This chapter I like to think of as Sulpicia and the Masquerade.

Silver Blood


I was standing out on one of the balconies, but I could still hear them moving around. Decorating, moving furniture. I looked down at my skin and frowned at the light sparkles I could see. I had a ton of concealer on my skin, I'd used two whole containers! The birds didn't like the sparkles or the cold, but if I took care of one they usually compromised on the other.

"Aren't you finished yet?" Sulpicia lashed out at someone inside. They were muttering apologies. "No excuses, just hurry it up!"

I hated Sulpicia. I hated the Volturi. But I hated myself so much more. I hated what I was and what I did and what I let them do to me.

"Kim?" Athenodora was beside me and her voice sounded so nice. Too nice. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, fine." But I snapped it so quickly that she knew it was a lie.

She came to stand before me, looking into my eyes. I couldn't hate Athenodora because I needed her so badly. Like being hooked on prescription meds, but you can't stop because you literally need it to live. Her gift was something I had a hard time describing. She could see everything that you've ever done, that you've ever regretted and then make you feel okay with it.

Athenodora did this to me often. She'd replay a scene in my mind and make me feel that it was okay. That I was okay. That I'd done nothing wrong and I didn't care. She had to have physical contact and you could see the memories as she saw them. I hated having to relieve the memory, but I badly needed to feel like I was okay.

This memory was one that bothered me the most, but not because it was my fault. This was why I hated Sulpicia.

Sulpicia loved to have masquerade balls. That id what she's doing now and why I'm here. I had been sight seeing, like most all Volturi victims usually are. I hadn't thought that I would be in danger at a party, and at masquerades you couldn't see red eyes or extreme beauty, and long sleeves and gloves hide unnaturally pale skin and dull cold touches.

It was beautiful. They lights, the gowns, they even had spare dresses if you wanted to swap out the one you arrived in. The music was soft and there were tables of food. It was fun, the most fun I had had in my sixteen years of life.

That changed at midnight. I only knew the time because a grandfather clock chimed in the room. Everyone--humans, too--dropped their mask. It was suppose to be a fun way to see the person that you were dancing with. Instead, we were looking into the eyes of monsters.

I heard my friends scream, but my eyes were locked onto the monster before me. I tried to run, but he was holding my wrist. He smiled and I begged. I begged and pleaded and cried and all those things seemed to amuse him.

He turned me so that I could see the rest of the room. I could see them feeding off humans, dropping them dead to the floor, the ground littered with dead bodies. He held me too tightly to escape.

"Do you see?" He whispered. "It's like slipping into a dream."

"No." I whispered. "I don't want to die. I don't want to sleep. I don't want to dream."

And then the wings of mercy embraced me. Not the one holding me, because I could still feel his hold on my wrist, but someone else was holding me and covering my eyes.

"If that is your wish, I will make it come true. You will not sleep nor dream nor die, but I promise that you will hate me for it." And then he bit me. I know now that it was Riley who bit me, but I didn't hate him for it. The person I hated was the vile being holding me wrist that sunk his fangs into the other side of my neck. The person I hated was Royce. The person I blame my burning hell on is Royce. He is a vile and disgusting creature with a sickeningly pretty face. Maybe that's why Sulpicia like him.

I awoke to find that I was in a cage and there was a litle girl in the cage with me. "Are you hungry enogh to kill that little girl?" Sulpicia asked from outside my cage. I didn't know who she was, but I said no. "Alright. I'll be back when you are."

Riley was sitting by my cage, but he didn't speak. Not even when I spoke to him. I lasted only two days before I killed her. I was newborn, I was starved, and I couldn't have gotten away from her if I tried, and I did try. I cried once I drained her dry, Riley unlocked the cage and held me the same as he had when he bit me.

He whispered to me. "i know you will hate me, but this was your wish."

I cried without tears. Sulpicia didn't return for me, Didyme did. She, too, held me and whispered words of regret and made me happy.

As I saw those memories, relieved the horrors of those days, so did Athenodora. She soothed them over in my mind, numbing me to the pain. Athenodora was a painkiller. That's how they get along without Didyme.

"Do you feel better?" She asked me.


"Good. Will you stay for the ball?"

Good help me, Satan take me. I will. I know what I should feel and why, but I don't. I don't feel the horror that flared not two minutes ago. So I mumble, "Yes."

Apparently appeased, she leaves me alone. They need me like they needed Didyme. Didyme was a queen that covered the pain of unhappiness, though I have to believe that she sometimes did it for kind reasons. Perhaps not at first, but at end.

I am a real La Tua Cantante. I can attract humans like a siren. This ability is why when Didyme left, she was forced to leave me behind. The Volturi refused to lose us both. I am a cage bird, maybe that's why I spend all my time outside with birds. Envy of their freedom. If she could, I think she would come back for me.

"Hello, my darling, Kimberly." Aro said to me. I don't think to tell him that my name isn't Kimberly, just Kim. He couldn't say a name as short and simple as Kim.

"Hello, Master Aro."

"I hope you will be attending the event today."

"I will."

The Volturi do horrible things, especially the Volturi Queens. Sulpicia throws Masquerades. Atenodora like Tea Parties.

Riley POV

The humans were arriving now, but I wasn't in the ball room yet. I was staring at my mask. One half the face was a smile, the other half was a frown. These events events always make me feel a certain amount of remorse, but the least I can for my victims is kill them quickly.

"I hate these things." I heard KIm say to herself. She already had her mask on, a red eye mask, and she had red lipstick to match. The red dress covered her arms and went down to her ankles, just showing the pointy tips of her shoes.

Kim was sweet. I learned that from the time I spent with her protecting Didyme and training her to be a guard. She hated a lot of things to do with the Volturi. Not an angry hate, but a sorrowful one. She hated being a vampire and she hated me for making her into one. She's friendly with me and she likes me more than most, but I don't dare doubt that she hates her creator.

"You look lovely." I said to her.

"Her smile was weak, but sincere. "Thank you."

"Will you go out?" I gestured to the other room.

Kim took a breath, then left without saying goodbye. I couldn't help but think of all the times she and I were together protecting Didyme, and on occasion Marcus.

Truly, I am not deserving of her company. I took her dreams, her life, all because of an infatuation. All because of a selfish love. I subjected her to the Volturi Queens. Death would have been a kinder act than this.

Still, I place the mask on my face and walk out into the ball. Yet again, I was rather take a life than die myself.

Where would I be without her? Without that reason to do it one more time?

I tap a girl on her shoulder and ask politely, "Would you dance?"

She did.

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