Author's note: This is another fanfic based on a dream I had. I own nothing. (BTW, I plan to write a Twilight fic soon.) Enjoy.

In Dreams

Aki went to sleep that night after putting her infant son, little Gray Edwards, Jr., to bed. She was near exhaustion after a whole day of running after him and caring for him. Though she was lonely, she was glad, now, to have some quiet time.

It had been a year, a whole entire year, since the Phantoms had disappeared and Gray had died. Of course he hadn't died in vain. That, at least, was a small consolation. He's sacrificed himself so Aki, their unborn child, and the Earth would be saved. So they'd survive. Frankly, at the time, Aki hadn't thought she'd be able to survive. Not without Gray. But she knew she had to survive, not only for Gray's sake and her own, but for their unborn child.

At least Gray had known, just before his death, about their child. That was good to know. It had broken both his heart and Aki's that he and their son wouldn't know each other, but of course that couldn't be helped. Gray would've died anyway, with his injuries. At least he died heroically, and Aki, as well as Gray Jr.'s adoptive grandpa, Dr. Sid, could tell the baby that.

Before very long Aki was asleep, and soon afterward she was dreaming. She found herself walking atop some mist, in the darkness. She thought she was alone, until she heard a voice calling her name. "Hello?" she called out. "Is someone there?" At first no one answered. Then the voice got louder and louder. Then it was right behind Aki. It whispered in her ear. "Aki," it said. "I'm here."

"Gray!" Aki spun around. Sure enough, there he was. Gray was standing right there, perfectly fine, as though nothing had ever happened to him. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I'm here in your dream. To talk to you," he replied. "Why?" she asked. "Because, quite frankly, you need me to. Aki, first I want to tell you how pleased I am with the way you're raising our son. I love him very much and you, too. But I also want to tell you I'll always be with you. You need to be reminded of this. Remember what you told me, before I died? That everything has a spirit and when we die we all return to Gaia, where we came from? Well, that's very true. When we die, we return to the Earth. The dead can look down on all those who are living. I'm looking down on you and little Gray every day. I don't want you to despair. I want you to know I'm always watching you and our child. In this way, we're never completely apart. I'm always with you. I'll always be with you and love you, and that's what I came to tell you."

"Will I see you again like this?" Aki asked. "Perhaps, if there turns out to be a need for it." Gray told her. Her hugged her and caressed her face tenderly, the way she remembered him doing, the way he had when their child was conceived. She and he kissed many times before he said, "It's time for me to go." "No!" Aki cried. "I don't want you to go!" "Aki, didn't I just tell you I'm always with you? Even when we're apart, we'll be together. Tell our son I love him." Aki fought back tears as she smiled. "I will," she said. "And I'll always remember what you've told me." "Good," Gray said. "Remember we'll be together again someday. Enjoy your life in the meantime but don't hurry. I want you and our little boy to have many more happy, healthy years together. I love you." And within seconds, Aki was alone again.

That morning, when Aki awoke, she picked up her child and began to sing a lullaby to him. "Your father loves you," she told him. "Even though he's gone, he'll always be with us. Forever."