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Chapter Eight: The Final Countdown

Ron Stoppable glanced at the living quarters door; it seemed like it was taking them forever to get the Reverse Polarizer! Noticing Kimberly Ann Possible charging towards him, he quickly turned back and tried to meet her with a right hand. Kimberly ducked the shot and responded with a back kick. Ron caught it and attempted to flip Possible over, but she landed on her feet, allowing Ron to throw a left, which Kimberly also dodged. She kicked Ron in the gut, knocking him down again.

Ron sighed. Even though he was only stalling for time, getting the short end of every single exchange bothered him. "Can't you let me win just ONCE?" he moaned. Before Kimberly could answer, the door to the living quarters slid open, drawing the attention of both teenagers as Ron hopped back to his feet. Monique walked through it a second later carrying the Reverse Polarizer. Seeing this, Kimberly grinned and started to giggle manically.

"Ron," asked Monique, "are you sure about this?"

"Relax, Monique," reassured the mission veteran, "it's two against one."

"Well, in case you haven't noticed, the one is Kim Possible!" responded Monique, a look of fear on her face.

"That's Kimberly Ann Possible to you, pal," interjected the smirking villain.

Sitting in front of his monitors, each trained to a different room of Drakken's lair, Wade Load was satisfied with the operation thus far. Things seemed to be going as well as he could have hoped. Suddenly, his monitor beeped to indicate an incoming message. "Come in, Wade," requested one of the twins.

"Go, um…" Jim Possible grinned as Wade paused, trying to figure out which twin he was talking to. "A little help?"

"It's Jim. How's Drakken doing?"

"Surprisingly well," responded the young genius. "It looks like they've spent most of the time talking instead of fighting."

"You don't think they're planning something?" inquired Tim.

"Remember who we're talking about here? I'm sure they ARE," affirmed Wade. "But I don't know what yet. I'll keep you posted."

"Thanks, Wade," responded his brother. "So should we go help Ron and Monique?"

"I'm afraid you can't do that," threatened one of Kimberly's henchmen, also newly recovered. Jim and Tim looked up just in time to see the charging henchmen as the melee began once again.

With Kimberly momentarily distracted by Monique, Ron made his move. He grabbed the grappling hook out of his pocket and aimed, hoping to wrap the cord around Kimberly's legs and tie them together; it would also pull him towards her to restrain Kimberly while Monique put the helmet on. Unfortunately for Ron, his intended target heard him lining up the shot and jumped out of the way. The grappler hooked onto the back wall, causing Ron to shriek and let it go.

"Nice try, Ronald," taunted Kimberly as the gun put a dent in the wall behind them.

Ron panicked and froze in place, allowing Kimberly to turn her attention towards Monique.

"Don't give me that look," threatened the defiant youngster. She immediately covered her mouth, realizing that the comment probably wasn't a good idea as she backed away from the advancing Kimberly. Ron tried to use Monique's distraction to attack Kimberly from behind, but she spun around, sidestepped, and tripped him into the wall. With Ron woozy from the impact, Kimberly grabbed him by the arms and moved him a little bit. Deciding he was in the right place, she pressed a button on her watch, causing restraint belts to pop out of the wall and secure Ron's arms in place.

"Uh-oh," said Rufus, climbing out of his pocket to check the commotion.

"Rufus! got any ideas?" queried Ron as additional restraint belts wrapped themselves around his torso and legs, causing Ron to grimace in pain. Rufus crawled up to the belt on Ron's right arm and began to gnaw at it, thinking that would be Ron's best chance to defend himself. Meanwhile, Monique made a break for the front door. Monique pressed a button on the wall, hoping it was the right one.

"Come on..." But she was cut off by Kimberly driving her into the wall as the front door slid open. Kimberly grinned triumphantly as she picked up the Reverse Polarizer and walked back across the room towards Ron. She broke out into a maniacal giggle as she approached the now-screaming Ron, grabbed his head, lined up the helmet just right, and Rufus gasped as...

Unfortunately for Kimberly, she had given Monique just enough time to recover, sprint back across the hall and crash into her from behind, knocking the helmet out of her hands. The helmet ricocheted off the wall behind Ron; thinking quickly, Monique grabbed it and spun it around, but Kimberly elbowed it out of her grasp. Kimberly and Monique fought to get to the Reverse Polarizer first, with the latter kicking it back across the room in the commotion. As they did, Rufus managed to free Ron's right arm.

The living quarters door slid back open. Ron heard an "oof!" from around the corner, followed by the Kimmunicator sliding through the doorway a couple seconds later. "Rufus! Get this to Ron! The laser can get him out!" shouted Wade on the video screen.

"Uh-huh," responded Rufus with a salute. He jumped off of Ron, grabbed the Kimmunicator and managed to throw it up to Ron, Meanwhile, Kimberly had yanked the Reverse Polarizer away from Monique, kicking her down in the process.

"Thanks, buddy," said Ron as he carefully cut free his other arm, followed by both of his legs. Noticing Kimberly charging at him, Ron got his feet up and caught her with a kick, staggering his fellow teenager and causing her to drop the helmet, giving Ron enough time to cut the last belt in half with the laser scalpel.

"And I am back in business!" said Ron excitedly as Rufus sighed in relief.

"Not for long," snarled Kimberly, charging at him again; Ron jumped out of the way, causing Kimberly to crash into the wall where the restraints were.

