tapping the watch on his wrist. I gave a confused look and he chuckled softly. "Time flies when your having fun."

Jasper guided me outside, one hand remaining on the small of my back. We met up with our family, who where saying their goodbyes. Really it looked like Esme was hanging onto Edward for dear life and Edward kept looking longingly to the forest.

Edward turned toward me and nodded, an amused smirk tugging at his lips. After a while though, Esme managed to untangle herself and walk over to Jasper and I, hugging us both in earnest. "Be safe my children." She whispered, leaning over to kiss both our cheeks.

Taking that as our cue, each of our family retreated to their cars. Emmett was driving his jeep, Carlisle his Mercedes, Rosalie was driving her M3 whilst Esme had opted to drive Edward's Volvo. Mine and Jasper's cars where being shipped back to Forks later. With one last fleeting glance at the rest of our family I took off in a sprint after Edward, Jasper at my side only moments later. We where on our way to Forks, we were on our way to Bella. We could only pray it wouldn't be too late.


Renesmee's POV ….

I clung onto that memory like drowning man would hold onto a lifejacket. That was my only memory of the woman who gave birth to me - my mother. It had been about two weeks since my birth and since then I'd already travelled halfway across the world in the arms of a stranger who wanted nothing more than to study me like some guinea pig.

I knew what I was, I was half vampire, half human. Call me what you will, a phenomenon. A miracle. Unnatural. A freak. I'm only two weeks old and I've heard them all and more. I'm advanced for my age, right now I knew I looked about one year old and could form sentences and walk. My previously short hair now feel down to just past my shoulders in bronze coloured ringlets. My intelligence far surpassed a child of my age. In fact I knew as much as a teenage I would guess. Aro guessed it was because of my vampire side.

Aro. Don't even get me started on that over-excitable prune. Hard to believe he was the head of the Volturi, he looked so fragile with paper thin skin. Apparently he was my new 'daddy'. I'd never knew my dad but I did know he was not him. I'd been given to his mate - Sulpicia, as a present. Apparently she had always wanted a child of her own and this was her chance. What was I something you wrapped up and put a bow on top?

I knew I was half vampire. I knew I had a beating heart and flowing blood and I knew half the vampires in the Volturi desperately wanted to take a snap at me. Especially Jane, who though I'd stole Aro from her. Believe me you can have that excitable child, it's no skin off my back. What I didn't know was what I would become, neither did the all knowing Aro for that matter. At least that's one thing I can be happy about - Aro's as much in the dark as I am. Hooray for silver linings!

My sensitive ears picked up the sound of footsteps heading down the hall, Sulpicia or Aro no doubt. They were the only ones who came in here, other than Marcus and Caius but they had only been here once since I'd been here.

As the door of my room opened I sat up in my iron crib. After the first three cribs broke under my temper tantrum induced strength, Marcus had offered the idea of getting me a sturdier crib - Jane had offered a cage. Aro swept into the room so silently it was like he wasn't even there. He bent over the crib and picked me up, holding me at arms length to look at me.

"My Renesmee how you've grown." He cooed. Yeah, that would have worked when I was a newborn. Freak.

I held my hand out to him and his eyes lit up in delight. I preferred to just show people what I wanted, rather than speak. Aro found my gift fascinating. So fascinating that he would sit all night and allow me to play my lives worth of memories - which where so short - out to him. Luckily I had to sleep.

I pressed my hand to his face and allowed the images to flow through me, a picture of a gazelle, a mountain bear, a lion. Then a picture of a babies bottle, these images went on for a minute or so before I finished up with the memory I was clinging onto - my mother.

Aro's wide smile pulled downwards at the picture of my mother. It was clear that he was hoping I'd forget about her. Hah, fat chance. He had once tried to get this Annalisa girl to 'erase my memories.' It didn't work though, I'd fought so hard to keep the image of my mother imprinted onto my mind that she eventually gave up, much to the chagrin of Aro.

"Oh, you're thirsty." He said, going back to his usual freakishly cheery self. Changing the subject no doubt.

I rolled my eyes but nodded anyway. He called a command and a few moments later a human came through the door. A bandage was suspiciously taped to her wrist as she handed a baby bottle over to Aro, who then handed it to me and placed me back in my prison. I took one sniff at it and hurtled it across the room, smashing some priceless piece of furniture or something of the like. That was why the human was wearing a band-aid. She had just donated blood for my breakfast.

Aro narrowed his eyes at me and I gave as good as I got. Narrowing my own brown orbs and crossing arms over my tiny frame. What did the guy expect? He'd just stolen me off of my birth mother. Smuggled me half way across the globe . Tried to erase my memories and he expected sunshine and daisies.

One word.


"Oh Renesmee. Child, why do you insist going through with this stupid phase. Human blood is your true nature. You're going through what humans call the terrible two's." Aro chastised.

I stifled a snort. Aro either just drained a drugged up human or he was reading parenting books. Either way it wasn't a good thing.

I reached up and pressed my hand to Aro's cold one. I replayed the image of my mother - Bella. Telling me not to drink blood, to live the vegetarian way. I was sticking to that diet.

"Fine." He relented with a sigh, not wanting his little guinea pig to go hungry. I was glad Aro didn't have contact with me, I really didn't want him reading my thoughts at the moment. With a snap of his fingers a vampire entered through the door, carrying a bottle full of animal blood. Judging by the powerful scent coming off the blood it was a carnivore's blood.

When I was handed the bottle, I eagerly drank the whole lot, then gently set the bottle down. Careful not to break any works of art. I was lifted out of the cot and placed on my feet, I stared up at Aro who positively beamed back at me. "Run along child. Go find Sulpicia, she will help you pick out a dress for tonight. There is a ball." He explained.

My eyes lit up at the thought, I wanted to get out of here and go find my mother. Maybe tonight could be my night to escape.

Aro chuckled softly from behind me. "I don't think that will work child." He said in a singsong voice.

I looked down to my shoulder to see Aro's hand resting there. Only using the lightest of touches so he wasn't detected. I shrugged off the shoulder and without even a goodbye raced down the corridor. I would find a way out, I would make sure of it.





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