Silver Blood

Bella POV

I struggled to reach him, pulling my wrist against the chains. He was reaching for me, too. I was so close. So close...but not close enough. I was pulled back by the chain. Pulled into cold arms.

"The two of you have been bad, Isabella."

I was crying now. Sobbing, really. I begged through my sobs. "Please don't do this. Please."

"You'll be together when you learn to behave yourself, my Isabella."

I awoke with tears running down my face. I hated that nightmare...that memory. Maybe if I would just learn to be good it wouldn't matter.

The door opened. One of the most beautiful people I've ever seen walked into my room. Naturally beautiful. The most beautiful any human could be without magic or mythology interfering. Rosalie Hale. A beautiful blond with violet eyes. She was human, but she was a witch.

"You get to see him today, Isabella." Rosalie said. "He behaved. One step out of line and you'll be seperated again."

My heart nearly exploded with happiness. I jumped up, but Rosalie blocked the door. "I'm watching you." She whispered fiercely.

Rosalie hates me. I'm told she's jealous of my power, but I don't see why. She's quite powerful herself.

I ran past her to the stairs where my brother stood waiting for me. Benjamin was eighteen, a year older than me. I ran down the stairs into his arms, immediately feeling whole. My brother and I have a special bond. We are both half wiccan and our powers are like two half's of a whole. We can only use our full powers when touching or close to each other. I could practically feel the energy moving between us.

"I missed you, Ben." I said to him.

"You,too, Bella." He said.

I could feel something trying to enter my mind and I extended my power. I could feel his emotions, suddenly, and see all of what had happened to him. One of our powers was to share memories with one another.

"I'm glad that you are happy, Isabella." James said. I just noticed that he was standing in the back of the room.

James was a vampire. He was the one taking care of Benjamin and I. Or should I say, he was the one holding us hostage.

"The two of you can go upstairs." James continued. "We'll discuss things later."

"Sure." I said. Benjamin and I wwent upstairs quickly.

James wasn't really mean to me, on the contrary, he was quite nice. He and Rosalie were together, but he's always telling me that he's going to love me one day. Every time my brother and I are separated, he says that he'll love me.

"I missed you, Bell." Ben said, tossling my hair.

"You, too."

"Listen Bella." Ben said seriously, looking into my eyes. "We have to be good this time. I don't want to be separated again." I could only nod, so he continued. "No attacks, no escapes, no over excitement."

"I agree." I said. "James can find us anywhere, anyhow."

My brother and I fell asleep on the bed in my room. The next morning, James came in to talk to us.

"Get ready, the two of you are going to school." James said. "The Silver Academy."

"Really?" Benjamin was excited. It had been a while since we were at a real school.

"Rosalie is going as well." He added. "To keep an eye on you. She predicts that we won't have to leave here for a while. I thought you would like this as a treat."

"I am happy." I answered, slightly stunned. "And grateful."

"I know you two will be good. I hate to separate you both." That meant that he had been listening to us talk last night and wanted to get back on our good sides. Really, it would be no good for him to treat us poorly. Still, it was unlike him to butter people up. Then again, he wasn't a bad guy, so maybe it was something else. "Maybe you can exercises your powers a little, late. With Rosalie and I supervising."

Ben and I smiled. That would have been the perfect opportunity for us to try to escape, had we not made our deal. I wonder if this was a treat or a test. It didn't matter, though. James could always find us.

A Week Later

Silver Academy was a pretty large school. Half a boarding school. Benjamin and I even had a few classes together. It's nice...mostly. First hour is my favorite class, English with Ben. Second hour, contrary to first, is hell. Trigonometry with the three most popular girls in school: Luaren, Jane, and Victoria. They all immediately seemed to hate me, or at least, they all supremely ignored me. Jane was the youngest of them, but the smartest, it seemed. Victoria's the prettiest, with her red hair and graceful movements. Luaren's the meanest. Third hour I have drama with Ben and Jane's brother, who's way more friendly than her, Alec. After that is lunch. There's nothing of interest the rest of the day in history, Spanish, or biology. Rosalie doesn't have any classes with me, but they all seem pretty close, sense I see her frequently during the day.

The first week went by quietly, and my brother and I were mostly unnoticed.

"Hey, you're new, right?" Alec asked me in drama.

"Yeah." I replied.

"I'm sure by now you don't need any help getting around, but if you get into any trouble, you can come to me." Alec smiled, and he was really cute. "I'll help you out."

"Thanks." I smiled back.

Ben jabbed me lightly in the side. I opened my mind to him so that he wouldn't speak out loud.

Making a move already, Isabella? He asked teasingly.

Shut up! He was being friendly. I defended both me and Alec.

A week late.

He had a point so I just didn't say anything.

On my way to lunch, I bumped into someone in the hall, causing both of us to drop our books. "Oh, sorry." I said.

"Don't worry about it." He replied. "I'm not suppose to be here anyhow."

"What do you mean?" I asked as I gathered my books.

He picked up his and helped me gather mine. "I take night classes."

"They have night classes?"

"Yep. For the lazy, the dark, and the stupid."

"Well, which are you?" I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. They were stunning...and something about them made me nervous.

He smiled. "Why don't you take a guess? I'm Demetri, by the way. I might see you around." He said the last part over his shoulders as he walked away. "We night dwellers tend to break the rules."

"Bell?" Benjamin had come over. I think I had been in the same spot for a while. "What's up?"

I didn't have to answer because he took my hand and looked through my memories. My mental shield wasn't up because of our last conversation, but I only just realized it. I'm not certain I would have stopped him either way, though.

"Got a crush on the vamp?" He asked.

That's why I'd been nervous. Behind the intense gaze, I almost missed the stunning red color of his eyes. I covered my tracks though. "Is that all you think about, Ben? Your sister falling all over a boy?"

"I was just asking." He replied.

We went to lunch with no problems until the end of the day. The classes Ben and I took were mostly between the 3rd and 4th floors. I was going to meet Been and Rose on the first floor, but typical of me, I missed a step.

I remember going down and frequent pain to the head before the world became lost in black.