"Ooh, she's tweaked," jabbed Ron. That second was all Kimberly needed to drill him with a spin kick, knocking the Kimmunicator out of his hand and breaking it.

"Looks like we ain't talkin' to Wade no more," commented Monique.

Jolted back into reality, Ron jumped away from Kimberly and the two of them began to circle around each other; in the background, Monique picked the Reverse Polarizer back up and waited for the right moment. With the helmet in play, both teenagers were tentative in looking for the opening. Kimberly feinted a chop, causing Ron to flinch, but he quickly responded with a looping right hand that she easily ducked. As she did that, Rufus snuck behind Kimberly and bit her in the ankle.

"OW!!!" yelped a startled Kimberly, jumping and grabbing her right leg in pain. With her guard down, Ron capitalized and tackled her to the floor (very nearly squishing Rufus, incidentally).

"Monique!" ordered Ron. She quickly gave him the Reverse Polarizer and, making sure it was lined up properly, put it on Kimberly Ann Possible's head. Kimberly's body began shaking again as the indicator on the helmet lit up a bright red. With the three Team Stoppable members watching intently, the red light blinked a few times before flipping to an equally vivid blue. It then issued a "ding!" sound and shut itself off. Ron knelt beside his lifelong best friend, who was once again knocked out from the Reverse Polarizer.

"KP?" asked Ron, who received no response.


Over in the science lab, Drakken and Shego could feel the vibrations through the floor.

"Shego!" the mad scientist yelled excitedly. "Now is our chance to defeat Kim Possible once and for all! And as the cherry on top, I plan to do it with this doom ray of Kim Possible's very own design!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"No," came Shego's stern reply.

"Why not?" argued Drakken. "One of those two is knocked out-"

"Which means one of them is still standing," replied Shego, cutting him off. "Doctor D, you don't understand just how angry they are at you right now. Do you?" Drakken groaned, but then remembered what happened last time they had interfered with Kim and Ron's personal lives and slowly agreed. Shego used her plasma power to cut a hole in the outside wall.

"Come on, Doc, let's get out of here."

The shaking could also be felt in the living quarters. Tim Possible got up and opened the door, wanting to see exactly what had happened. Noticing that the helmet was on Kim's head, Jim and Tim turned to leave, but Bob and Tony quickly seized them by the necks.

"Hey!" shouted Jim.

"Whaddya doing?" asked Tim.

"Kim's back on your side, bub," said Bob.

"So now we ain't! Y'all're goin' down!" continued Tony as the twins realized what was happening to them. The other henchmen closed in on the twins, but everyone swung around as Shego blasted a hole through the back wall.

"My henchmen!...LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" shouted Drakken. He pointed at the Possible twins as he continued: "And bring them-"

"Uh...gottago," said both twins as unison, as the second that Bob and Tony set them down was all the time they needed to run away.

"Gah," continued Drakken, whose eyes suddenly lit up with an idea. "Shego, can I-"

"Go for it." With Shego's encouragement, Drakken punched a button on the wall.

The twins quickly joined Ron, Rufus and Monique in the circle checking on Kim. Seeing their arrival, Ron spoke up. "You guys can head back to the plane; I'll wait for KP," he said. The trio heeded his advice, and the front door closed behind them as Ron resumed talking to his still-unconscious girlfriend.

"Come on KP, wake up, wake up, wake up...She's not waking up!" he shouted to no one in particular. Suddenly, the lair was filled with red light.

"Self destruct sequence activated."

Ron only barely registered the ominous message, focused entirely on waking his best friend up. "Self destruct, Kim! You gotta get up!" he continued. Rufus buried his head in his hands, not believing this. Meanwhile, the door decoder started to flash as Wade was obviously using it to open the front door back up.

"Self destruct in fifteen seconds," announced the electronic voice. Rufus kicked Ron as hard as he could to draw his attention, and then gestured wildly towards the now-opening door.

"Right, we gotta get out," acknowledged Ron, "hop in!" Rufus did so as Ron quickly formulated a plan: they could run, but he didn't think he could get far enough away from the blast while carrying his unconscious girlfriend. So, thought the teenager, what would Kim do? Obviously, she'd take the grappling hook and shoot them out. With a look of determination on his face, Ron reached for his grappler and found out he didn't have it. Ron groaned but, without skipping a beat, went to the pocket where Kim normally had hers – and it was there.

"Borrowing." Aiming for the top of the door frame, Ron squinted and lined up his shot as he grabbed his best friend tightly with his free hand.

"This might get bumpy! Hang on tight, KP!" urged Ron. Without any hesitation, he fired the grappling hook towards the door frame, sticking it, and launching them to the outside once Ron let it go. The young heroes landed in a heap, with Ron (as usual) getting the worst of the landing. He turned back towards Drakken's lair just in time to see it begin to explode in a fiery ball.

"KP," shouted a frenzied Ron, "are you alright?" He hopped up to signify that he was fine as the Tweebs and Monique bounded down the steps to check on them. But they were not the only ones, as all eyes turned towards Dr. Drakken's hovercraft flying nearby.

"Kim Possible," yelled Drakken, "you think your friends are all that, but they're not!!!" Monique shook her fist at the hovercraft as it sped away.

"They are SO 'all that,'" responded Kim softly.

"KP!" exclaimed Ron. He spun back around just in time to catch Kim in a huge hug.

"Ron," said Kim, "I thought I'd never get to do this again." And Ron Stoppable smiled, because he knew everything was going to be just fine.